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Programming: The Caloundra Surfing Get-Together

Arrive on site                                                       12:00pm

Start time                                                                 2:00

Board swap sell, memorabilia, workshops activities, food information & tokens

Order food                                                               4:00

Afternoon music                 between  3:30 and 5:00

Sunset, food arrives                                             5:05

Speakers, credits etc

Morning of the Earth                                     5:30

Children of the Sun                                             7:00

Finish                                                                           8:00pm

Final check Sunday 7:30am

Bohemian Rogue 

Have offered to play for us in the afternoon

"You take Clive, an augmenting rhythm guitarist , award winning singer songwriter. Chuck in Gary a man of lightening licks on Mandolin, Banjo, playing foot stomping beats and you find yourself listening to Bohemian Rogue"


If we have to cancel due to rain, the back up date is Sunday 14th July

USA Poster, courtesy Morning of the Earth press kit

February 25th, 2022

Morning of the Earth Celebrates its 50th Year Anniversary

Fifty years ago today, Albert Falzon premiered what would become one of the greatest surf films of all time: Morning of the Earth. The film premiered on February 25th, 1972 at the Manly Silver Screen Theater in Sydney, Australia and much to everyone’s surprise became an instant hit at the box office with sold-out shows for weeks to come. The story was inspiring, visuals stunning, and the editing cutting edge; but, a big contribution to the film’s success was G. Wayne Thomas’ legendary soundtrack (released under Warner Brothers), which became the first Australian soundtrack to sell over a million copies and go Gold. The film’s counter-culture approach and its country-soul soundtrack resonated deeply with Australia’s youth culture and solidified it into Australian history as a national treasure.

Above all, Morning of the Earth was a labor of love for Falzon: “I just wanted to make a beautiful film about surfing, the planet and the ocean.” Falzon frequented the beautiful North Coast of New South Wales with his friends as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s concrete jungle. He would pack his car with camera gear, surfboards and rolls of 16mm film and road trip north to capture the beauty and serenity that those journeys and destinations had to offer. But the film’s locations reached much farther than Australia’s North Coast. Morning of the Earth was the first film to capture surfing in Bali, and its two surfers, Stephen Cooney and Rusty Miller, became the first to ever surf the now world-famous point break, Uluwatu. Falzon also captured the powerful surf of Hawaii’s north shore during the winter of 1970/71, which contributes a presence of energy to the film that is unparalleled in both beauty and power.

The film stars some of the world’s best surfers, including champions Nat Young, Terry Fitzgerald, Michael Peterson, and Gerry Lopez.

Courtesy Morning of the Earth press kit



"Children of the Sun" is a 1971 surf movie by Kiwi director Andrew McAlpine.

It is considered a visual masterpiece and was shot in 16 mm between 1965 and 1967.

The 56-minute film features New Zealand surf champion Wayne Parkes, George Greenough, Bob McTavish, and Russel Hughes and focuses on longboarding.

The action takes place on the Kiwi coastline and a few well-known spots in Northern Queensland, Australia.

"Children of the Sun" is New Zealand's "The Endless Summer." The original soundtrack is by the Music Convention.

courtesy www.surfertoday.com/surf-movies/children-of-the-sun

That’s Great Roger. You have  full permission to show the film to the public. Absolutely no charge . I came and stayed at Alexandra Headland when I filmed it it 1967. Great memories. Cheers Roger and thank you for asking.  Andrew 

Andrew McAlpine  Coastal & Marine Fine Art  

40 Lawrence St. Herne Bay  

1011 Auckland 021 968 809



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