Chronological Images 1990s to now

1990 from a panorama from Westaway Towers courtesy John Groves

1990s the old lighthouse at the Power Boat Club

1991 Memorial plaque at Lions Park, association with world war two and US servicemen, erected by the Lions Club

1992-11-22 Sunday Mail End near for lighthouse by Stephen Lamble

1992 1996 Caloundra State High School & Shire Logos

1994 The Sunday Mail City accused of neglect Lighthouse in need of care

1996 long view of 1968 Signal Station

1996 the 1896 lighthouse showing lantern, lantern floor structure and window photos Roger Todd

1996 Point Cartwright photos by Sally Todd

1996 Rust in the lantern of the old lighthouse, trees can be seen through the holes photo Roger Todd

1996 Signal station & light photos Roger Todd

1998 from panorama fm Westaway Towers courtesy John Groves

1998 detail from photo above

pre 1999 the old lighthouse at the Power Boat Club courtesy Dorothy Matthews

1999-03 Lions Club team inc builder Vaughn Bartlett and his son, Vic Godley, and Roger Todd

1999-04 crane arrives at Golden Beach and the lantern is lifted off

1999-04 the lantern being loaded, the base lifted

photos of conservation of the old lighthouse in 1999. Shows removal of the lantern, bracket damaged when installing the red sector in the 1940s, the lantern rusted off after sandblasting, the Signal Station with red sector and radar, Canberra Tce from the Signal Station in 1996, and 5 Canberra Tce in 1999

1999-04 ready to load

1999-04 Oops! dropped it

1999-05a Bracing prior to first lift

1999-05 lantern sandblasted at Scott & Ensoll, Kunda Park

1999-05 lantern sandblasting details

1999-05 Bracket detail and Lysaght Queens Head galvanized iron brand in the 1896 lighthouse

Shows flat sheet was imported from Britain, then pressed into corrugations locally

1999-05 first lift

1999-05 first lift

1999-05 bracing ready for final lift

1999-06 two cranes lift the base

1999-06 the move up Arthur St, Glass House Mountains in the background

1999-06 Arrive at Canberra Tce

1999-06 at Canberra Tce

1999-06 final lift

1999-06 lowering to final position

1999-07 two lighthouses & sheeting drawing

1999-07 Dome repairs

1999-07 Pressing the sheeting showing architect Russell Hall in the foreground. Photos courtesy Jennifer Hall from the Ripple Iron Curving Company, Moorooka

1999-07 replacing sheeting

1999-07 slipsheeting with pure zinc

1999-08 Painting the lantern at Scott & Ensoll, Kunda Park

1999-09 lantern arrives at Canberra Tce

1999-09 lantern ready to lift & lighthouse complete again

2000 two lighthouse photo Roger Todd

2000-03 ladders drawing by Roger Todd Architect & Council's final certificate for the relocation and facilitation of public access

2000 Roger Todd Architect - awards entry panel. The project subsequently received a Conservation Award Highly Commended at the Queensland RAIA awards

2001 Heritage in Trust - the National Trust magazine A Safe & Reliable Guide by Chris McConville

2001 the Friends purchase a lens of the type originally installed in the 1896 lighthouse

2007 heritage forum at lighthouse with Beverly Hand

2007-09 Objects of the newly formed Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

2007-10 Pt Cartwright lighthouse in the Sunshine Coast daily Landmark looking pretty in pink

2008 Caloundra State School lighthouse logo

2008 painting the Golden Beach lighthouse

2008-02 view of the Lighthouse Precinct photo courtesy Jenny Cronin taken from The Lighthouses units

2008-05 article in the National Trust News

2009 Logo of Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses artwork by Stewart Miller

2009-06-05 Sunshine Coast Daily Historical site sheds light on the Coast

2010-02 State heritage listing

2010-11-12 Caloundra Journal p14 Old friend may open its door to the public

2011 Control panel in generator room photo Steve Arlaud

2010-12-24 Sunshine Coast Daily Caloundra Lighthouse to have it's own voice

2011 Cleaning products and sealed beam unit under the sink in the Signal Station

2011 Sign produced by the Sunshine Coast Council

2011 Signal Station lantern, & the 1896 lighthouse from the Signal Station photos Roger Todd

2011 the Southern Cross generator

2011-02 bullet hole in Signal Station glass

2011-03 rust in the Signal Station balustrade

2011-03-29 SSC Daily p 6 Lighthouse may be reopened

2011-04 concrete cancer in lantern

2011-05 Lighthouses at sunset from RSL

2012-07 Caloundra Laneways project

2012-08 The flag flies again from the Signal Station after more than 20 years. Queensland Flag courtesy Mark McArdle. photo Roger Todd

2012-08 Form 11 Certficate of Classification pro bono from John Dunn Building Approvals

2012-08 International Lighthouse weekend from the balcony with reflection - shows interior of Signal Station photo Roger Todd

2012-08 Roger & Trevor signing the licence with Sunshine Coast Council on behalf of the Friends, photo courtesy Erin Pyres, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

2012 Lighthouse art - Golden Beach State School Art Comp won by Eva & Once were Heroes by Robyn Shaw

2012-12 Google Street view

2013 US aircraft carrier George Washington followed by a tender, photos from the Signal Station by Trevor Hamey

You can pick the same Moreton Island terrain in the background, but the scale is a bit different

2013-03 Barrie & Donnalea working on the lens - of the type originally fitted in the 1896 lighthouse - fixed fourth order, photo Roger Todd

2013-05-17 view of the Glass House Mountains from the lantern roof on a beautiful clear day - this was the day the 2013 Keep Australia Beautiful winner was announced in Caloundra

(the 2012 winner) and we had the delegates from all over Australia visiting the lighthouses

On the 4th Oct Trevor & Roger met with Damien & Wayne from Council to discuss the glass in the lantern of the Signal Station.

Leaks in the glazing are allowing water penetration into the concrete structure.

2014 14th Oct Art brings splash of colour to drab area Sunshine Coast Daily p14 breezeblock motif

2015-05 View of the hospital under construction from the Signal Station

2017 Lighthouse lit for Music Festival

2020 Sale of the lighthouses to Sunshine Coast Council