Redcliffe State High School

Bloodwoods on the Redcliffe State High School campus 2019

Redcliffe SHS CMP Feb 2020

The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) was commissioned in August 2019 by Building and Asset Services (BAS), Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW), on behalf of the Department of Education (DoE).

Redcliffe State High School is located at 484 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe on land described as Lot 454 SL12790. The school is important to Queensland’s education heritage and has been assessed as a State heritage place. It is entered in the Queensland Heritage Register, (QHR 650066) in 2019.

Redcliffe SHS CMP Feb 2020.pdf

957-08 extract 15487681 SITE PLAN courtesy Building and Asset Services (BAS), ePlan Room

Shows the classroom buildings radiating out from the administration areas. The shape of the carparks compliments the overall aesthetic. An assembly hall has been shown nestled between the diagonal northern terminating wall of the administration and the end of the classroom buildings. The plan was not followed in every detail.

From the Department of Environment & Science (DES), Heritage Listing 2019

Redcliffe State High School opened in 1958 as the first state high school on the Redcliffe Peninsula. The school retains its seven original school buildings built between 1958 and 1962, which were designed by the Department of Public Works to provide abundant natural light and ventilation for optimal educational environments. These standard buildings are arranged on the site according to 1950s nuclear master planning ideals, providing outdoor courtyard assembly and play areas and retaining pre-existing mature trees. The complex includes three vocational training buildings, built between 1959 and 1962