1 Bryce St "Raintrees"

architect Noel Robinson built 1982, 1980s late 20th century

Formerly Tooway Caravan Park

Formerly Green Opal Tourist Park

1 Bryce Street, 'Raintrees' - (Adam Maurer, Sept. 2011)

1 Bryce Street, 'Raintrees', Kingsford Smith Parade Entry - (Adam Maurer, Sept. 2011)

Raintrees from Queensland Places

Images of Raintrees from Noel Robinson's book

Christine Onyett in front of the house at Tooway Caravan Park 1971

Tooway Caravan Park leaflet from 1967 courtesy Allan Onyett

Tooway Caravan Park owners Matt & Vi Onyett with his parents in front of the house late 1960's. Photos courtesy Allan Onyett

Fibro cabins Tooway Caravan Park late 1960's

Tooway Caravan Park camping prices late 1960's

Showers & Laundry Block with wood fire boiler room centre door. Tooway Caravan Park late 1960's

Caravan Park development began in 1938 "Tooway Caravan Park" Moffat Beach

association with Chris Byerlee, and later the Onyett family, Hardie Buzacott, Mike O'Donnell, B Leeson

historical information