Time: 1730hrs
Venue: Barrie’s home

1.  Opening of Meeting
Present:  John Bradley (President), Julia Jessop (Treasurer), Sandy Widt (Secretary), Barrie Ward, John Ryan, John Groves, Elizabeth Bradley, Bill McClintock, Roger Todd
Apologies:  Donnalea Mangion, Ann Wensley, Diane Raby, Trevor Hamey, Ian Holland (new Member), Phil Schelle (suspended membership but may return to FOCL in the future)

2.  Minutes of last meeting held on 24 November 2020 noted.
Moved Barrie Ward, Seconded John Groves

3.  Reports presented:

President’s Report (John Bradley)
- - Tenure {Licenced renewal submission}
12 April 2021 is final date re timeframe for our tenure. Pending formal agreement and following recent discussion with local Councillors, it was considered that in the interim, FOCL would continue to function as we did prior to change in ownership.
- - Update on meetings with Council Engineers
President asked that Roger (from a Heritage perspective) and Barrie (from Maintenance perspective) provide an update under Maintenance, later in the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report (Julia Jessop)
- - Balance noted as $23,792.37
Roger will follow up on an outstanding electrical bill.
- - Update on banking authorities
Julia confirmed banking authorities were held by John Bradley, Julia Jessop and Diane Raby.

Architect’s Report (Roger Todd)
- - Security Cameras
We are unable to proceed with any of this until Council officially takes ownership and approves.
- - Publicity around Council’s acquisition of the site
Roger updated Facebook posts re recent publicity and it was getting some attention.
Roger and John recently participated in an interview with Sunshine Coast ABC Radio Morning Program.
It is believed they will be using the interview in a series format on the program but will also provide us a USB of the series which we can post to our Website.

Visitor Report
- - No visitors since our last meeting due to restrictions
Donnalea continues to receive quite a volume of enquiries re tours of the Lighthouse and reopening dates, with an especially high number of calls over the school holidays. Barrie had also received a number of calls.
Whilst in the Lighthouse precinct, Bill and Warren have also fielded many requests on reopening. It was agreed that the sign re temporary closure had faded and needed reprinting. John Groves will action this.

Membership Report
- Ongoing need to expand our membership base
- Advice received from Diane re possible new member/s

Maintenance Report {Barrie}
- - Damaged Christmas lights
It was unclear whether the damage had occurred solely due to extremely windy weather as none of the supporting bungee cords were located when they were taken down on Christmas morning by John B, John R and Donnalea. Barrie had since checked all of the lights and six sets had to be discarded (disposal form to be completed).
“I move that FOCL purchase replacement Christmas lights closer to Christmas 2021.”
Moved: Barrie Ward Seconded: John Ryan
Motion Carried

- - Discussions with Council re maintenance issues {Barrie and Roger}
Roger spoke on the Engineering Inspection, headed by Jessie (SCC Engineer) and advised that he had already sent through drawings and photos of leaks, deteriorating bolts on the door, etc. Another Council Engineer is going to visit next week to identify issues in more detail. Barrie and Roger will attend. Further discussion ensued re the need for sourcing specific expertise on dealing with Lighthouse structures, due to uniqueness of building materials, heritage issues, etc. This would be raised with the Engineers when assessing the full scope of works. Roger indicated that any works necessary should ideally be prioritised, particularly rust issues as they could become a safety issue with time but would not prevent reopening in the short term. Installation of the basin in the Signal Station could be completed, concurrent with any other works.

Research re some heavy duty cleaning products (AirX) {Barrie}
Council had already provided us some hand sanitiser and wipes, etc but the AirX product appears to be a far better hygiene option to ensure we meet Covid guidelines and maintain a safe environment for ourselves and visitors. Thanks to Barrie for identifying the product and obtaining specifications and quotes from the suppliers. We will consider this as part of our overall Covid Safe Plan, nearer reopening.

4.  General Business
- - Reopening
President opened the floor for discussion around reopening. Some of the points raised were:
- the design and restricted space of the buildings presents us with some unique issues
- monitoring of visitors whilst maintaining a COVID-safe environment would stretch our volunteer base
- we would need to revamp our sign-in procedures in line with Government-imposed COVID regulations
- Roger noted some preliminary discussions by Council re planning for the September Open House but this was still a ‘wait and see’ as to how this would proceed and in what format
- all agreed that prior to our next meeting, to assist in formulating our own reopening plan, we should establish what procedures have been put in place in other heritage venues, museums, lighthouses etc and a number of members volunteered to follow up with other organisations:  Lighthouses (Elizabeth - Barrie suggested Mr Searle of Lighthouses Australia may be a start point); Heritage Group in Council (Roger), Air Museum (Bill), Landsborough Museum (Julia).
“I move that the Lighthouses stay closed until we have reviewed procedures and we are better informed so that FOCL can prepare a detailed reopening plan.”
Moved: Bill McClintock Seconded: John Groves
Motion Carried

- - List of Key Holders
Sandy presented the handwritten list passed to her on taking over as Secretary. It was agreed that an audit of current key holders was necessary and that the key register should be in book form and keys signed for in future.

- - Official Seal
President queried knowledge of whether FOCL has ever had an ‘Official Seal’ and if so, its whereabouts. All agreed to check if any recollection by long time members and Sandy to meantime make enquiries with the Office of Fair Trading before sourcing a replacement.

- - Community Partnership Grant
Roger noted that a progress report is required.

5.  Close of Meeting at 1830 hours.
Next Meeting scheduled for 1730 on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 at Barrie’s home
(Back to our usual timing, fourth Tuesday, every second month)


1.  Opening of Meeting
Present:  (12 Members)
John and Elizabeth Bradley, Roger Todd, John and Janice Groves, John Ryan and Donnalea Mangion, Pamela Elks and Russell, Barrie Ward, Ann Wensley, Sandy Widt
Apologies: (5 Members)
Julia Jessop, Bill McClintock, Diane Raby, Trevor Hamey, Phil Schelle

2.  Minutes of last meeting held on 22 September 2020 were noted and accepted.
Accepted by Ann Wensley / Seconded John Ryan

