Chronological Images 1920s & earlier

Photo from close to the Bora Ring in 2018

1818 Macquarie Lighthouse stamp - Australia's oldest lighthouse

1854 Cape Moreton Lighthouse drawings - Queenslands oldest lighthouse

Cape Moreton Lighthouse, courtesy John Ibbotson

Moreton Bay northern entrances surveyed by E A Cullen, nautical surveyor, 1891. is chart is from the les of the Queensland Department of Harbours and Rivers. e Caloundra lighthouse, the leading lights on Bribie Island, and the shipping track along the northwest channel, have been noted on the chart. (Queensland State Archives item 631308) courtesy Peter Marquis-Kyle. Cullen's signature is on the 1896 drawings  of the Lighthouse for Caloundra Head

Detail from the chart above.  The additional notes have been added post 1896.  Shows the location of the Bribie lights and north west channel

The original Lighthouse Reserve on Wickham Point - subsequently Robert Bulcock donated some of his land instead.

courtesy Trove 1896

1895-03 Brisbane Courier Tuesday detail 10 March 1896 courtesy Trove

1896 Drawing - Lighthouse for Caloundra Head courtesy AMSA from the 1996 Conservation Study

1896-04 Brisbane Courier Wednesday 8 April 1896 p 3 Preliminary Notice to Mariners courtesy Trove

Detail of the 1896 Chance Brothers fourth order lens. Shows the 250mm radius lens, three wick Trinity burner with the fuel being parrafin (English name for kerosene) also the condensing prisims to intensify specific sectors.  Courtesy Ian Clifford, Lighthouses of Australia

Bribie Front Lighthouse drawing detail courtesy Landsborough Museum. The lantern at Caloundra is similar

Bribie lighthouses

Chance Brothers made optics for lighthouses all over the world including Caloundra - Note the Coonowrin shaped kiln

1896-09  Queensland Gov Gazette v66 Notice to Mariners courtesy Peter Marquis-Kyle

Bulcocks Tower Lighthouse & cottage courtesy Dave Slawson undated (Illlidge pics)

Some early photos of Caloundra courtesy Dave Slawson. Dave is a decendant of T Illidge, a police magistrate from Caloundra around the turn of the 19th century. They include the lighthouse and Bulcock's watch tower, the school, the Dicky, and Bulcock's house "The Homestead"

Courtesy Sunshine Coast Libraries

1902 Courtesy Erica Riis

1900c Bribie Backck Light and cottage courtesy Landsborough Museum

The cannery operated on Bribie till 1908

1909 courtesy Trove Intensifying Caloundra Light

1910s maybe showing Bulcock's observation tower, the old lighthouse, signal mast and keeper's cottage courtesy Lyndon O'Grady AMSA

1911 grounding of the SS Eastern on Bribie Island

Pre 1922 as the post & rail fence still exists - photo from north of Maltman St South courtesy John Groves.  Maybe the fashions could assist dating.

1912 Nambour Chronical

1912 Brewis Report

1913 survey shows Bulcocks watchtower courtesy Dr Brian Sinclair

1912 from Chance Brothers Catalogue, 2nd & 4th Order Lenses with occulting mechanism as recommended by Brewis.

Caloundra is 4th Order

It is believed that the recommended occulting device was not installed

1917 Bulcock Estate subdivision from Facebook, but maybe State Archives

1918 Stan Tutt, By Many Campfires, Caboolture Historical Society.  glass plate negative showing crack

1920s photos Courtesy Sunshine Coast Libraries

1920s Association with Vance Palmer, noted Australian author

1927 Plan courtesy Dr Brian Sinclair

1927 Valhalla the Keeper's house courtesy Ian Gunn & Sunshine Coast Libraries

1935 from Queen St looking south from Dr Brian Sinclair