5 APRIL 2017







N. Lawler, R. Ascot, A. Wensley, R. Todd, J. Bradley




D. Raby




Moved Pamela Elks, seconded Trevor Hamey that we ask Wardell & Partners for a business Plan – for a fee – on the premise that F.O.C.L. will do a basic fit out for a lease. Roger Todd and Diane Raby to meet with Wardell & Partners and report back. Carried.




After discussion by various members it was agreed that we did not have the finances to go ahead with this motion so it was moved Anne Wensley, seconded John Bradbury that we rescind the above motion on the basis insufficient information would not enable Wardell & Partners to proceed with a Business Plan at this point in time. Carried.

Meetings with Caloundra Chamber of Commerce


Narelle and Roger reported on a positive meeting they had with Terese Finigan – CBD Curator in the Chamber of Commerce. It was suggested that the Economic Development Officer of the Chamber would also be interested in our proposal. Narelle felt very positive about this contact.


Funding Possibilities


Roy suggested we explore many different avenues of funding/volunteer help – e.g. Rotaract.

Coffee Shop Sub-Committee

Moved Anne Wensley, seconded Narelle Lawler that a small sub-committee of 4-5 members be formed to get quotes on basic initial costs in the generator shed –

-        Electricity

-        Hot Water System

-        Water and Tap

-        Drainage

-        Sealing Brick Work

-        Asbestos cover/removal     and present the findings to the 23 May General Meeting. Carried.

Persons on Sub- Committee


1.     Pamela Elk

2.     Anne Wensley

3.     Narelle Lawler

4.     Roger Todd

5.     Diane Raby





Meeting – Wednesday 26 April 10 a.m. at Anne Wensley’s home, 2 Cormorant Court, Aroona.



28 MARCH 2017




J. Groves, A. Wensley, R. Ascott, J. Bradley, P. Elks, T. Hamey, R. Todd, Narelle Lawler, D. & J. Raby.




W. McClintock




Accepted. Read on line.




Antenna and Transmitter – Narelle

Narelle reported that we were given free advertising in January 2017, in exchange for use of our premises in the Caloundra Music Festival in October, 2016.

Anti Graffiti Paint – Roger

Roger has bought the paint $192.58 but needs to purchase spray to remove the graffiti.

Uniforms – Diane

Diane reported that cotton tshirts from Longbeach Company would cost $35.45 if we purchased 20 shirts.

Trevor Hamey moved, Roy Ascott seconded that Diane be authorised to order 20 shirts and to pay for them from F.O.C.L. funds. Members to email Diane with size required and members to pay when receive shirt. Carried.




Treasurer’s Report – Diane Raby


Credit Balance $23,011.88

Post Office Box renewal $124.00.

Diane Raby moved the adoption of her report. Seconded Narelle Lawler. Carried.

Visitor Report – Roger Todd

Discovery Heritage Weekend 6 -7 May

Scottish Country Dancers 18 June

Maintenance Report

Moved Roger Todd, seconded John Groves that evacuation signs be refurbished. Carried.

Moved Roger Todd, seconded Narelle Lawler that Roger and Narelle discuss with Riccardo Tenaglia about the Sigfox Network request. Carried.




Conservation Management Plan (CNP)

Roger Todd presented the CMP on the computer screen and answered members 27 questions previously given to him.

Moved Trevor Hamey, seconded Anne Wesley that the CMP be formally accepted and then forwarded to the Sunshine Coast Council – carried.

Peter Markas-Kyle has yet to submit his suggestions. Will arrive very shortly.



Coffee Shop proposal – in generator shed

As part of the CMP to increase visits to the lighthouses, the coffee shop proposal was discussed in much detail.

Pamela Elks moved, Trevor Hamey seconded that we ask Wardell & Partners for a Business Plan – for a fee – on the premise that the F.O.C.L. will do a basic fit out for a lease. Roger Todd, Diane Raby to meet with Wardell & Partners

 and report back. Carried.

Generator Room

John Bradley suggested we do an audit of the materials in the generator room and report back to next meeting.






NEXT MEETING 23May 2017. 5.30 p.m.






To revisit @ next meeting

Membership – co-ordinator?