3.  Reports presented:

President’s Report
- Feedback on Strategic Planning Meeting
President John B provided an overview of a Meeting he and Roger had attended recently. Although there is no pro forma per se, when applying for a Grant, there is a formula of words we need to include in our paperwork, to meet Council requirements and to help in the consideration process. Before our ‘Mission Statement’ and the ‘Vision Statement’, we need to include a preamble on the FOCL goals. We already have a CMP and Strategic Plan in place but we need the plan to be a bit more structured by adding a statement re our object and vision for the Lighthouses. John has sent out a separate email on this and we should think about this draft wording to form part of the Strategic Plan. To be further discussed at the next meeting.
- Create Caloundra
John B referred to an event to be held on 03 December 2020 re ‘Create Caloundra’. Ann W advised that she was already attending this event in another capacity but would also be happy to be the FOCL representative. Thank you Ann.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer had provided the current balance ($24644.49) to us prior to meeting.
Accepted by Barrie Ward / Seconded John Groves

Architect’s Report
- Security Cameras
Roger advised that our application to proceed with installation of the new cameras is still awaiting Council approval.
- Council’s acquisition of the site
Roger noted that formal Acquisition Notice had been received.
- Tenure Agreement
This still needs signature.
The area around the Lighthouses has been given an Open Space Designation by Council. This may affect some of the ideas earlier proposed as possibilities for enhancing site activities.

Visitor Report
No visitors since our last meeting due to ongoing COVID-related restrictions. Reopening to be discussed under General Business.

Membership Report
Ann’s records indicate 16 current paid active Members. There was mention of a possible new member (Ian Holland) and general discussion followed re our need to have aspects of our ongoing role a bit clearer (as part of the formal tenure agreement) before planning ways to attract new members, though this was always going to be something for us to bear in mind going forward.
John Bradley (President) and Roger Todd (Architect) enjoyed a meeting with Cr Terry Landsberg and he and Cr Rick Baberowski showed a keen interest in the Lighthouses and Heritage. Both are aware of FOCL input to maintenance of the precinct and Volunteer duties.

Maintenance Report
Barrie updated on a few maintenance issues attended to and has already organised a working bee to put up the Christmas lights.
Pest Control has been completed. ‘Test and Tag’ is scheduled to take place in January 2021.
Some minor adjustments have been made to the door to the Signal Station to stop it sticking and the door on top of the Signal Station still needs attention.
Barrie had prepared and circulated a paper on rules for reopening and the need for hand sanitiser placement (preliminary quote was $68+GST for one). General discussion followed re how we could achieve a COVID-safe environment in all of the buildings in the Lighthouse precinct and the difficulties and extra work involved for Members in monitoring adherence to guidelines by visitors to the site, particularly given our small volunteer base. We would need to completely sanitise all buildings before and after Open Days.

4.  General Business

Reopening to the Public - after discussion, it was decided that we could not feasibly consider reopening to the public before the end of January 2021 and that we would reassess a timeline for reopening at our next General Meeting, scheduled for 1730 on Tuesday, 02 February 2021 at Barrie’s place.

Christmas lights - Barrie has organised a working bee for 30 November 2020. [Note: at the time of posting these Minutes, this had already taken place and the lights look quite spectacular and are visible to lots of Caloundra residents and visitors alike.]

Close of Meeting
The Meeting closed at 1815 and as outlined in General Business, our next General Meeting is scheduled for 1730 on Tuesday, 02 February 2021.


Tuesday, 22 September 2020 at 1730 hrs
Venue: Barrie’s home (to allow social distancing)

Opening of Meeting
President’s welcome to those present (13 Members - John Bradley, Elizabeth Bradley, Barrie Ward, Roger Todd, Bill McClintock, John Groves, John Ryan, Donnalea Mangion, Anne Wensley, Diane Raby, Pamela Elks, Julia Jessop, Sandy Widt) and apologies acknowledged from Trevor Hamey, Phil Schelle and John Raby (3 Members).

Minutes of last AGM held on 23 September 2019 were noted and accepted.
Accepted Pamela Elks / Seconded Barrie Ward


President’s Report (John Bradley)

John read his President’s Report (attached below) which covered the activities in the last twelve months, including our restricted activities due to COVID regulations.

Acceptance of President’s Report
Moved Anne Wensley / Seconded Donnalea Mangion - Carried

Treasurer’s Report (Julia Jessop)

Julia presented the Treasurer’s Report and advised all that a full copy could be provided to Members on request. She also elaborated on a minor change recommended by the Auditor in relation to management of our Assets Register, specifically the need to ensure assets are written off on disposal. Julia has prepared a revised spreadsheet for this purpose.

Julia also reminded that following our AGM, we are required to complete an Annual Return with the Office of Fair Trading. It was agreed that the Treasurer and Secretary would action this.

$21445 - Credit Balance as at 30 June 2020

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report and Auditor’s Report
Moved Roger Todd / Seconded Barrie Ward - Carried

Our Auditor was Wardle & Partners who completed the 2019/2020 Audit at a cost of $1017.50 and a vote agreed that we continue to use this firm.
Moved Roger Todd / Seconded Barrie Ward - Carried

Visitor Report

Numbers were covered in the President’s Report. It was noted that prior to COVID restrictions curtailing public visits, we had successfully hosted large numbers of local and interstate/overseas visitors, including the local Unity School visit.

Membership Report

Anne Wensley and Diane Raby reported that they are working on updating a list of current active and non-active Members.

Maintenance Report

Barrie Ward reported on tasks completed in the year and those outstanding. The most urgent was work to secure the door to the lamp room, located on top of the Signal Station. A temporary fix can be effected but in the long term, it will need more substantial attention.


John Bradley prefaced the election process by advising that whilst prepared to remain in the position of President for the next twelve months, he would stand down after that and encouraged Members to consider taking on the role. All present thanked John for his excellent communication to Members and continued liaison with Council and others in promoting the maintenance and future of the Lighthouses. Thanks by all was also noted to Roger Todd for his knowledge and extensive work in furthering FOCL goals.

President:  John Bradley
Nominated by John Groves / Seconded by Roger Todd - Accepted

Secretary:  Sandy Widt
Nominated by Anne Wensley / Seconded by Diane Raby - Accepted

Treasurer:  Julia Jessop
Nominated by Anne Wensley / Seconded by Barrie Ward - Accepted

Non-elected Positions:
Assistant to President: Bill McClintock
Assistant to Treasurer for Uniforms, Banking and Books: Sandy Widt
Maintenance:  Barrie Ward
Honorary Architect: Roger Todd
Website: Roger Todd
Membership: Anne Wensley
Guides Trainer: John Ryan
Schools Group Tours: Donnalea Mangion
History Research: John Groves

John Bradley sought formal acknowledgement from current encumbents that they were happy to continue in the roles as above. All agreed they were and there was unanimous agreement to accept.

