78 Nothling

Post WW2 House, pre 1977, alterations and additions by Tim Bennetton Architects 2010, early 21st century

Moffat Beach House | Renovation and extension by Tim Bennetton Architects

courtesy Open House

Located at Moffat Beach, this is a renovation and extension to a 1950s beach house. The house faces north and sits on a small narrow lot. The extension goes up, adding another level to the house, rather than ‘out’, so that the existing landscape and private open space is retained. Rooms have been re-configured and opened up to make the best of views and light and capture breezes. Insulation has been used to help control the temperature of internal spaces, making them more comfortable for residents and more suited to the climate. The new layout includes a patio breezeway that steps down into the garden, making the most of opportunities for indoor/outdoor living.

2018 Sunshine Coast Daily Sat April 7th

78 Nothling Street Moffat Beach - (Adam Maurer, October 2011)