1 Burgess

Aug 2019

Hi Roger,

My family owned this place from 1969 to about 2005.

My understanding is it was built by “the” Henzell as his residence then also that then he built next door in Burgess Street and sold our place.

It has been locked up for some time so have been meaning to raise it with you and to see if John Groves has any photos from the Henzell collection which I will do now too..

At one stage my father had Geoff (?) Blackburne have a look at it (not sure what – minor works - perhaps changed bathroom and/or conversion of the original laundry under the tank?) then much later, c1985, I organised a new kitchen – I have photos from early and since.

I think I also have a set of photos from when it was last on the market.

I understand that local heritage protection is appallingly difficult despite historical and other values.

I wondered whether you would like to get some photos as I am concerned it is looking a bit like it might not be there one day soon.

Dick Stringer has taken photos of a couple places that I have found for sale in Taringa area for same reason.

Happy to talk about it with you if of interest ... we come up to a place at Golden Beach every second weekend (here now) on Thursdays and back to Brisbane on Mondays.

Michael Yeates

Retired architect