11 Arthur

Roz Kuss

VP & Publicity Officer


my family had property in Arthur St Kings Beach from the mid 1940s to the late 1970s

NB: Flanked by units, the house at 11 Arthur St is still standing, though hardly resembling the 1940s ‘cabin’ built by Harry Liekefett that morphed into a 2 bedrm skillion roofed fibro cottage to a size deemed by Landsborough Shire Council in the 1960s, added to by Hec Nicholls. The core of the building still retains the ‘leatherboard’ walls that were in the loungeroom and 2 bedrooms, as shown on the internet.

‘Sea Tang’, the house next door, was the holiday home of Alan Farlow, the man who built the stairs inside the second lighthouse, when he worked for KD Morris. Association with Signal Station, Masonite