CCTV & ShipCam

Proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program

From our application, March 2020

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The lighthouses are exposed, and the old lighthouse was the subject of a recent break in attempt, and is susceptible to fire. The area has drinking parties, including on to the roof of the generator shed.

There have been a number of graffiti attacks which we paint over immediately. We have applied anti graffiti coating but it needs redoing.

We believe cameras would act a deterrent to illegal activity, and provide evidence after the fact.

People in the local area report activity, but the remote log in would give us the ability to safely assess and alert the police.

We will provide Council and Police with recordings and provide remote access as required.

The installation meets Council’s policy for Public Space Closed Circuit Television and we will operate in accordance with Council’s Standard Operating Procedures for Public Space Closed Circuit Television.

We acknowledge privacy requirements and will provide signage as per Council’s Signage Sample and limit camera angles.

We will factor in cost of long term maintenance and update our Operational Procedures Manual.

The ShipCam is an initiative of the Friends

but will piggyback on the security camera installation

We now have access to the camera,  but are still fine tuning the privacy screen

We may have to look beyond the Nascam software to arrange public access


 there will be two levels of access

An “operator” who will be able to pan and zoom the ShipCam and access the security cameras

A “guest” who can just watch

There could be some standard routines unless an operator is using it

The privacy screen will be a physical screen around the camera

This has largely been constructed but still needs fine tuning

We have a heritage Exemption Certificate issued by the Department of Environment and Science for these works

Cape Moreton lighthouse on a clear day

with some digital zoom added

20230314110644316_G86466991_IP Positioning System_1.MOV
22-08-24 CCTV.pdf

21-07-19 CCTV documentation showing privacy mask concept for ShipCam

CCTV Policy published.pdf
Standard Operating Procedures Public Space CCTV Endorsed for Intranet.pdf

Council's CCTV Policy & Standard Operating Procedures Public Space have been adopted by FoCLights - download above

Sample view pre completion and launch - shows pilot boat alongside

Privacy screen under construction 2023


nice sunset

security cameras showing field of view