$15 per Family Membership
$10 per Individual Membership
Members to pay annual fees to Membership Officer, Anne Wensley at the conclusion of the meeting.

Meeting (AGM) closed at 1810 hrs.

Next AGM is scheduled for 28 September 2021 (to be confirmed).

Attachment (1) - President’s Report 2019/2020

FOCL Incorporated - General Meeting (GM) Minutes

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 at 1810 hrs (directly followed the AGM)
Venue: Barrie’s home (to allow social distancing)

Opening of Meeting
President’s welcome to those present (13 Members - John Bradley, Elizabeth Bradley, Barrie Ward, Roger Todd, Bill McClintock, John Groves, John Ryan, Donnalea Mangion, Anne Wensley, Diane Raby, Pamela Elks, Julia Jessop, Sandy Widt) and apologies acknowledged from Trevor Hamey, Phil Schelle and John Raby (3 Members).

Minutes of last General Meeting which was held electronically (due to COVID restrictions) on 24 March 2020 were noted as read.
Accepted Julia Jessop / Seconded Donnalea Mangion


President’s Report
As presented to the preceding AGM.

Treasurer’s Report
Julia advised that since the 30 June 2020 balance advised in the preceding AGM, some outgoings meant that the current balance was currently $20,197.90.

Visitor, Membership and Maintenance Reports
As presented to the preceding AGM.

General Business

(a)    Reopening to the Public

Discussion re a proposed timeline for reopening the Lighthouses to the public ensued around the Agenda topics of restricted access to buildings, appointment only tours, limitation of visitors, COVID-safe treatment of the buildings and provision of protective wear for Volunteers and Visitors.

All agreed that despite some local tourist attractions and Museums having already reopened to the public, the Lighthouse buildings do not offer enough space to allow us to safely offer tours at this time. It would be nigh impossible for us to monitor and maintain safety of visitors, given the current social distancing rules, the unique confines of the lighthouse buildings and the building materials therein.

John Bradley advised that he had been in touch with Cultural Heritage re reopening, noting our particular limitations in relation to meeting a Covid Safe Plan at this time. He also noted we have been provided with some protective products - gloves, masks, wipes. These are currently stored in the Signal Station for use as required. Barrie Ward has put together a mobile stainless steel sink, complete with soap receptacle, to be used for hand washing when we reopen.

Roger Todd advised that through peripheral activities, he is aware of a possibility that some ‘Walking Tours’ are being organised, taking in Caloundra landmarks. When this becomes clearer, perhaps there is an opening for the Lighthouses precinct to be included as part of that, with the possibility of an outdoor briefing of sorts? It is not clear whether the annual ‘Open House’ activity in the region will proceed in any form this year but we most certainly could not participate in the same vein as previous years, which had proven to draw very large numbers of visitors.
In general, all agreed that given concerns for both our own (Volunteer) Health and Safety, as well as that of the General Public, we should remain closed at this time.

Anne put forward a motion that we remain closed until early in the New Year (2021) but that we reassess this at our next General Meeting in November, pending any changes to COVID restrictions and considerations at that time.

Moved Anne Wensley / Seconded Donnalea Mangion - Accepted unanimously

(b) Maintenance issues and Working Bees
Christmas Lights
All agreed it would be nice to put up the lights again this year. They are fondly remarked on by locals and visible from many vantage points in the area. Barrie and the maintenance team will meet in the near future to sort through the lights and if time permits, take the opportunity to do a general cleanup.

Moved Bill McClintock / Seconded Pamela Elks
Test and Tag Requirements and Pest Control
Barrie noted that the Test and Tag is a Council requirement and should be actioned. It was agreed that Pest Control should also be organised to prevent vermin activity.
General Maintenance Issues
There are a number of maintenance issues that should be scheduled for action in the near future, however any planning for this will hinge on specifics contained in the formal tenure agreement.

We should closely liaise with Council in order to help guide the way forward for the Lighthouses under their management of our Tenure.

John Bradley and Roger Todd intend to meet with Cr Terry Landsberg in the near future, after forwarding a copy of the 2020 President’s Report to him for background. The outcome of that meeting may provide us a better idea of our formal arrangements with Council for the future. Anne also suggested that meeting with Cr Rick Baberowski may also be beneficial, if it could be arranged.

Moved Anne Wensley / Seconded Roger Todd

(c) Regional Digitisation Project

General discussion by Roger Todd re the Sunshine Coast Council initiative to capture Museum and other cultural holdings by digitisation. He had brought to the meeting a souvenir spoon and collapsible plastic cup emblazoned with a depiction of the Caloundra Lighthouse which he felt should be photographed as part of this process. John Bradley suggested that there are numerous snippets and photographs of historic significance in John Groves’ collection. Perhaps some of these could be included for digitisation?

(d) Interviews / Movies uploaded to Website

Roger and Julia arranged and effected an interview with Jan Crawford and her daughter, Cherie Kirby around her recollection of life in the Golden Beach and Caloundra areas, particularly the period around the time of her input into preparation of plans for moving the Lighthouse to the site near the Power Boat Club. Roger has uploaded several short movies to our website.

(e) Guest Speakers

Barrie advised that the proposed Guest Speakers (Robin Therklesen and his wife, formerly Lighthouse Keepers in NZ) had not turned up as scheduled, so this is on hold for now and will be rescheduled should they recontact.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, 24 November 2020.

Meeting (GM) closed at 1850 hrs.

 Dear fellow Volunteers,

Our regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 24 March 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. It was proposed that we circulate an Agenda and vote electronically on any motions to be passed, or on items for further discussion.

We and our community are currently navigating our way through some extraordinary circumstances, with no firm end date to the changes in our daily activities. This leaves us in the position of being unable to plan ahead with any clarity, Lighthouse included.

My suggestion is that in lieu of a formal Agenda, we all read through previous Minutes (copied below for ease of reference) and provide any new business or updates to be included in a modified version of Minutes for this 24 March 2020 ‘electronic meeting’.

I have commenced a ‘work in progress’ draft at the base of this email with the idea that everyone can read through the previous (28 January 2020) Minutes first for info and then using the draft 24 March 2020 Minutes as a guide, note any comments, further matters for discussion, deletions or omissions. I will then incorporate them into the final version. Happy to make as many changes as required!

