Chronological Images 1960s to 1980s

1961 radio base station plan researched by Dr Brian Sinclair

some time before 1968 when the new lighthouse was built - that's the old generator shed and you can see how the red sector was attached to the old balcony courtesy Lyndon O'Grady AMSA

1960c Clifford Travers' photo of the lighthouse. The car is his 1965 Ford Prefect called "Casper"

1964 Sailing Directions North West Channel courtesy Peter Marquis-Kyle

1967 Lighthouse and signal tower under construction on Canberra Terrace, Caloundra, October 1967 M863424 Sunshine Coast Libraries

1968 Department of Harbours & Marine - Port and Harbour Development in Queensland from 1824 to 1985 by Winifred Davenport, published by the Qld Govt

1968 Signal Station nearing completion courtesy Bob & Margaret Deakin, published in Queensland Electrical Contractor Oct 1968. Shows the 1922 picket fence in stark contrast to the modern building.

1968-70 from Roz via John Groves

1968-70 Lighthouses great detail by A Fulton Regional Lighthouse Engineer from Colin Gladstone 7-99

1968 to 1970 courtesy Lyndon O'Grady AMSA

1967 Site Plan & Auxiliaries Building Plan

1966 Proposed alterations to Caloundra Head 500mm optic for use at Tufi front leading light New Guinea researched by Dr Brian Sinclair

1967 General arrangement of lighting equipment researched by Dr Brian Sinclair

1970 Crane arrives to lift the old Lighthouse, photos of the 1970 move courtesy Lieutenant colonel Alf Easton,Commodore of the Power Boat Club at the time

From the 1996 Conservation Study - Note: The lantern & sheeting were probably fabricated in Brisbane.

1970 move by the Caloundra Power Boat Club, photos Lt Col Alf Easton

1970s tourist brochure for Caloundra, interestingly, the two lighthouses are shown even after the old lighthouse had been relocated

Early 70s courtesy Lee-Anne Bryant, Caloundra- The good old days- The 80's Facebook page

c1970s Signal Station print by Vic Honour from Nambour Museum shows Radio Base Station

1974 From Light House Caloundra., looking out to sea, shows Upper Gay Tce

From Light House Caloundra., looking towards Bribie Island shows Canberra Tce

Westaway Tower Caloundra

1974 Aug - Sept three photos from Bob Kirkwood, Rothwell, Queensland alias

on the back of some of the photos, "From Pilot Light house and Channel Control Station"

1970-2000 Caloundra from Queensland Places website

post 1974 from Queensland Places website taken from Westaway Towers

1976 Sunshine Coast Daily, 100 years of news, article on Keith Roll and the Caloundra Signal Station

from Lee-Anne Bryant‎ Caloundra- The good old days- The 80's facebook site

recounts the role of the signals officer. I remember when the first New Zealand to Mooloolaba race happened and the yacht Soliloquy was presumed lost.

Another Mayday call came from a 40-foot yacht travelling fromSydney to Cairns.

Anro Asia Nothing could get near it so we got some Army Chinook helicopters in.

The ship was successfully re-floated

Retired in 1985

key words - shipping incidents, association with

1977 aerial photo extract courtesy DERM Note the linework for the carpark had appeared by this time

1979 “For more than 80 years, the Caloundra lighthouse has flashed the welcome signal to mariners that the approach to the Port of Brisbane and the end of their voyage was near.” The article discusses the growth of Caloundra from uninhabited, almost desolate when old lighthouse was built, to high rise structures restricting the light. “The once lonely lighthouse became an integral part of the community”. Department of Transport “reluctantly” decided to build a new lighthouse. Construction of Point Cartwright lighthouse began in May 1978. 32m high, $221,000 with Department designed optical gear with 23 nautical mile range. Taken over Caloundra’s role, but Caloundra passed to Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine with replacement light of lower power to assist vessels in the shipping channel. The article gives comprehensive specifications of Cartwright lighthouse, including plan and section of the control room. Structure is reinforced concrete pentagonal tower mounted by a white precast concrete lantern. Advertiser (31st Oct 1979)

The Point Cartwright Lighthouse from Lighthouses of Australia website

Light for Caloundra Lighthouse,

Designed and constructed at the Harbours & Marine Pinkenba Operations Base by the Navigation Aids Section

Photo & info from Department of Harbours & Marine

Port and Harbour Development in Queensland from 1824 to 1985 by Winifred Davenport,

published by the Qld Govt p603

1980s Rotary banner with new lighthouse

1981 the Anro Asia - newspaper report. shipwreck, from Westaway Towers, shows the Signal Station courtesy Des Stone