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 The first project for sunshinecoastplaces, financed by a grant from the Sunshine Coast Council,

 was in 2011 to investigate post WW2 development, including a pilot study of Moffat Beach.

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see 3 Canberra Tce for the Lighthouses  

See our interviews with visitors to the lighthouses 

2020 Sale of the lighthouses to Sunshine Coast Council

To Buy The Little Lighthouse

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Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

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Roger Todd on or 5491 7654 if you have any information which could go on the site

currently we are interested in old photos and stories related to the Caloundra area

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See Roger's website at


February 2021

You've probably seen them sitting high on the hill above the beach at Caloundra; two very different lighthouses from opposite ends of the era when lighthouses were a vital part of the shipping industry.

ABC Mornings team Sheridan Stewart and Tessa Mapstone spiraled their way up the spiral staircase inside the signal station, to discover the history and the future of these iconic landmarks.Friends of Caloundra Lighthouses' John Bradley and Roger Todd tell the story of the lighthouses.

Our series on the Caloundra lighthouses has touched on the history of the two iconic buildings, the efforts to restore and preserve them and plans for their future.

But the story of Caloundra's original lighthouse has reached far and wide.Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses president

John Bradley wrote a children's book bringing the story to life.

Property is a hot commodity on the Sunshine Coast right now, but how much is a lighthouse worth?

The Caloundra's twin lighthouses are perched on top of the hill overlooking the Pumicestone Passage, the entrance to Moreton Bay.

In the third instalment of our series on the Caloundra lighthouses, with Roger Todd and John Bradley, find out what the future could hold for these iconic buildings.

The historic lighthouses were recently sold for the grand total of one dollar. Roger Todd explains to Sheridan Stewart.

2020 Sale of the lighthouses to Sunshine Coast Council

Edmund St Kings Beach

Oct 2018

Hi Roger,

My husband Jim and I met you this morning at the lighthouse.

This is a photo we have of looking down to Kings Beach.  It’s taken on the top of Edmund Street, where the roundabout is now, adjoining King Street.  The date on the photo is October 1981.

We hope this is a new photo for you to add to the collection.

It was nice meeting you this morning, seeing the lighthouse and walking back down memory lane viewing all the photos.

Kind regards,

Jim & Janine Stanley

July 2018 Thanks Ric for your Digital Eyes 360 degree photo of the lighthouses volunteers

Lighthouses media

April 2018 Congratulations to River for his interview on Totally Wild. Click the image to go to the video


Lighthouses lit for Caloundra Music Festival 2017

The Little Lighthouse

For 70 years the little Caloundra lighthouse acted as a guide to ships passing through the dangerous reefs and sandbanks to the port of Brisbane. After being replaced by a modern light she was moved to Golden Beach. She became a rusty ruin. Early one morning she feared the worst.

Sept 2016 Beach shacks in Coolum are hitting the headlines

March 2016 More of the late Bob Deakin's archives courtesy Margaret Deakin

Donna Grigor to Caloundra Lighthouses.  I'm posting this for Mr Ron Trim of Woodford. It was his families cottage purchased in 1936. They called it Kozy Kot. It was on the corner of Orama Ave and Bombala Terrace. The builders name was Sumpton. On the left hand side of the photo you can just see the light house

April 2015 Tom Conwell had a photo of the old Cord Surfboards shop at 65 Bowman Rd Caloundra

65 Bowman
Signal Station & Auxiliaries Building documentation
Auxiliaries Building documentation
Auxiliaries Building documentation
Auxiliaries Building documentation
Auxiliaries Building documentation


Dec 2014 Bob Deakin drppped in some of the drawings relating to the construction of the Signal Station & Auxiliaries Building,                                                             tracings of the Signal Station and some 1967 letters


SSC Daily 5th Dec 2014 Turkish Delight in art of beach shack living page 34

Omrah Ave

Nov 2014 Interesting series in the Sunshine Coast Daily about the WW1 troop ships converted from liners

including the Omrah and Orvieto, both included in Caloundra's street names

Nov 2014 Interview with Trevor Hamey

Oct 2014 - Loaded some more interviews including with Rod Fuller, Whose Dad was Caloundra Keeper in 1934. As a child, Rod remembers bullock teams in Bulcock St.  Rod joined the Lighthouse Service and worked at the Depot at Newfarm, and remembers driving to Caloundra to servicing the diesel motor.