Thanks. Sandy
(NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, DRAFT Minutes were distributed by email for discussion and agreement, in lieu of usual Agenda format in face-to-face Meeting)

Circulated to all active members by email for discussion and agreement:
John Bradley, Roger Todd, Anne Wensley, Trevor Hamey, Bill McClintock, Julia Jessop, Sandy Widt, Barrie Ward, John and Donnalea Ryan, Pamela Elks, John and Diane Raby, Phil Schelle

Minutes of previous Meeting
Accepted - Moved Roger, Roger,I am happy to second minutes - Anne


Improving the Lighthouses’ Website presence, advertisement and statistics
- Julia prepared a revised Sign-in sheet in order to better capture visitor numbers and data on how they heard about the Lighthouse. This will be used from now on.
- Sandy contacted a representative at the Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism regarding placement of some Lighthouse brochures in displays at one or more of their regional Visitor Centres. Should they approve same, we would then send a quantity of brochures to them and monitor any increase in visitors from this source.


Incoming/Outgoing Correspondence and Business Arising
- Insurance renewals due
- Pest Inspection carried out and bill paid
- Tag and Test procedure completed
- Council Inspection carried out and appraisal to follow later this month
Correspondence with Sunshine Coast Council (provided by Roger):
- Council Approval re Tenure (Application and Approval Letter)
- CPFP 2018 - Cultural Heritage Community Partnership Mid Term Report 2019/2020
- Council Agreement to Loan of Cultural Heritage Collection Object for Public Exhibition (Fresnel signal lenses, loaned for 5 years 2020 to 2025)
- Major Grants Community Facilities March 2020 - FOCL application re Security Cameras



[a] Sunshine Coast Council has approved our tenure until 6th December 2020.
It would appear that Council has little knowledge of an outcome.

[b] Appraisal of the Lighthouses precinct will occur from 27th March. Roger, JohnB and Barrie will try to make themselves available to be on site. (we heard nothing more about this - Roger)

[c] Barrie and I feel that when we get back on track a small battery-blower would be a very handy purchase for keeping things tidy. I [JohnB] usually go up after they've mown and sweep out. This time it was so bad I borrowed a blower and was finished in no time.

[d] Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland have been in contact with me regarding a special meeting and small Literary event at the Lighthouses. As is the case with us, they have had to cancel everything until the crisis is over.

[e] Roger has submitted the Grant for Security Cameras. Those who have seen would have to agree that he put up an excellent case. We will await the outcome. While we await the Tenure business, we can have things prepared for our future.

- Treasurer’s Report $23619.24
Accepted - Moved Julia Jessop, Seconded Sandy Widt

- A number of maintenance issues need addressing, however due to our restricted capability to carry out all works required and current social restrictions, these may have to be put on hold for now. Tag and test procedures completed.
- Security Cameras
See [e] in Chairman’s Report above for update.

- None to be booked until further notice.

Carried forward from last meeting
- Given temporary closure, there is no current requirement to purchase an additional iPad for use within the Lighthouse buildings but this can be reassessed on return to normal business.
- Julia suggested Promotion and prize to draw attention to the Lighthouse to expand exposure on Social Media. On hold until return to normal business.
- Anne passed a Key Register sheet to Sandy. This needs to be checked, updated and added to folder once able to confirm details and note any changes.

Next Meeting to be held at 1730 on Tuesday, 19th May 2020

Re Special Visits ... I know that John and Donnalea Ryan escorted a recent visiting UK Lighthouse Keeper who has family on the Sunshine Coast as I met them there as I was driving by and they were leaving. The man, whose name I can’t recall, was very nice to talk to and indicated that he would be happy to give a talk re operations in his part of the world to FOCL Volunteers on his next visit. Maybe John and Donnalea can expand on this at next meeting? I forgot to mention last night.


Meeting held on Tuesday, 28 January 2020 from 1730 to 1835

6 Members
(John Groves, Roger Todd, Anne Wensley, Trevor Hamey, Julia Jessop, Sandy Widt)
Barrie Ward, John and Donnalea Ryan, John and Diane Raby, John Bradley, Pamela Elks

Chaired by:  Trevor Hamey

Minutes of previous Meeting
Accepted - Moved Anne Wensley, Seconded Julia Jessop


- Improving the Lighthouses’ Website presence
All concluded that nothing further to be done until our tenure is formally confirmed. Roger noted that there had been close to 2500 hits on photographs taken on the night of the New Year’s Fireworks. General conversation ensued re publicity and how people are hearing about the Lighthouse. John Groves said that some people are reluctant to complete those details on the sign-in sheet but statistics are giving some insight into how visitors heard of us. Sandy checked with the Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism to see if some brochures could be provided to them for display in one or more of their regional Visitor Centres. The process involves sending them an example brochure to ensure that it meets their requirements and goals and if approved, provision of a supply of brochures. Sandy will follow up on this.

- Grant Acquittal
All in hand ... we received the most recent portion of grant in Nov 2019 (Roger Todd)


Incoming/Outgoing Correspondence and Business Arising

-  Roger tabled an email received from My Community Directory received advising that our listing had been approved.
-  Roger recently circulated an email sent by Council re nominations for an upcoming workshop on “Museum Sector Development - Capturing Oral Stories” to be held at Nambour Heritage Library on 10 Feb 2020. He will try to attend. On that topic, Julia raised the possibility of her friend Mrs Crawford’s local knowledge being captured by us at some time in the future for our website. General discussion re Heritage sections of the local libraries also having the capability to do this.
-  Completed new member form for Mark Cranny, passed to Anne Wensley for records
-  Diane Raby had emailed members to advise re two new possible Volunteers who may attend the next Open Day. Those present on the day will be happy to welcome them, provide an overview and run them through procedures etc.
-  Roger advised that membership of the Chamber of Commerce would be $250 (or discounted to $230 as micro business) It was agreed that as we received marginal benefit, perhaps we should suspend for now and reinstate membership in the future should it be felt useful to do so. As a small group, we don’t really fit their model and are unable to take full advantage of the benefits they have to offer.
Motion to lapse Julia Jessop, Seconded Anne Wensley
All in favour


- Treasurer’s Report $23114.82 (most recent banking yet to be added)
Accepted - Moved Julia Jessop, Seconded Anne Wensley

MAINTENANCE REPORT (Barrie Ward absent)
- Christmas lights were taken down in early January by working bee group.
- The door on the roof of the Signal Station still needs repair but temporary fix is holding.
- General discussion re maintenance issues which will need addressing in the near future but which are currently on hold until more clarity on tenure. Some issues were not properly addressed as part of the 7 year maintenance regime due to lack of approval for exemption at the time. We have restricted capability to carry out works required but several areas will need attention e.g. brackets and wooden flooring, rust holes in dome, corrosion in a number of locations within the complex, balustrade, etc.
- Security Cameras - Trevor and John Ryan to look at this. Should it transpire that the Pilot Group go forward with installation of cameras at the Lighthouse, there may be some scope to consider requirements at that time. Roger had spoken to Gympie Railway re their security system. General discussion around the way forward.

