Burgess St

19A & 19 Burgess inter war Caloundra built by Elks & Sudlow Kings Beach photo Roger Todd 2008.

These were given a local listing in 2020

Houses in Burgess Street commandeered by the Australian Army during World War II, Caloundra, ca 1944.

During the war years, two homes located in Burgess Street were requisitioned by the Australian Coastal Artillery. Number 19A Burgess Street, known as 'Compten', was the Officers' Mess, with a dining area under the house. ‘Delamere’ 19 Burgess Street, was used by the Coastal Artillery HQ. The Signalers, with military coast watchers were stationed in neighbouring houses.

Image and information courtesy Sunshine Coast Council Heritage Library

Photo & information courtesy Julie Palethorpe on the Caloundra History & Reminiscing Facebook site

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), Wednesday 14 December 1938, page 23

Youthful holiday-makers at Caloundra pictured here, are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Duhig, and their guest Carol Winterflood. They are Bob Duhig, Carol Winterflood, James, Helen and Katherine Duhig and the photo was taken at Compton. This house and Delamere next door, both owned by Mr. and Mrs. Elks of Beerwah, were leased by the Governor Sir Leslie Wilson and Lady Wilson before they built their own home, overlooking Dickie Beach , Compton which will be occupied by the Duhig Family for a month, features charming daffodil yellow walls in the main lounge, emphasised by a delightful picture of a field of daffodils. Flowers from the owner's garden at Beerwah greeted the new tenants when they arrived.

Gwen Trundle, who wrote Caloundra Gem of the Sunshine Coast in 1961 gives her address as

Yarabah Burgess St Caloundra

15 Burgess "The Camp"
19 Burgess
43 Burgess Kings Beach Hotel, formerly the Perle Hotel

43 Burgess Perle Hotel, formerly Kings Grand Central