Thanks also to  Graeme Davis, from Lighhouses of Australia who have been digitally recording sections of AMSA’s records.  Graeme has provided a number of records relating to Caloundra.  I have added a "Research" page for the Lighthouses for them and other items.


Aug 2014 - As part of Fibro Coast, Roger is doing a walking tour of Moffat Beach

Post WW2 Research
Post WW2 Research
Post WW2 Research

May 2014 - Memorably Moffat launch publicity, &

Meridith has sent Manly Council's 2009 catalogue for Summer Days - The Holiday House on the Northern Beaches


April 2014 - The Post WW2 Development on the Coast and Moffat Beach Pilot Study wins a Commendation and is the Regional Project of the Year at the Sunshine Coast Australian Institute of Architects awards.  The Project will then go on to the awards at State level. see   News

Jury Citation:  It is hoped this unique study and website will alert council, architects, building designers, town planners and the general public to the long term advantages in better conservation of post-World War 2 heritage. It provides inspiration for new works and adaptive reuse and a platform to continue recording built history and heritage


Feb 2014 - two projects looking at post WW2 development are receiving press coverage.   Fibro Coast is a touring exhibition presenting the artistic, cultural and design story of the humble Fibro beach house, and Memorably Moffat - "The documented heritage study contained in the Sunshine Coast Places website ( home) establishes the groundwork for this project. The project will further document traditional Caloundra beach houses, the interiors, important features, and associated stories. Each location will be added to a HistoryPin site developed to map the sites and share them more broadly. People associated with Moffat Beach will be interviewed and their stories and memories of these special places will be recorded on film. The film will be launched at an event set in a Moffat Beach backyard. The event will be a 1950s themed celebration and feature a screening of the film, and a story performance"

Happy Valley & Bulcock Beach

Happy Valley 

Happy Valley & Bulcock Beach

Bulcock Beach

Happy Valley & Bulcock Beach

Happy Valley with trawler

Golden Beach view of Signal Station

Leeding Tce

Leeding Tce  

Kings Beach

Kings Beach from the Lighthouse carpark

Kings Beach from the Lighthouse carpark

Feb 2014 Neil Dawes gave us some photos, mainly of Happy Valley and Bulcock Beach taken around 1973, 74 & 75. Interview

10 Mahia

10 Mahia  

14 Ngungun

 14 Ngungun architect Gordon Briggs

Jan 2014 Peter Magee gave us information about holidays and growing up in Caloundra, including during world war two.  The family had an association with the Gosling family and  Bribie lighthouse, as well as the Caloundra lighthouse and keeper Shanahan.  They lived at 10 Mahia Tce.  See the interview Peter later built at Dicky Beach

Nov 2013 added some examples from Golden Beach

Nov 2013 added a couple of lost examples from Lower Gay Tce and the Devoncourt Flats see also Caloundra

Transit Centre

Thanks Col Harper for letting me know about these photos of the Cooma Tce Transit Centre under construction in 1991

51 Lower Gay

51 Lower Gay 

53 Lower Gay

53 Lower Gay

53 Minchinton "Devoncourt Flats"

53 Minchinton Devoncourt Flats

65 Lower Gay "San Jόse"

 65 Lower Gay San Jose

67 Lower Gay

67 Lower Gay 

69 Lower Gay

69 Lower Gay

       15 Warne Vi-Glo             17 Warne Rangitoto photos              24 Warne Bonnie Brae  lost           27 Warne  lost                                   32-34 Warne Bonnie Doon lost

Oct 2013 Des Stone from 17 Warne Tce provided some history and photos,

including a photo of Moffat looking north from 15? Russell

Del Pattemore sent a photo of 27 Verney St in 1962, which also located where Linga Longa and a radar station were in Queen St

Added some images of Sam Kelly's 1890's house in Yandina, which is likely to be demolished

Edgewater 1992

Maloja 1940 or 41 

Cottontree 1940 or 41

Maloja Ave page 

Margaret Hunter sent me some photos from 1940-41, of houses in Maloja Ave Caloundra and Cottontree,  and I have added some more info on Maloja Ave.

to the 1920s 

1930s to 1950s 

1960s to 1980s 

1990s to now

Working on a timeline for the Caloundra Lighthouses.

