Maloja Ave

? Maloja
36? Maloja "Watermark" was "Edgewater"
32? Maloja

? Maloja lost Maloja Edgewater 1992 lost Maloja in 1940 or 41 lost


1977 aerial photo courtesy DERM

Maloja Ave courtesy John Groves from David Barker, left to right - Sailing Club and boatramp, creek which had the Endeavour replica, Hibuscus Holiday Park and Pumicestone Creek, Coles site behind with Golden Fleece Service Station built with sawtooth roof, photo dated mid 1970's judging from the development from the Caloundra State High School (info from John Groves) Tripcony Holiday Park, van Van Sleeve's boatshed, & Edgewater. Behind is BP Garage - flooded to 600mm in 1970s, cricket ground, then further along the waterfront, the house at 34 Maloja, Teshes, then twin flats, info from John Groves

Repairing the Lighthouse lantern when it was being moved in 1970, shows the BP service station and houses in Maloja Ave. Photo courtesy Alf Easton

1966 Drainage Plan link - Edgewater is coloured yellow, the long building to the west jutting into the passage was Pat Van Sleeve's boatbuilding factory. Info from Michael Barnett - his father worked there.

Six inch gun at Black Flat ready to be transported to Fort Bribie during world war two - the building is the same shelter shed or hall pictured below

1940 aerial photo courtesy DERM

Early days Caloundra courtesy Doreen Hall & Nancy Andrews

from Brothers of Bribie Heritage by Audrey Abrahams

extract from map of Robert Bulcock's 1917 land sale showing Maloja Ave to be named Burgess St, Tripcony's Store and Hall (shelter shed)

courtesy Landsborough Museum. Also shows the proposed tramway terminus - the train proposal never eventuated.