Gwen Trundle's The Early Days of Caloundra 1960

Cook, Flinders, Oxley, Convict Bribie

Another view is that Caloundra comes from Cullawanda meaning place of beech tree in the local dialect from times of change A History of Caloundra City Gary McKay 2007 p24

I suspect the pumice that Flinders saw floated in from some undersea volcano, and were not from the 25-27 million year old Glass House Mountains - in fact Mt Beerwah was the only one to break through the sandstone.  The sandstone has since eroded away revealing these volcanic cores.

Durundur, Cape Moreton Lighthouse

Thomas King shipwreck, aboriginal frontier wars, Queen of the Colonies shipwreck

Queen of the Colonies, aboriginal, shark attack

The rescue party

Queen of the Colonies tree

The Westaway Story, Landers, Maddock

Alexander Archer, middens at Bells Creek, indigenous, oysters,

The Mooloolah murder

first residents

Campbellville, steamers, Mavis,

First land sale, Observatory, Lighthouse, Tripconys

Sea Glint, Sir Thomas McIlwraith, Alder's Hotel, proposed railway, Wreck of the Dicky

The second Tripcony was Andrew Buchanan Tripcony. He had a boat on Pumice Stone Channel and transported all the timber and materials for the two Bribie lighthouses and the Cal. Lighthouse and for the three keepers’ dwellings. It came from Brisbane as far as Coochin Creek by steamer and he took it the rest of the way.

Lord Lamington, Thomas Welsby and JC Moffat

In 1896 Lord Lamington, the Governor of Qld and Capt. Pennefather, who had explored the fever ridden rivers of the eastern coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria and was then Governor of St Helena Prison in Moreton Bay, went to Caloundra for a fishing holiday. They travelled to Landsborough by train and then endured a three hour juorney in Allen King’s horse coach over thirteen miles of corduroy and sandy road to the beach.  They stayed at “Sea Glint”. At this time there were only eleven dwellings at Cal.  Bulcock’s cottage; Wilson’s Sea Glint, the hon./ Wm. Vannick’s cottage that became the Hotel Francis in 1906; Allen Kings guest house at “Wickham House” (he represented Cal. For a year in the Landsborough Shire Council. King’s Beach was named after him.) a bark humpty on Black Flat belonging to Sam Leach; G. L. Bury’s two cottages near lighthouse, one of which became the first school around 1899;  Jas. C. Moffat’s house on the edge of the cliff at the Headland; the lighthouse keeper’s cottage; Alder’s boarded up Hotel; and Jack Plummer’s hut at Bell’s Ck. (he bought supplies once a month to three lighthouses from Bne.) Wm. Landsbourough’s deserted house had been destroyed by bush fire.