15 Warne

June 2013 1950's photos of Vi-Glo from Tori Sampson 15 Warne Tce Caloundra


Nov 2012 - Article in Sunshine Coast Daily about 73 Memorial Av Cottontree

 17 Warne  

 15 Warne

 6 Bryce

10 Hume

58 Albert

12 Bryce

28 Nothling 

 11 Mcilwraith

10 Wilson

41 Wilson

May 2013 Susan Schmidt provided images of a number of places which she has painted.

Warne Tce - Reg Bulcock's house 

Warne Tce - "Bonnie Doon"   

the Signal Station     

 grounding of the "Anro Asia" on Bribie

Oct 2012 - Tony Dyason provided photos including from his home at 39E Arthur St  He also clarified that the Edlundhs home was 37 Arthur which enabled me to place photos from Doreen Hall, includes photos of the School.  Edlundh was lighthouse keeper from 1897 to 1916, Search "Dyason" - includes views from Warne Tce and of the lighthouses

Places from Moffat Beach

These include lost and modified examples

8 Bennett St

23 Bryce St  Kameruka info

 8 Bryce + photo in 1989

36 Bryce

6 Bryce + drawings & photos, lost

10 Bryce 

 26 Bryce Wara Wara

38 Bryce

12 Bryce

Chris Byerlee Park veg+historical

13 Buccleuth altered

21 Buccleugh inter war moved

25 Buccleugh

6 Campbell altered

8 Campbell 1989 photo built 1961story

12 Campbell Glideaway

13 Edmond

13 Edmund

32 Edmund

32 Edmund

2 Gladstone

2 Gladstone

7 Grigor  late 20th century

11  Grigor

31 Grigor

10 Kingsford Smith

34 Kingsford Smith "Melaleuca"

34 Kingsford Smith altered

Fig Tree at the eastern end of Kingsford Smith

 Fig at Kingsford Smith

6 Maltman St North "The Lodge"

6 Maltman St North The Lodge

17 Maltman St North

17 Maltman St North

 7 McIlwraith 

11 McIlwraith

 14  McIlwraith lost+photos 

15  McIlwraith Seasongs

 26 McIlwraith

32 McIlwraith lost 

 28 Nothling   

17 Nothling 

26 Nothling  

48 Nothling 

3 Nothling inter war

45 Nothling  lost

47 Nothling

31 Queen

31 Queen

8 Rinaldi  inter war lost+photos

62 Roderick

19 Roderick 1988 photo

  43 Roderick late 80s photo                        36 Roderick "South Pacific" late 80s photo   1 Roderick Urban Retreat          32 Roderick Cquma  inter war house relocated

23 Roderick                                    44 Roderick                                     19 Russell historical info                      13 Russell inter war                          

5 Russell inter war+post WW2 carport       1 Russell inter war                            7 Seaview                                        9 Seaview 

11 Seaview                                     13 Seaview                                     42 Seaview post 1940                        46 Seaview 1951 photo

 Hardie Buzacott                               Queen of the Colonies     34 Russell

Wildflower Reserve                          Monument

Moffat Beach (the beach)
Moffat surf break

  122 Roderick                                   78 Nothling modified by architect          The Beach                                      The Break

Tooway Creek
Moffat Headland

  Tooway Creek               Moffat Headland

Places from Kings Beach

 21 Arthur St

 23 Arthur Arkaba

12 Burgess

12 Burgess architect Vit Gzell  

3 Canberra Tce the Lighthouses

41 Canberra former School of Arts

41 Canberra School of Arts lost

50 Edmund "Kio"

50 Edmund Kio

52 Edmund

52 Edmund lost photos

10 Mahia

10 Mahia built 1939 lost

21 Maltman St Sth Kythera

8 Moreton Pde

8 Moreton

16 Moreton "Elanora"

16 Moreton Elanora

17 Moreton

17 Moreton lost

19 Moreton

19 Moreton

20 Moreton

20 Moreton

28 moreton

31 Moreton Pde Pacific Court

35 Moreton Pde

 37 Moreton Pde Sea Gate

39 Moreton Pde

20 Orvieto Idyl Wood  story

 33 Saltair Bali-Hi

22 Orvieto "Midyim" Kathleen McArthur's House

22 Orvieto Midyim lost

11 Saltair lost 

5 Sykes

5 Sykes Ave lost

Sykes Ave

Sykes Ave, prototype beach house

Upper Gay Tce

11 Upper Gay
13 Upper Gay "Bellissima"
16 Upper Gay "Pharos"
17 Upper Gay

11 Upper Gay                                 13 Upper Gay Bellissima               16 Upper Gay Pharos                     17 Upper Gay   