No formal reports provided.


- Square PayWave capability could be enhanced by purchasing a second iPad and Square to cope with sales completed downstairs and also to provide a capability for members in that location to access the website and other media.

- stickers and photos continue to be handed out to children

(Carried forward from last meeting)
+ John B spoke re Fellowship of Australian Writers (Queensland Branch) who will be having regional meetings next year and may seek to use the Lighthouse as their venue for one of those. John will follow up should they reconnect with him in the new year.
+ Promotion and prize suggestion by Julia to draw attention to the Lighthouse and get exposure on Social Media. Details to be considered and will readdress in the new year.
+ Sheet of paper containing Key Register handed to Sandy by Anne ... to be checked, updated and added to folder.

Next Meeting to be held at 1730 on Tuesday, 24 March 2020



Meeting held on Tuesday, 27 November 2019 from 1730 to 1820

8 Members (John Bradley, John Ryan, John Groves, Bill McClintock, Anne Wensley, Pamela Elks, Sandy Widt, Julia Jessop, Roger Todd)
Barrie Ward, Donnalea Ryan, John and Diane Raby, Trevor Hamey, Phil Schelle
Chaired by President:  John Bradley

Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Accepted - Moved Anne Wensley, Seconded Pamela Elks


- Improving the Lighthouses’ Website presence
All concluded that nothing further to be done until our tenure is formally confirmed.

- Grant Acquittal
Response to request for more information sent and the email was acknowledged on the 21st Nov (Roger Todd)


Incoming/Outgoing Correspondence and Business Arising

- Letter of Thanks to Cr Tim Dwyer
John Bradley (President) read out a letter he had sent to Cr Dwyer thanking him for his support to date for the Lighthouses and also expressed our gratitude for the assistance and advice provided by his staff. Cr Dwyer acknowledged his thanks in an email response.


- Credit Balance of $18509.82
Accepted - Moved Bill McClintock, Seconded John Groves

- Treasurer outlined some minor changes to the Finance Statement, re including for clarity, separate entries containing detail on outstanding invoices and payments.

- Treasurer provided feedback on implementation and use of the Square PayWave system. There was general discussion on function of the system to date, noting that since initial set-up issues, there had been no further problems. The Treasurer advised that the loss of revenue Square vs cash was minimal. Members will continue to monitor usage and should it become necessary, may in the future consider the possibility of purchasing a second iPad and Square to cope with sales completed downstairs.

MAINTENANCE REPORT (Barrie Ward absent)
- Barrie completed repairs to the window above the door of the Little Lighthouse to enable easier opening as it had been painted over and would not open.
- Barrie had earlier made repairs to the door following an attempted break-in and repainted that part of the door as well.
- To avoid loss, the key to the towel dispenser used externally at the base of the Signal Station has now been welded to the side of the dispenser.
- Dirt and grass laid over existing ‘pothole’ to the right of Signal Station entrance has taken well and Members will continue to monitor and maintain.
- Christmas lights were checked, new ones bought and subsequently put up on Saturday, 02 November 2019.
- Roger advised that a resident in the building next door advised that the door on the roof of the Signal Station was ajar and needs repair. John Ryan went up to check and noted that the temporary fix applied by Barrie was holding but repairs would need to be completed in the near future.
- Barrie advised Roger that two of the Fire Extinguishers need checking. This is to be followed up in the new year.


19 October 2019 - Sunshine Coast Council Open House
11 November 2019 - Unity College Year 3 Group Visit
Both were very successful with very high numbers for the Open House and a well organised visit by Unity College. Teachers and students were appreciative.


+ Ordering more stickers
John G will order 200 from The Sticker Man
+ Photos printed as ‘reward’ for children climbing the Signal Station
John Groves has replenished the supplies by having 200 printed off recently at KMart and has now provided a number of members with a CD containing this photo so that we will be able to obtain reprints easily when required.
+ Microwave
Now up and running in the Generator Shed for Volunteer use.
+ Future tenure at Lighthouses
Nothing firm heard yet. May need to wait until after election dates.
+ Recruitment
President suggested that we should each work hard to get at least one new volunteer in the new year, to boost our numbers.
+ Security Cameras
Trevor and Barrie have discussed what is required but this has to be put on hold until a decision on the possibility of the Pilot company using cameras, which we may be able to link in to, should that venture proceed. Camera type and locations would need to be decided taking into account the buildings themselves but in the meantime, John Ryan will investigate various options and pricing to be discussed at the next meeting.
Moved Anne Wensley, Seconded Roger Todd
+ Break up for Christmas
After brief discussion, it was agreed that we hold an informal Christmas break up for Members, late afternoon on 3rd December, in the area around the base of the Lighthouses. Pamela will purchase some cold meats and salads and all to byo drinks.
+ Turning on/off lights
It was decided that they will be switched on on 1st December 2019 and remain on until after New Year, around 6th January 2020.
+ John B spoke re Fellowship of Australian Writers (Queensland Branch) who will be having regional meetings next year and may seek to use the Lighthouse as their venue for one of those. John will follow up should they reconnect with him in the new year.
+ Promotion and prize suggestion by Julia to draw attention to the Lighthouse and get exposure on Social Media. Details to be considered and will readdress in the new year.
+ Pamela suggested she handover her lighthouse access key to Sandy. All agreed and Key Register records to be noted.

Next Meeting to be held at 1730 on Tuesday, 28 January 2020



Tuesday 23rd September, 2019 at 5.30pm

President John Bradley chaired the meeting and welcomed members

Present: 10 members

Apologies: 4 members

Minutes of the last AGM were read and accepted by Barrie Ward/John Ryan.  Carried


·      President’s Report  (John Bradley)

John read his President’s Report which covered our many and varied activities in the last 12 months.

Trevor Hamey moved a vote of thanks to john for the great job he has done as President. (See report on line and here attached) Seconded Diane Raby. Carried

·      Treasurer’s Report (Julia Jessop)

Julia presented her report

Ø  Income for the year:         $10817

Ø  Outgoings for the year:    $  7683

Ø  Credit Balance 30/6/19:   $19231

Our auditor was Wardle and partners.