-        Display – Caloundra Library



24 JANUARY, 2017

5.30 PM




John Bradley


A. Wensley, R. Todd, R. Ascott, W. McClintock, Donnalea and John Ryan, John Bradley, J. Groves, T. Hamey, P. Elks




Diane and John Raby




Read and accepted with amendments. Moved P Elks, Seconded T. Hamey. Carried.




Antenna and transmitter – N. Lawler.

As Narelle was not present, this was held over to next meeting.

Anti Grafitti Paint – R. Todd

Roger yet to do.

Uniforms – D. Raby

Yet to finalise.




Treasurer's Report (D. Raby absent)

Credit Balance $24,884.18

Accounts for Payment

Electricity Bill A.G.L.  $489.08

Reimburse D. Raby – Christmas Party - $119.70

Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership - $140.00

R. Todd – Recording of Lightkeepers Cottage - $1980.00

Treasurer's Report and Accounts for Payment accepted. Moved J. Groves, Seconded R. Ascott. Carried.

Conservation Management Plan Report – R. Todd

Conservation Management Plan has NOT yet been acquitted as Peter Markas-Kyle has not been available. Roger reported that it will be held over to the March meeting.

Maintenance Report – J. Ryan

John reported that the Christmas Lights were removed on 13 January, 2017, gaps in the old lighthouse have been resealed, the door to the outside deck of the signal station has been repainted and graffiti to be removed by sanding and later to paint the exterior with anti graffiti paint.

John reported that council now requires that there be a yearly inspection by council of both lights and that a report would follow.




Rotary Club of Caloundra. $250 donation


Thanks – Rotary Club of Caloundra for above.

Email – Public Safety Business Agency for part payment (refund) of $489.08 electricity bill.




Lightkeepers Cottage “Pharos” - house name Grant $1980 from Sunshine Coast Council.

The house was demolished before Roger could get any photos, however, after the building was knocked down, Roger collected pieces of crunched up timber (in 1896 Andrew Tripcony brought this timer up from Brisbane by boat up Pumicestone Passage.)

Roger also took a video and researched council maps/plans for more details and put the details on the website


Roger has informed the council and the  grant has been acquitted.

Membership Numbers

A discussion on this topic followed. We have no membersip co-ordinator and this needs discussion at our next meeting.

Volunteer numbers were also discussed and it was resolved we investigate a display in Caloundra Library to possibly attract more members.

Coffee Shop Proposal

As Narelle Lawler was not present, members discussed the key issues which were:

1. Financial – rental – fixed? - on sales?

2. Commercial kitchen – who pays?

3. Volunteers as lighthouse guides – paid? Or volunteer?

4. F.O.C.L. Inc groups level of involvement

Moved Trevor Hamey, seconded John Groves that Narelle Lawler be given the opportunity to make a presentation on her Coffee Shop proposal and to answer members questions – capital expenses, miscellaneous expenses and the general viability of setting up and running the business.

A vote then be taken for the F.O.C.L. Incorp group to agree or not to proceed to the next step. Carried.

Meeting Dates for 2017.

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Tuesday 26 July 2017

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Tuesday 22 November 2017




Meeting Closed at 7 p.m.

Next Meeting 28 March 2017


Next Meeting – General Business -

Membership – Uniforms – Anti Graffiti Paint


29 NOVEMBER 2016

5.30 p.m. To 6.45 p.m.


A. Wensley, John Bradley, D. & J. Raby, Pam Elks, Roy Ascott, Roger Todd, Robin Rose, John Groves, Bill McClintock, Trevor Hamey.


N. Lawler, J. & D. Ryan, B. Ward


Read and accepted. P. Elks. R. Ascott. Carried


Grant – C.M.P. - R. Todd

Roger reported this has been completed and a digital copy of 2015/2016 Financial Report has been forwarded to Sunshine Coast Council for acquittal of the Conservation Management Plan.

Antenna and Transmitter 87.6 FM – N. Lawler

As Narelle was not present this was held over. Roger reported Sunshine Coast Council was at Stage 1 with WiFi.

Anti-Graffiti Paint – R. Todd. Roger yet to do.

Uniform – D. Raby.

Diane reported that the cotton TShirts be purchased from Blessed Earth, Maleny and the logo be embroidered (Donnalea's contact).

