18 Upper Gay

early WW2, or could be immediate post WW2 austerity style. Not on 1940 the aerial photo

Kings Beach, photo Roger Todd 2011. The roof can be seen in the 1948 panorama from the lighthouse but not in the 1938 panorama.

1952 Caloundra Lighthouse & 18 Upper Gay Tce courtesy Michael Goodwin. "Photo from my box Brownie camera days. I think it dates from 1952 when I was eleven and had my first camera, a prized possession (which I had to share with the rest of the family)"

July 2019 - Mick Taplin: This house, number 18,has been demolished and replaced with a modern home. The house to the right of this pic is also gone and 6 townhouses are on the site. My home,number 20 is on the left,out of picture, is still standing however renovated from the original 1950 beach cottage.