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6 Seaview Newsagency

Moffat Beach 2011 photo Wayne Reid

Moffat Beach Store courtesy Gary O'Donnell built 1948

A man and his van cannot be parted, Caloundra Weekly Jan 26 2006 p6
association with Mick O'Donnell

Mr John Arthur in front of Moffat Post Office Store in early 1960s  courtesy Peg Leisegang

Friday 5th October, 1951

On Thursday. 20th September,
Being a life-long friend of the
late J. Hamilton Park, whose
death notice appeared in your
paper, I am sure many of your
readers would like to know a
little more of the life of the de
ceased. He was a product of
those two fine schools, the old
Normal and Brisbane Grammar.
Leaving, he was articled to the
late F. D. G. Stanley, the then
leading architect in Brisbane,
paying £100 premium and serv
ing for three ? years without pay.
He later joined his father, who
was a leading city builder. After
some years the land 'bug' caught
him and with his brother, Jim,
now of Caloundra, was one of
the pioneers of Dulong, five miles
from Nambour. That property is
still held by them. They decided
to see South Africa. Father and
J.H.P. started building and Jim
became resident secretary of the
Westminster Estate and private
secretary to the Duke when he
visited Africa. After four years
overseas, the deceased returned
to Dulong; his brother returned
three years later. Both went to
the 'West and started sheep and
wool growing. Then they sold out
after 28 years, retired and took
up residence at Caloundra. At
one time the deceased practised
his profession at Thursday Island,
Cairns and Townsyille. At Cal
oundra he kept his pencil busy,
and at 84 years of age designed
and carried out many buildings
at Moffat Beach, including six
houses and the fine store there.
He also drew plans and super
vised the building of the North
Coast life savers' home.. Almost
all his work was to a friend
from a friend and was a labour
of love. Since the deceased lost
his wife some 15 years ago, I
think, he had been looked after
?wholly by his brother. They were
life-long partners and real cob
bers, who never lent, one to the
other, but always gave — a truly
wonderful pair. He was also a
life governor of the N.C. life

Sourced by Meredith Walker from the Trove website