Large Electricity Bill – D. Raby. 

Diane reported that total cost had been reimbursed by Queensland Ambulance. She also reported that the bill was $101 dearer than the last one. Was this incurred by Narelle Lawler's deep freeze in the Generator Shed. Roger to enquire and report back.

Licence with Sunshine Council – R. Todd.

Roger reported our 3 year licence was received and signed 5 July, 2016.


Treasurer's Report – D. Raby

Credit Balance $19,567.15.  $7,500 of this is earmarked for C.M.P.

Accounts for Payment.

$450.00 – R. Todd for Conservation Management Plan.

$49.27 – Unity Water

The treasurer moved adoption of her report. Sec. P. Elks, Carried

Maintenance Report. - J. Ryan.

John Ryan not present.

Lighthouse Visits Report – R. Todd

Roger reported Year 2 from Currimundi State School visited.

Membership Report. R. Todd and N. Lawler

Roger reported that emails had been sent to new member.


Incoming – Sunshine Coast Regional Council re Light Keepers Cottage Grant.

Outgoing. Nil.


Conservation Management Plan – Coffee Shop Idea.

Moved Roy Ascott, seconded Trevor Hamey that the letter of intent emailed to all members this afternoon by Roger be read by all members for consideration and discussion at a later date. The motion was carried unanimously with Roger Todd abstaining.

Amendment added D. Raby/P. Elks that members questions be emailed to the president, John Bradley at thebradleys1@optusnetcom.au to be sorted by him and given to Roger Todd and Narelle Lawler to respond to at Tuesday 31 January, 2017 meeting – Carried.

A short discussion followed.

Light Keepers Cottage – R. Todd, J. Groves. 

Sunshine Coast Council have agreed to give the group $1950 towards a survey of the cottage providing we forward a copy of our findings to council's Heritage Department for safe keeping. Moved John Groves, seconded T. Hamey that we accept the grant and carry out the appropriate work. Carried.

Open House Program – R. Todd.

Roger reported he had added the lighthouses to the Sunshine Coast Open House National Trust list for 2017.

Key Register.

Moved A. Wensley, seconded T. Hamey that key no 4 be handed over to J. Bradley, new president from Trevor Hamey. Carried.

Use of Lighthouse grounds – W. McClintock.

Moved Bill McClintock, seconded T. Hamey that residents of the neighbouring high rise “The Lighthouses” be able to use the grounds for their Christmas celebration. Carried.

Christmas Lights – R. Rose

Robin reported that he, Barrie Ward and John Raby would put the Christmas lights on the lighthouses on Friday 2 December.

Christmas Eve – Open?

It was resolved we close on Saturday 24 December, 2016.

Sunshine Coast – 50 years naming 1/8/67 – 1/8/17

Roger Todd reported the Sunshine Coast Council was giving grants for events to celebrate the naming. Roger agreed to write a submission to Sunshine Coast Council for funding where we could display historical items with storyboards in the generator shed as part of the celebration He informed us that Sunshine Coast University also planned a Conserving Objects display. It was agreed Roger follow this up.

Minutes on Sunshine Coast Places Website. 

It was resolved that hand written minutes be typed up by Leanne Rose and placed on www.sunshinecoastplaces website for members to access

Meeting closed 6.45 p.m.

Next Meeting Tuesday 31 January, 2017 at 5.30 p.m.

Note: after an email exchange we have reverted to the normal fourth Tuesday which is the 24th Jan




President, John Bradley welcomed members.


A. Wensley, T. Hamey, D and J. Raby, D. & J. Ryan, R. Ascott, P. Elks, J. Groves, R. Todd, R. Rose, N. Lawler

Apologies – W. McClintock. L. Rose


The minutes from the previous meeting 23.8.16 were read and accepted. T. Hamey. R. Todd – carried.


Grant. Roger Todd reported that the grant (CMP) has been acquitted despite work still being in progress. Invoices for work done by Roger and Peter Markas Kyle will follow. A small amount has been left to pay a building certifier.

Antenna and Transmitter 87.6 FM Caloundra Music Festival – This radio station will give us free promotion in November in exchange for use of our antenna during Caloundra Music Festival.

Anti-Graffiti Paint. Roger Todd is yet to purchase. He has checked prices and is able to purchase it for under $500.

