In January 2014 Peter Magee gave us copies of some of the Bribie Front Light Logs

Barrie found the Chance Family Tree on the internet. Chance Brothers made lighthouse optics in Birmingham England which were exported around the world.

During the State listing process, Dr Brian Sinclair researched archival material relating to the Lighthouse, Signal Station, & first lightkeeper Edlundh. These were kindly scanned by John Groves

Prue and John Deckert visited the lighthouse in late 2004, Prue was the daughter of lighthouse keeper Eric Rapkins. In 1944 she left for the USA to marry Wilfred Deckert who had been a menber of the 5th Air Force (US) as a radar operator. She sent through a package of scanned photos and other information

Dec 2014 Bob Deakin dropped some drawings off to Roger Todd

Includes lectrical installation and floor plan for the auxialiaries building, specification for welding stainless steel window frames for the Signal Station, and hand traced drawings of the Signal Station. See also the interview with Bob

Australian Maritime Safety Authority - AMSA

Today July 1st 2015 is the official anniversary of 100 years of Commonwealth lighthouses. To celebrate, we have put together an interactive map of AMSA managed lighthouses around Australia! Check it out here: Map

AMSA lightkeeper's records - see sub page

From: "Graeme Davis" <> Subject: LoA records for Caloundra

Date: 16 September 2014 8:45:11 am AEST

Hi Roger

Thank you for your 1me on Saturday morning I enjoyed our talk. I have searched our records and have found some items which may be of interest to you. (There are many personnel record cards similar to Birrell but they are hard to find for 1me spent at Caloundra (see database development) We are s1ll developing our database which will enable cross reference and make finding records much easier.

When we get that up and running I will be able to find more records for Caloundra which I will forward to you. Unfortunately a large sec1on of AMSA’s records have already been lost and therefore we have gaps in some parts. If you would like to get together before I leave on Sunday please give me a call and I would sincerely look forward to another mee1ng. I would appreciate if you could advise me when the booklet for Caloundra is available.

Kindest regards Graeme Davis, Lighhouses of Australia

Jan 2017 added a page for Gwen Trundle's The Early Days of of Caloundra 1960