ü  Moved Trevor Hamey/Barrie Ward that we continue with the same auditor.  Carried

ü  Moved Julia Jessop/Donnalea Mangion that we pay the auditor’s fee of $1166.  Carried

ü  Julia Jessop moved the adoption of her report. Seconded Sandi Widt. Carried

The full report is on line and here attached.

·      Visitor Report

Julia Jessop reported that we had 1254 visitors in the year.

·      Membership Report

Diane Raby reported we had 16 active members and 6 non active.

·      Maintenance Report

Barrie Ward reported on tasks completed in the year and those outstanding. His report is on line and here attached.



John Bradley vacated the chair for the elections. Trevor Hamey took over the Chair.

v President: John Bradley. Nominated by Barrie Ward/Diane Raby.  Accepted

v Vice President: Bill McClintock.  Nominated by Anne Wensley/Barrie Ward.   Accepted

v Secretary: Sandi Widt. Nominated by Donnalea Mangion/Julia Jessop.   Accepted

v Treasurer: Julia Jessop. Nominated by Anne Wensley/John Ryan.  Accepted

ü  Assistant Treasurer – Uniforms and banking – Sandi Widt.  Accepted

ü  Assistant Treasurer – Books  -   Pamela Elks.  Accepted

John Bradley returned to the Chair.


Non- elected Positions

v Maintenance:                  Barrie Ward

v Hon Architect:                 Roger Todd

v Website:                           Roger Todd

v Membership:                   Anne Wensley

v Guides Trainer:                John Ryan

v Schools 7 Group Tours:  Donnalea Mangion

v History Research:            John Groves


Ø  $15  Family

Ø  $10 Individual

Members paid their subscriptions to Membership Officer, Diane Raby


Moved by Roger Todd/Trevor Hamey that a big thankyou go to Sunshine Coast Council elected member, Tim Dwyer, and council officers for their invaluable support throughout the year. Trevor suggested we send a copy o the President’s report to Cnr Dwyer and Council officers.  Carried.

The meeting closed at 6.10pm

Next AGM – 22nd September, 2020

GUEST SPEAKER:  Captain Peter Liley, Managing director of Brisbane Pilots.


email: md@brisbanepilots.com.au   Phone: 61 428899920       07 36246500

Peter spoke about a proposal to place a camera on top of the signal station for use by pilots as well as FOCL members and visitors.

Peter gave us some details about his company, Brisbane Pilots. The pilot boats pilot all ships between Mooloolaba and Brisbane River to and from the Port of Brisbane. They have 37 pilots.

Moved Donnalea Mangion/Barrie Ward that we would like to go ahead with the proposal and that Trevor Hamey be the liaison person.  Carried.


 Tuesday 23rd Sept. 2019 6.15pm


Present: 10 members

Apologies: 4 members

Minutes of previous meeting accepted Barrie Ward/ Donnalea Mangion.  Carried


·       Square Pay Wave System. 

As the system is still not set up properly yet, Julia explained we need to keep up doing paper receipts.

·       Little Lighthouse Book”.

We still have 500 in stock. Roger Todd to follow up on the 14 books left at the bookshop in Caloundra by John Bradley. No receipts were given.

·       Volunteering Sunshine Coast

Their State Conference is in “Mecure” in Brisbane on 10 – 11 Ocltober.

Moved John Ryan/Barrie Ward that if any member decides to go. FOCL would pay their accommodation costs.  Carried

·       Tenure  -  Update

Roger Todd reported that it is thought that the Dept of Marine Safety would hand the lighthouses over to the council. We wait to see if this will indeed happen.

·       “Oddball” Company

Julia had agreed to get prices on shopping lists with our logo on it – no answer from them yet.

·       Certificate of Achievement

When Anne visited the Nora Head Lighthouse, she returned with their Certificate of Achievement for having climbed to the top. John Groves designed one with our details on it and had 100 printed as photographs. John has been reimbursed.

·       Sign In Book

Julia reminded us that it was very important for insurance purposes that we sign the book whenever we attend, even for meetings and working bees. A new hard backed sign in book is to be purchased as the old one is very tattered.



·       Treasurer’s Report (Julia Jessop)

Julia presented her report. Credit Balance of $18484 (See full report attached)

Julia moved the adoption of her report. Seconded by Sandi Widt.  Carried.

·       Maintenance Report (Barrie Ward)

Barrie reported on outstanding tasks yet to be completed.

ü  Signal Station - Lamp room  -  top floor  - rust on metal vents

ü  Ob room – 

Ø  Hand rail on patio

Ø  Clean wall and wash outside walls

Ø  Check camera

ü  Generator Shed roof

ü  1896 Lighthouses

Ø  Windows – free up

Ø  Clean paint off glass

Ø  Remove stickers

Ø  Check nuts and bolts on lights

Ø  Door repaired after break in – painted

Ø  Door repaired and  new padlock.

Barrie brought up a few issues to be discussed:

Ø  Motion detector and light on 1896 light

Ø  Christmas lights this year.

In addition:

§  We resolved we would put up Christmas lights this year and Barrie would check is any had to be renewed. He would email members re costs.

§  Moved Trevor Hamey/John Ryan that we investigate a deterrent light (solar?) on the 1896 lighthouse. Roger and Barrie to investigate this as well as camera.  Carried.



·       Discovery Guide

Roger Todd reported that the only item he had to change was the entry fee from $2 to $5

·       Lighthouse Door – 1896 light

Barrie reported he had fixed it, repainted it and installed a new $200 padlock. A discussion followed concerning ways to stop serious vandalism.

·       Sunshine Coast Council Workshops

1st October, Council is offering a digitization workshop. No one is attending

·       Sunshine Coast Council Heritage Bus Trip – 19th November

Members were to check online if they want to attend. Our next meeting is after this date.

·       Planning Scheme Amendments

Roger has responded to the town Planning Heritage amendments. He also reported that the development at Canberra Terrace, across the road, will not be more than 4 storeys.

·       Tea Towels

Julia contacted 3 companies for 3 quotes. It was moved Julia/Trevor that we order 200 tea towels from “Embroider Me” @ $5.71 cost. We would see them for $8 each. The total cost would be $1141.80.  Carried.

·       Updating Our Website Presence

John Bradley is to have discussion about this issue and to get a quote.