                                                                         association with Sir Francis Nicklin                   Lighthouse keeper's cottage  1896                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Premier of Queensland 1957-68                                             

18 Upper Gay

18  Upper Gay

19 Upper Gay

19  Upper Gay

20 Upper Gay

20 Upper Gay modified

21 Upper Gay

21  Upper Gay

22 Upper Gay

22 Upper Gay

23 Upper Gay

23  Upper Gay

24 Upper Gay

24  Upper Gay

34 Upper Gay

34  Upper Gay

36 Upper Gay "Fairview"

36 Upper Gay Fairview

11 Verney

11 Verney

27 Verney "Wahroonga"

27 Verney Wahroonga inter war

 association with Pattemore family

33 Verney

33 Verney

40 Verney "Westaway Towers"

40 Verney Westaway Towers

 Caloundra's first high rise

Places from Caloundra

39E Arthur

                                                                                                                                                              Emoh Ruo 37 Arthur St lost, photos       photos of school & lighthouses from 39E Arthur                                                                                                                                 Edlundh the first keepers retirement home

37 Bombala

                                                                     11 Bombala lost                                           16 Bombala                                     21  Bombala                 37 Bombala lost

5 Borland

5 Borland lost

4 Bulcock "Besties Snack Bar"
6 Bulcock

                                                                                                                                                                  4 Bulcock                                          6 Bulcock

77 Bulcock old Council Chambers

                                                                                                           Cominos Drapery 26 Bulcock St photos      77 Bulcock                              124 Bulcock Britannia Garage

1 Bowman
61 Bowman
63 Bowman
65 Bowman

                                               1 Bowman                                        61 Bowman                                     63 Bowman                                      65 Bowman

10 Burwah

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          10 Burwah

54 Canberra

                                                                                                                                                          approx 54 Canberra lost                    Cord Surfboards this page (scroll down)

Transit Centre

Cooma Tce Transit Centre under construction in 1991

4 Edith
7 Edith
9 Edith

                                                                                                            4 Edith                                           7 Edith                                            9 Edith

10 Esplanade
16 Esplanade
33 Esplanade Bulcock Beach, was "Harmony Lodge"

10 Esplanade                                 16 Esplanade                                  33 Esplanade Harmony Lodge Flats home of Ma & Pa Bendall photos & story

15 George St South
George St Depot

                                                                                                                                                                15 George St South                       old George St Depot photos

Cnr Kalinga & Ormuz, Presbyterian Church & Hall
20 Kalinga

1 Kalinga Presbyterian Church & Hall        20 Kalinga fencepost

21 Leeding
23 Leeding
25 Leeding

21 Leeding                                     23 Leeding                                     25 Leeding

27 Leeding
30 Leeding

27 Leeding                                     30 Leeding

50 Lower Gay
51 Lower Gay
53 Lower Gay

                                                                                                        50 Lower Gay                                 51 Lower Gay  lost                           53 Lower Gay lost

Maloja Ave


Maloja Ave history

? Maloja
36? Maloja "Watermark" was "Edgewater"
32? Maloja

                                                                                                                            ? Maloja lost                   Maloja Edgewater 1992 lost              Maloja in 1940 or 41 lost

1 Mary

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1 Mary

17 Minchinton
53 Minchinton "Devoncourt Flats"

17 Minchinton                                 53 Minchinton Devoncourt Flats

5 Nicholls
8 Nicholls

                                                                                                                                                                    5 Nicholls                                        8 Nicholls

3 Ormuz

3 Ormuz

Oronsay Av
9 Oronsay Ave "Texas"
11? Oronsay

   Oronsay Ave                                     9 Oronsay Texas                       11? 

48 Queen                                       50 Queen                                        52 Queen Hi-Vues

27 Orsova

11 Osterley

 28 Suller                                         16 Third Ave

48 Queen
27 Orsova
11 Osterley
28 Suller
16 Third
50 Queen
52 Queen "Hi-Vues"
22 Warne Tce "Panorama"