George St Depot

The old Council Works Depot in 1992 as it was being relocated to Industrial Ave

photos Roger Todd. See page on rogertoddarchitect

The original complex comprised two timber industrial sheds, built in the field in 1953. Over the years the site accumulated various buildings and other structures, including relocated beach changing sheds and shelter sheds, and an old service station building from the Bulcock St site of the 1960’s Council administration building. One building was reportedly built from scavenged material from the dump.

The buildings were weather beaten and in need of maintenance, but basically sound. The overall site had great character with a scattering of established and mainly original vegetation. The challenge was to achieve Building Act compliance with limited means, and at the same time retain some of the essence of the original place.

Original structure was left exposed where possible and battens were weatherproofed with clear polycarbonate sheet. The large shed was subdivided into a number of classrooms plus administration.

The smaller buildings were utilised for various purposes including for community groups, and the old Council nursery was upgraded. The collection of buildings was somewhat reminiscent of an old farmhouse with a collection of car wrecks out the back.

CADET inherited an important piece of evidence of life in Caloundra in the 50’s. With the converted use, the evidence remained and a new generation had an opportunity to experience the unique character.