·       Microwave

Moved by Diane Raby/Julia that we acquire a microwave to put in the generator shed.

·       Stickers

John Groves to order 100 more stickers.

·       Open House Day – 19th October

We will need a roster for this day. The Open House Organization will also provide volunteers to help.

·       Erica Riis Digitization

Erica has done extensive historical research at the Landsborough Historical Museum on the history of houses and shops in early Caloundra. Roger has suggested it be digitized and put on sunshine Coast Places.com.  Anne has spoken to Erica and she has agreed.

Roger will apply for a minor grant from Council to digitize her information,.


Meeting closed at 7.40pm



The Friends of Caloundra Lighthouses Volunteers have continued throughout 2018-19 to provide a service to the Tourists and local residents who wish to visit the Heritage listed Lighthouses of Caloundra.


The volunteers have:


·      Continued to provide Guide duties for visitors two Saturdays of the month as well as conducted tours for larger groups on request.  Because there are multiple venues on the site, we require three (3) volunteer guides as a minimum every Open Day. We have always exceeded that number averaging at least six (6) guides on our Open Days. This means that on a regular basis, guides have provided in excess of 1224 hours of personal commitment to guide duties with over 200 attendances by guides. Additional conducted tours are organised by Donnalea Mangion who manages the extra-ordinary tours by groups. Donna quite often re-arranges her busy work commitments to assist in the guide duties on those days. We have not charted those events as closely as normal Open Day events.

·      Attended a number of conferences given by Sunshine Coast Council and Cultural Heritage groups to gain a better understanding of how Friends of Caloundra Lighthouses Inc. can improve the service provided to our visitors. We have also participated in the development of the new agenda being drawn up for Tourism on the Sunshine Coast.

·      Maintained the property of the two (2) Lighthouses in a way that ensures the preservation of these important Heritage buildings. Our maintenance group (Barrie Ward, John Ryan, John Raby, John Groves, Sandy Widt) have worked tirelessly to make sure the buildings do not deteriorate. Although the major tasks (such as the painting of the 1896 lighthouse) are the responsibility of the Sunshine Coast Council, there are many minor tasks that have to be carried out.  Such tasks, as the scaping of rust, have to be ongoing. Putting up the Christmas Lights requires a lot of work.  Then, there is minor painting, test and tag supervision, washing the windows and cleaning the buildings. Minor works over the last 12 months have totalled 200 hours of commitment by the crew. We like the buildings and their surroundings to look good. Out of a matter of interest, we had Barrie monitor roughly the time devoted to this and as you can see it warrants some praise. It is an excellent idea to note in the Work Book when you arrive and leave as that gives support to our dedication to our volunteering.

·      Kept high standards of Financial Management through our Treasurer Julia Jessop with assistance from Diane Raby, Sand Widt and Pamela Elks. The coordination of our finances needs a number of the volunteers to manage different aspects of it. Our Treasurer Julia Jessop has spent an unchartered number of hours making sure the books are always balanced.  The Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses Inc.  have all worked together to update our payment methods by visitors and have just initiated the payment by SQUARE process which will we hope streamline our banking methods.

·      Lifted our profile in the Community by having display stalls at the Caloundra Markets and Maleny Show Day two (2) days. Our volunteers were able to not only garner some recruits from that process, but also were able to communicate much of what we do to the general public.

·      Continued to seek new volunteers by exposure through Volunteering Sunshine Coast and other organisations.  Diane and John Raby and John Groves have been very proactive in pursuing new methods of finding volunteers. We have been disappointed by not getting more volunteers who are actively involved in the running of Open Days. However in the last year we are grateful for 4 new volunteers with a possible 4 others who have expressed an interest.


·      Monitored our visitors more closely. This year we have had 1254 visitors in total. Adults 858 Children 396. We have not had the same number of schools visit us as in the past and we intend to pursue the possible reasons for this in the near future. On any Open Day, we are kept very busy and that’s the important thing.

·      Linked in with the Arts on the Sunshine Coast. In a coordinated event between Anywhere Australia and the Performance Poet Ben Burns, the Lighthouses became the dramatic venue for two (2) poetry performance evenings. It turned out to be an excellent opportunity to experiment with the precinct in another genre. The guests were treated to performances in each of the venues and were served some light refreshments at the end.

·      The volunteers were on hand to chaperone the guests through each of the performances and we are keeping in mind something similar for next year.

·      Provided forward planning through the submission of our CMP. Roger Todd, a valued member and Honorary Architect, provided a detailed proposal for the future of the Lighthouses precinct. Roger is well qualified to propose designs for the future development of the site as well as having considerable knowledge to manage the property as a valued Heritage area.  Roger’s oversight provides us with a high degree of professional expertise in any decisions we make. Roger’s ability to liaise with all levels of Government is a major reason we will be able to achieve our goals in the future. Although the precinct is currently under review by the Main Roads Department (et al), we are hopeful that Roger’s designs and forward planning may help achieve a positive outcome.

·      Been most grateful for the services of Anne Wensley whose contribution, as Secretary for nine (9) years has maintained the smooth running of the organisation. Anne is resigning from her position, but not as a member. She is a most valued member of the group.



·      Continued to expand their horizon in the exposure of the Lighthouses to future plans in terms of marketing. This year we intend to move beyond books and local history to the sale of shirts and tea towels. These goods we feel will increase awareness more broadly. Our exposure on sites such as Trip Advisor is increasing and we are also very aware of the value in these areas. The investigation of trying to create a more pertinent website is also in our planning.

·      Redesigned their brochure to make it more attractive and user friendly. They have expanded their rewards to children who visit the Lighthouses by not only giving them a sticker with images of the Lighthouses, but also provided the children with a Certificate of Achievement for climbing the Signal Station. We know from the reaction of the children that they love both rewards.


My report this year is very nuts and bolts. When I asked you all to monitor some of the areas where we are constantly proactive, it was to try to show The Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses Inc. as an organisation that takes its responsibilities of care to the ultimate lengths of dedication and care. Although we have not quantified everything we have done over the last twelve (12) months, this report shows an extremely active groups who are a major asset to the Heritage buildings they are devoted to preserving. It is also clear we are an important contributor to Tourism on the Sunshine Coast.

We are most grateful to the Sunshine Coast Council whose Officers are a great support to our group. We want to especially thank Councillor Tim Dwyer whose advice and support is always readily available. Councillor Tim’s Office always provides us with prompt and wise recommendations.


