25 Hill School of Arts

In 2015, Roger Todd Architect was asked by Council to assist with proposed additions to the building.

Photos attached, and the final report can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

The current Woombye School of Arts was opened in 1910, and is significant because it demonstrates the town’s evolution; is a good example of a hall complex from that time; & it is a notable landmark and displays architectural qualities. It has strong social associations, including as a library and meeting point, and with particular people in the town’s early history .

The project involved liaison with the the building owners/users and designers to explore the brief, as well as design directions and alternatives. Recommendations were made to modify the initial proposals to lessen the impact on the significance of the place.

The final document also served as a Heritage Impact Assessment Report for the revised design. Conservation of the projector room and evidence of the layout of the front rooms has been enabled.

The layout facilitates access to the hall through the original route for special occasions, and was able to emphasise the break between the old and new structures.

2015 Photos by Roger Todd

1975 photo shows the new entry structure, photo courtesy Sunshine Coast Council

Woombye School of Arts 1912 from Longhurst, Robert Woombye School of Arts Celebrating 105 years p 55