Farm on Prenzlau Road

Prenzlau State School

The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) was commissioned in Dec 2016 by Building and Asset Services (BAS), Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW), on behalf of the Department of Education and Training (DET). Prenzlau State School is located at 357 Prenzlau Road, Prenzlau on land described as 185CC3501

The school is important to Queensland’s education heritage and has been assessed as a State heritage place. It was entered in the Queensland Heritage Register, (QHR 602856) in 2015

17-05 Prezlau Timeline 2000 A3.pdf

Timeline of the school

Prenzlau SS CMP.1 reduced file size.pdf
Prenzlau SS CMP.2.pdf
Prenzlau SS CMP.3.pdf