Bribie Front Light Logs

log index by Peter

1896-08 Bribie Island Front Light Received from SS Pippo

1896-09 schedule Things left at this station b y Mr Pethbridge

1896-09 schedule Received Sept 1896a

1896-09 schedule Received Sept 1896b

1896-09a Light lit first time burnt bright & clear 7th Sept

1896-09b Variously employed

1897-01 telephone commenced between the front and back light

1897-02 light very low

1897-08a Cylinder broke and light out for five minutes

1897-08b Horse kicked the pony and hurt it

1897-09a Signal from Caloundra for boat

1897-11 Took Mr Griffin to Bar House to go to town

1898-01 had to get a punt to go to Lighthouse in water 3 foot 6 inches between Lighthouse and cottage. Cottage leaking

1898-08 painting Back Lighthouse

1901-02 went to Caloundra and recieved a telegram for Tripcony

1901-05 McEwen went to Caloundra for letter. he tied the horse up at the end of beach..when he returned..he had strangled himself

1901-07 went to Caloundra to find out about Parrafin oil and recieved instructions to burn kerosene oil, burned kerosene in the Light for the first time

1901-08 employed laying tramline, horse for the station

1906-04 employed assisting Plummer new guttering & roof repair to front cottage, new iron on window shades, repairing burners and feed pipes at Back light

1906-12 carting posts for the telephone

1908-08 employed carting one case from boat shed to front cottage for school