Gwen Trundle's The Early Days of of Caloundra 1960

Cook, Flinders, Oxley, Convict Bribie
It is now accepted that Caloundra comes from Cullawanda meaning place of beech tree in the local dialect from times of change A History of Caloundra City Gary McKay 2007 p24

Durundur, Cape Moreton Lighthouse

Thomas King shipwreck, aboriginal frontier wars, Queen of the Colonies shipwreck

Queen of the Colonies, aboriginal, shark attack

The rescue party

Queen of the Colonies tree

The Westaway Story, Landers, Maddock

Alexander Archer, middens at Bells Creek, indigenous, oysters,

The Mooloolah murder

first residents

Campbellville, steamers, Mavis,

First land sale, Observatory, Lighthouse, Tripconys

Sea Glint, Sir Thomas McIlwraith, Alder's Hotel, proposed railway, Wreck of the Dicky

Lord Lamington, Thomas Welsby and JC Moffat