Uniform.  Diane Raby and Donnalea Ryan will liaise and decide on the best Tshirts and types of prints and report to next meeting.

Our Large Electricity Bill. No money has been deposited in our account from Qld Ambulance for their 75% share of electricity use. Diane Raby to follow up with Qld Ambulance and inform members by email. The last invoice arrived 16 September, 2016. We forwarded this to Qld Ambulance and they have agreed to pay it and we later forward our small share to them.

3 Year Licence for Lighthouses. Roger Todd reported that Councillor Tim Dwyer stated that council would be happy to give us a longer licence agreement, however we still have not heard back for sure from council re licence and insurance payment assistance.


Treasurer's Report – here attached.

Diane Raby presented her report.

Credit balance $19,361.75

The treasurer moved the adoption of her report. Seconded  J. Groves – carried.

It was resolved that Diane Raby be re-imbursed for her expenses for the A.G.M. Barbeque ($150.00) and thanked for organising the event.

Maintenance Report. Barrie Ward has resigned from this position, so there was no report – just a copy of recurring maintenance, compliance and administration items from Barrie. A letter of thanks is to be sent to B. Ward.

Visits to Lighthouse Report. Roger Todd reported 100 Currimundi State School students visited this month, as well as 18 members of Caloundra Family Research History group. A writer from “The Lonely Planet” publication also visited.

Membership Report. Narelle Lawler and Roger Todd agreed to email new members.



1. Bill McClintock – suggestions to discuss.

2. Resignation from maintenance office position from Barrie Ward.


Conservation Management Plan (C.M.P.)

Roger Todd presented a report of progress up to date covering these areas. 1. Site Plan and detailed drawings.

2. B I M  x modelling.

3. Cost Outline

4. Meetings with Councillor Tim Dwyer – licence

                                                                 - parking

                                                                 - generator shed eaves

5. Health Inspector – Sunshine Coast Council – Mick Gray – tour

- no modifications required (coffee and packaged cakes)

- cook on site – modifications needed – minor

- toilet – use staff toilet

6. Coffee shop – need licence and plan fee

7. Acquittal of grant for C.M.P.

8. Lease agreement between F.O.C.L. and Narelle Lawler

9. Lightkeeper's cottage – possible salvage items (“Pharos” - Upper Gray Terrace).


A lengthy discussion followed about the proposed  Coffee Shop in the Generator Shed. It was moved Roy Asoctt, seconded D. Ryan that the group endorse in principle the Conservation Management Plan incorporating the coffee shop. A due diligence proposal be prepared by Roger Todd and Narelle Lawler to inform the group of the responsibilities and mechanics of the running of the coffee shop. Carried.

KEYS. Barrie Ward's key given to Robin Rose to clean the buildings. Another key be given to Narelle Lawler (no.10). Other keys held by Roger Todd, John and D. Ryan, John Raby.

Financial Report – Annual – C.M.P. Council requires our Annual Report 2015-2016 to be able to finalise the acquittal of the Conservation Management Plan. Treasurer, D. Raby, to forward a digital copy to council.

Thanks for B.B.Q. Preparation. Members expressed thanks to D. Raby, J. Raby, P. Elks, T, Hamey for organising a very enjoyable and tasty annual meeting thank you B.B.Q.

Lighthouse Keepers Cottage. It was moved R. Todd, seconded R. Rose that we apply to council for $2000 grant for a survey of the cottage in Upper Gray Terrace with the view to the salvage of some items. Because the grant announcement will be too late, it was agreed we cover the $2000 cost if the grant application is not accepted. Carried.

Donated Framed Photographs. John Groves kindly donated 3 photographs to the F.O.C.L. To display.

Open House Program – National Trust. Roger Todd has submitted us to the National Trust.

Meeting closed 8 p.m.

Caloundra Lighthouse Minutes 14 June 2016

Caloundra Lighthouse Minutes 22 March 2016

Caloundra Lighthouse Minutes 27 January 2016

5.30 pm

ATTENDANCE        John and Diane Raby, John Ryan, John Groves, Barrie Ward,
                Roger Todd, Trevor Haney, Donnalea Maugion

APOLOGIES            Anne Wensley, Robin and Leanne Rose, Bill McClintock

MINUTES   Roger Todd - Petty Cash $50 Not a “Float”
                 John Groves books bought outright
                Signal station float to be kept in signal station
                Moved Roger Todd. Seconded Barrie Ward.

