Moffat Beach

Moffat Beach - the beach & foreshore
Moffat surf break
Tooway Creek
Moffat Headland

Beach & foreshore Break Tooway Creek Moffat Headland

Hardie Buzacott Queen of the Colonies Pde

Wildflower Reserve monument, Pa & Ma Bendall Park

Building age analysis

built examples mainly post WW2

8 Bennett St

1 Bryce St "Raintrees"

1 Bryce Raintrees, previously Tooway Caravan Park

Green Opal Tourist Park

23 Bryce St Kameruka info 8 Bryce + photo in 1989 36 Bryce

6 Bryce + drawings & photos, lost 10 Bryce 26 Bryce Wara Wara 38 Bryce

12 Bryce Chris Byerlee Park veg+historical 13 Buccleuth altered 21 Buccleugh inter war style

25 Buccleugh 6 Campbell lost 8 Campbell 1989 photo built 1961story 12 Campbell Glideaway

13 Edmond
32 Edmund

13 Edmund lost 32 Edmund

2 Gladstone

2 Gladstone

7 Grigor late 20th century 11 Grigor 31 Grigor

34 Kingsford Smith "Melaleuca"
Fig Tree at the eastern end of Kingsford Smith

10 Kingsford Smith 34 Kingsford Smith altered Fig at Kingsford Smith

6 Maltman St North "The Lodge"
17 Maltman St North

6 Maltman St North The Lodge 17 Maltman St North

7 McIlwraith 11 McIlwraith

13 McIlwraith lost 14 McIlwraith lost+photos 15 McIlwraith Seasongs 26 McIlwraith

32 McIlwraith lost 28 Nothling 17 Nothling 26 Nothling

48 Nothling 3 Nothling inter war 45 Nothling lost 47 Nothling

19 Nothling "Weeona"
31 Queen

19 Nothling 31 Queen

8 Rinaldi inter war lost+photos 62 Roderick 24 Roderick Kaptains Quarters 19 Roderick 1988 photo

43 Roderick late 80s photo 36 Roderick "South Pacific" late 80s photo 1 Roderick Urban Retreat lost 32 Roderick Cquma inter war style

lost in 2017

23 Roderick 44 Roderick 19 Russell historical info 13 Russell inter war

5 Russell inter war+post WW2 carport 1 Russell inter war

4 Seaview "Overlands" & "Seaview Gallery"
6 Seaview Newsagency
Moreton Bay Fig at Seaview Tce

4 Seaview lost 6 Seaview Moffat Beach Store lost Moreton Bay Fig

7 Seaview 9 Seaview 11 Seaview 13 Seaview

42 Seaview post 1940 46 Seaview 1951 photo

34 Russell

122 Roderick 78 Nothling modified by architect

The suburb and beach were named after James C. Moffat, a chemist from Brisbane, who established a holiday house on Moffat Head in 1883.

from Wikipedia

water feature, landform, camping, caravan park, historic photos

aerial photo showing the bay, beach and headland April 2000 by Roger Todd

see also the Beach & foreshore photos which show an overview of Moffat Beach

Moffat Aerial 1973 taken by Mike O'Donnell

aerial of Moffat Beach in the late 1960s photo courtesy Allan Onyett

a larger resolution image is appended to 1 Bryce St

Moffat Beach looking north from the back of 15? Russel St, courtesy Des Stone

Moffat 1977 aerial photo courtesy DERM

1967 aerial photo of Moffat Beach courtesy DERM

1958 aerial photo of Moffat Beach courtesy DERM

1940 aerial photo of Moffat Beach courtesy DERM

left to right

heath vegetation over what became the Wildflower Reserve on the southern bank of Tooway Creek

road to Dicky Beach over the new bridge

Roderick St leads to Seaview Tce with Overlands house and cabins to the north, and Sea Glint to the south

a small number of houses mainly in the block fronting Rinaldi & Russel streets, Dawson's home in Queen of the Colonies Parade can be seen

There are two houses and some cleared blocks on Moffat Headland

Moffat Character Area & 8 Campbell.pdf

Download the Moffat Beach Character Area and the listing for 8 Campbell St in the 2020 amendment to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme

Moffat Walking Tour for Fibro Coast 2014 p1.pdf
Moffat Walking Tour for Fibro Coast 2014 p2.pdf

Download the Moffat Walking Tour for Fibro Coast 2014