Greenslopes State School

The school in 1947c courtesy Greenslopes State School Centenary 1890-1990

The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) was commissioned in 2017 by Building and Asset Services (BAS), Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW), on behalf of the Department of Education and Training (DET).

Greenslopes State School is located at 571 Logan Road.

The school is important to Brisbane’s education heritage and has been assessed as a Local heritage place. It is entered in the Brisbane City Council Heritage Register. The school has been identified as not being of state heritage significance.

Greenslopes SS CMP August 2018 Part 1 pp 1-50.pdf
Greenslopes SS CMP August 2018 Part 2 pp 51-110.pdf
Greenslopes SS CMP August 2018 Part 3 pp 111-145.pdf

p 1 - 50 p 51 - 110 p 111 - 145

Greenslopes aerial photo in 1936 showing the school mid left. Courtesy QImagery

Greenslopes Baptist Church