MEMBERSHIP        Need an update.

                Opening Balance    $40,889.48
                 Expenses    822.82
                 Income    1884.40
                Closing Balance    $41,951.06

                SS Dicky Grant $33000 paid to Council
                Unity Water Bill - Roger Todd to email to Donnalea Maugion
                Moved Donnalea Maugion, Seconded Barrie Ward
                Barrie Ward’s Petty Cash presented

MAINTENANCE        Men’s Shed finished waterproofing. Gillettes will do R.C.D.

                Maintenance and Compliance Calendar presented
                Signal Station Door will cost $70 made by
                D Sanders Moved Barrie, Seconded Donnalea

GENERAL BUSINESS    Fringe Festival - Extra Open Day 3 October
                Application for Tenure submitted.

                Roger noted that Council’s grants were closing on 24 August and moved that we apply to do an updated  Conservation

                Management Plan for the lighthouses precinct. General discussion followed about the “way forward” for the  lighthouses

                and the need for toilets if wanted bus tours to visit. There may be possibilities to obtain a revolving light for the  signal station,

               but we currently have no public access to the lantern. It would be a good opportunity to fill in some of the gaps in the history

                of the signal station. Roger would approach  lighthouse expert and conservation architect Richard Marquis-Kyle

               to assist him with the plan.       Moved Roger. Seconded Donnalea

Looking for people to interview about the SS Dicky

               International lighthouse coming up - 21st August   
                Clontarf Mens Shed 47 people 10 am. Will  confirm.   

                250 people in last two months.
                Thanks letters to Mens Shed, Rotary, Gary Searle - being done                 by Barrie Ward   

                Meeting closed 6.32 pm
                Next meeting Tuesday 4 September
                AGM 22 September.   

Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

Minutes of General Meeting, 26th May 2015

26 MAY 2015


Roger Todd, John and Diane Raby, Trevor Haney, Barrie Ward, Donnalea Mangion, John Ryan


Anne Wensley, Bill McClintock, John Groves, Robin and Leanne Rose


24 March, 2015. Moved Donnalea Mangion, Seconded Barrie Ward


Barrie Ward has started on a recurring maintenance/compliance schedule
Roger Todd to assist
Tour date updated
$5 per head, minimum $20
Web Page - no additional progress with www.caloundralighthouses.com.au - Friends of the Lighthouse page now on


Minutes - Roger Todd to post on sunshinecoastplaces
Lease - response from Jane Goodwin 5441 8401 Caloundra Council - Trevor to call

Internet done
Little Lighthouse books selling at various outlets
Grant acquitted
Roger Todd to give Donnalea Mangion invoices from Little Lighthouse


Need a membership drive


Expenses $1141.59
Income $1556.05
Report tabled. Moved Donnalea Mangion, Seconded Barrie Ward


Painting June 29 to 17 July. Hopefully need three days. This Tuesday June 2 and Wednesday 3.
General Cleanup
Anti-climb device for signal station to roof.

Electrician - Milliamp Test every twelve months. Roger Todd to contact Gillettes. We sign book every six months.
Roger to get a sign “No entry without a guide” for old lighthouse. Barrie Ward to do sign. Moved Barrie Ward, seconded Donnalea Mangion


Community partnership grant done by Roger Todd.
Trevor Haney - Friends of the Lighthouse to buy John Groves and Anne Wamsley’s books outright if John Groves and Anne Wamsley agree. Donnalea Mangion to discuss with Anne Wamsley. Moved by Donnalea Mangion, seconded by Barrie Ward.
Trevor Haney need systems for recording of cash and sale of books.
Authorisation of expenditure, safeguarding of monies and floats.
SS Dicky grant. Grant deed tabled. Expenditure in accordance with deed. Roger Todd to do administration for $2200. Moved Barrie Ward, seconded Diane Raby.
Roger Todd did talk at Meridan College.
Long Term Aims - discussed selling coffee.
Carbon copy books for each open day to record door donations. Books signed by two people and buy two receipt books and three cash tins. Donnalea Mangion to buy. Moved Donnalea Mangion, seconded John Ryan.


