3 Canberra Tce - Lighthouses

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1890s 1960s maritime lighthouse state listing (both) local listing (1896 lighthouse) view to the Glass House Mountains, view to Kings Beach

late 20th century, 1890s, World War Two, 1960s

Oct 2012 - Tony Dyason provided photos including from his home at 39E Arthur St He also clarified that the Edlundhs home was 37 Arthur which enabled me to place photos from Doreen Hall, includes photos of the School. Edlundh was lighthouse keeper from 1897 to 1916, Search "Dyason" - includes views from Warne Tce and of the lighthouses

1968 signal Station & 1896 Lighthouse photo Roger Todd 2000

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1896 Lighthouse

1968 Lighthouse & Signal Station

in 1970, after the Signal Station had been constructed, the Caloundra PowerBoat Club relocated the old lighthouse to Golden Beach where it stood until moved back to Canberra Tce in 1999. 1970 photo courtesy Alf Easton

c1967-70 Caloundra Lighthouses courtesy A Fulton Regional Lighthouse Engineer from Colin Gladstone 7-1999

views of the Lighthouses from 39E Arthur St

1940 Lighthouse, keeper's cottage "Valhalla", Methodist Church & house photo courtesy Prue Deckert nee Rapkins with notes from Louise McHugh

Early photo courtesy Dave Slawson, Bulcocks watch Tower, Lighthouse & cottage, Canberra Tce in the foreground

Facebook post showing undated photo of the lighthouse from Harbours & Marine book. Earlier than the 1950's postcard with roadworks in progress

1996 Conservation Study Volume One.pdf

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