15 Porters Lane "Fairview"

Fairview, also known as Pattemore House, 1908 house built from pit sawn Beech

North Elevation 2014

Verandah looking east

In 2014, following a detailed Management Plan, Roger documented and administered the contract for interior and exterior painting, roof maintenance, stabilisation of the rear verandah, restoration of lost elements including a window, door and verandah balustrades, and work to the kitchen and bathroom. All works were performed according to best conservation practice, and facilitated the Friends of Pattemore House to use the place to interpret Maleny’s history and heritage to the wider community.

Cross bracing detail and earlier paint evidence conserved

The dairy in 2011

2010 view to the dairy showing cow tracks, pathways

In 2010/11 Roger Todd Architect was involved in Conservation/Change of Use for the place.

Following on from the CMP, the work involved documentation of building works required for bracing and tie down of the structure as well as minimal requirements to convert the place for interim use prior to projected long term end use. Roger is also involved in discussions regarding heritage impact of the civil works in association with the house and adjacent Golf Club and submitted the impact report to DERM on behalf of Council.

The roof space showing previous repairs to termite damage

The verandah in 2010

Pit sawn Beech flooring 2008

The front verandah in 2008

In 2008 Roger Todd Architect prepared a Conservation Management Plan for Fairview (Pattemore House) a 1908 pit sawn Beech residence situated at 15 Porters Lane, Maleny. The farmhouse is listed on the State Register and owned by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. It has a majestic rural setting very close to the Maleny township, and is within the Maleny Precinct, a project where competition between proposed uses for a large parcel of rural land acquired by the former Caloundra City Council has generated much public discussion, and is still to be determined by the new Council. The management plan aims to provide clear guidelines for future conservation of the house and setting while also making suggestions as to how the Maleny Precinct uses could proceed in harmony with objectives under the Queensland Heritage Act.

undated - the Mercer family at Fairview. Photo courtesy Sunshine Coast Libraries

The house completed in 1908. Photo courtesy Sunshine Coast Libraries

Hand milling the beech timber on the property. Photo courtesy Sunshine Coast Libraries