Roger Todd $50
Petty Cash Floats - Signal Station $30, Generator Shed $30, Battery Room $30. Locked in cabinet in generator shed.
Cheques over $100 minuted or authorisation by two people from committee plus invoice.


28 July 2015 at 5.30 pm Meeting closed 7.30

Thanks Leanne for typing these out - you should get a special medal for having to decipher Roger's notes 

Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

Minutes of General Meeting, 27th Jan 2015

Meeting opened 5:40 pm


Trevor Hamey, Pam Elks, Barrie Ward, Bill McClintock, Roger Todd, John Groves, John Myers, Donnalea Mangion.

Special welcome for Trevor after his operation.


Robyn & Leanne

Minutes of last meeting 2nd Dec 2014

Moved Trevor, seconded Donnalea, carried

Matters arising

Donnalea spoke to Aon representative - We are not covered for serving food and beverages to the general public.  Donnalea to enquire further about contents cover.

Remaining items carried over to General Business.


Hon Andrew Powell MP advising of our successful grant under Round Three of the Everyone’s Environment grants for $44,000 for the SS Dicky Project.  Roger noted that we needed to negotiate with Council for payment of the additional GST and our costs for auditing our accounts and the grant.

Australian Tax Office re overdue tax return - Roger contacted them and confirmed it was not necessary, however we need to submit a “non lodgement advice” annually in August

Chamber of Commerce advising of overdue $240 membership dues

Roger submitted an acquittal for Round Two of the Everyone’s Environment grants for waterproofing of the Signal Station and interpretation, including a final invoice for $1,971.85

Remittance advice from Sunshine Coast Council in January for $7,500 for The Little Lighthouse childrens’ book project


Financials to end of December tabled by Donnalea, balance $2991.96

Moved Donnalea, seconded Pam, carried.


Barrie reported that the concrete slabs on three levels of the Signal Station had now been waterproofed with assistance from the Men’s Shed.

We have some material remaining but additional would be necessary to touch up slab edges in Mission Brown and to do the door to the balcony in the Signal Station.

We could take the opportunity to waterproof the Generator Shed roof (not included in grant extent of work) if we purchased additional Tremco Xylol solvent and 10 litres of Vulkem 951NF topcoat.  Men’s Shed have offered to assist with the work.  Barrie noted the roof was leaking and Roger noted that a non slip surface would facilitate any emergency ladder access to the Lighthouse and Signal Station.

Roger has contacted Tremco and the Xylol and 951NF are only available in 20 litre batches costing $104 and $499 plus GST, total $663.30.  Roger was willing to purchase surplus to waterproof a deck at home.  Roger to arrange purchase.

Moved by Trevor, seconded Donnalea, carried.

Moved by Donnalea, seconded Pam, that Barrie be authorised to spend max $200 for primer for door and Mission Brown for slab edges, brushes etc. Carried.

General Business

Roger moved that he negotiate with Chamber of Commerce for reduced membership fee max $120.  Donnalea noted last years membership was $118.  Seconded John, carried.

Trevor noted that our licence with Sunshine Coast Council expires in August.

Roger noted that expenditure of the Little Lighthouse grant would be necessary before the next meeting.  Moved Barrie, seconded Pam, carried.

Barrie noted we did not have a key for the meter box.

Donnalea noted that Cross Country Tours had arranged a visit for 40/45 people at 10:00am on the 23rd April.  Contact is Gloria.  This would be their third tour.

Roger to do a membership promotion on our Facebook page.  We agreed to offer ten fee entries, a discount for purchase of The Little Lighthouse, and a six monthly email newsletter to members.  We needed to put a “do it yourself” print out form on our web site so prospective members could pay by BSB and post or email the form to us.  Donnalea to find out log in details for caloundralighthouses.com.au.

John Groves to audit books for sale and price sheet.

Roger noted that The Little Lighthouse pricing would need to be something like:

$8 - members and bulk purchase of 20 or more

$10 - standard sale price

$12.50 - if postage & handling involved.

Next Meeting

4th March, 5:30pm at the Lighthouses

Meeting closed 6:40pm

Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 28th Oct 2014