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There are two lighthouses, with guided tours of the 1968 lighthouse available.  The Generator Room and the ground floor of the 1896 lighthouses can also be accessed. 

Caloundra's European history is closely linked to this place, and the two buildings provide evidence of the evolution of lighthouses and the navigation of the North West Passage into Moreton Bay.  

We acknowledge the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara traditional ownership. The views to the Glass House Mountains open a window into their history.

The 1968 Signal Station, Light and Radar Installation is a reinforced concrete structure with 47 stairs to the signal station level.  From the balcony there are spectacular views.  You can see the ships rounding the marker, and entering Moreton Bay with the sand cliffs of Moreton Island behind.  Look the other way and the Glass House Mountains are laid out before you.  The lantern is another level up with access by ladder, but is not open to visitors.  The Signal Station can handle 16 visitors at a time with two guides (allow 15-20 minutes)

The 1896 lighthouse was constructed with a timber frame and corrugated iron cladding, a construction type unique to Queensland lighthouses.  It was replaced by the 1968 lighthouse.   The two sat side by side until 1970 when the old lighthouse was relocated to Golden Beach. It remained there for 29 years.   After the Signal Station was decommissioned in the 1990s, the 1896 lighthouse was restored to its original position.  It is Caloundra township's oldest building. 

Access to the old lighthouse is currently limited to the ground floor.

We have a collection of photos, information and history books for sale.  Our website is a growing collection of information on significant places on the Coast.

The pages on the lighthouses have a lot of historical and technical information.  We are always keen to add further.

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The cost for a tour is by arrangement, generally $5:00 per adult and $3 for children, with a $40 minimum.

Please note the only toilet on site is up in the Signal Station, so best to stop at public toilets first.

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