I thank you all for your support throughout the year and for your dedication to the preservation of these wonderful Lighthouses. Your gift of volunteering to the community is immeasurable.


John Bradley




Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses Inc.

 24th September, 2019



Tuesday 24rd July, 2019; 5.15 – 7.15.

ATTENDANCE:       9 present; 3 apologies

Minutes of previous meeting were accepted by Barrie Ward/ John Groves – carried.



ü  Volunteer Insurance   to cover 25 members has been taken at cost of $343.04

ü  Asset Cover – agreed not to proceed with this at the present.


ü  Donnalea Ryan agreed to set it up and train Sandy Widt and Julia Jessop at a convenient time.


ü  As we have 633 copies left John Bradley has written to Russel Conway Printcraft, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, sending the original USB, enquiring about reprint costs.


ü  Moved by Anne Wensley/Barrie Ward that John Groves be paid $740 for the photos on the wall display, but John Groves still owns the copyright—carried.

ü  John Groves agreed the low resolution photos would be able to be used by the group for publicity and historical research.


·      TREASURER’S REPORT    (Julia Jessop)

ü  Credit balance of $19,572

ü  Julia brought to our attention the importance of being diligent about visitor analysis when they pay their entry (where they heard about us and where they are from)


·      MAINTENANCE REPORT   (Barrie Ward)

Barrie suggested we hold off on bigger tasks until we know from the State Government about our tenure (Nov 2020). Barrie presented a list of tasks to do at present.

ü  Refasten sheeting on old lighthouse

ü  Clean roof on generator building

ü  Remove oil around gearbox and floor of lighthouse

ü  Clean rest of top

ü  Free up windows after painting with a putty knife

ü  Remove rust on lower windows


·      VISITS REPORT    (Donnalea Ryan)

Donnalea has emailed Barringa, Currimundi, Our Lady of Rosary and Caloundra Primary Schools re visits. They have indicated they are still interested and will make contact.



ü  Volunteer Management Program (25/06/19) Roger Todd.

Roger reported that there were some useful strategies discussed: matching volunteers to their skills; use Trip Advisor comments; some good advertising ideas.

ü  Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers (25/05/19) John Bradley

John reported that the Aircraft Museum had put an advert in “Seek” for a voluntary marketing manager and a very qualified person accepted the role.

ü  Planning to Attract Visitors (19/02/19)  Anne Wensley, Diane Raby, Roger Todd.

Anne reported that we picked up some interesting “out of the box” ideas to use to attract visitors.

ü  Heritage Plan 2020 – 2030 (16/07/19) John Bradley, Roger Todd

John reported that he spoke to Peter Connell, SCC Heritage generally, who assured John that FOCL inc was highly regarded by council and the public.




ü  The SC Council has given us a 12 months licence agreement.

ü  Marine Safety and Qld Dept of Transport and Main Roads are carrying out a review of the precinct. Their lease to council expires in November, 2020.

ü  John emailed Cnr Tim Dwyer for clarification and he has agreed to a meeting with us “when things are firmed up between the council and the state.”

ü  It was decided we would wait for his contact.


·      GRANTS

ü  Heritage Levy Grant 26/08/10  $1,500 – Roger Todd suggested we don’t need to apply this time


·      AGM 24 September 2019

ü  Nominations require for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer positions.

ü  Subscriptions due $10 individual; $15 family

ü  Secretary is not recontesting her position


·      PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS   (Julia Jessop, Anne Wensley)

ü  “Oddball”.  Resolved that Julia enquire with the Company concerning a magnetic shopping list notebook with our logo on it.

ü  Norah Head Lighthouse ideas – Anne reported that lighthouse biscuits were a big seller for them, and a Certificate of Achievement was given to each child.

ü  It was moved by Donnalea Ryan/ Anne Wensley that John Groves print 100 of these and bring to next meeting (with invoice for cost).  Carried.



ü  Moved Julia Jessop/Roger Todd that we join VSC for 12 months at a cost of $85 – carried. Diane Raby to be contact person.

ü  Donnalea
Ryan agree to approach Max Employment about possible volunteers.


·      TWO WAY RADIO     (John Ryan)

ü  John has donated a 2 way radio so we are able to hear boats logging in and out, as well as boaties’ conversations.


·      PHOTOGRAPHER  from Council requested to use the lighthouse for photos.


NEXT MEETING: AGM  24th September 2019, followed by a General Meeting.


 TUESDAY 28-5-10. 5.30 – 6.30pm

 ATTENDANCE: 8 members; 5 apologies

 MINUTES; Accepted by B ward; seconded by John Raby


·      Public Liability Volunteer Insurance

Moved by A Wensley/B Ward that Julia Jessop speak with the broker about this. Enquire whether we need a membership list.  Carried

·      Parking:

John Bradley reported he had phoned Council four times and they have been up to the precinct once, but he had had no response from the most recent calls.

·      Square Pay Wave System

Cost is $20 from Office Works. Moved by Sandy Widt/ Barrie Ward that we purchase the Square Pay Wave technology and that we agree to accept these electronic payments.   Carried

It was resolved that within a month, we would have a Saturday morning training session. July 1 was suggested.  Donnalea has agreed to set it up for us and to show Diane how it works.

·      Toilet Block Future:

Roger Todd was absent, and so no report.

·      Lease Renewals Due

Ø  Council’s  is due 30/6/19

Ø  State’ s is due November, 2020

After representations to local member, Mark McArdle, who spoke with Council, we have had no response from either level of government.

It was resolved we just forget about it at present.


·      TREASURER’S REPORT – Julia Jessop.

Ø  Credit balance _ $19,198.14

Julia moved the adoption of her report, seconded by Diane Raby.  Caried

Ø  Visitor numbers. Julia reported our largest group came from walk pasts, followed by internet and told about by other locals. 

·      MAINTENANCE REPORT – Barrie Ward

Barrie reported issues needing attention:

Ø  Signal Station – 

§  oil on gear box needs removal

§  outside needs washing

§  lamp room – rust on metal vents – top floor

Ø  Ob Room

§  Hand rail on patio – treat rust

§  Clean floors

§  Check camera

§  Clean bench tops

Ø  Generator Shed

§  Water blast roof to remove paint

§  Paint on windows to be cleaned off

§  Remove stickers

§  Lights – check bolts and nuts

§  Points in generator shed – installed

Barrie to be recompensed for outlet points installed.

 Ø  Purchases Needed-

§  Toilet Rolls – Sandy

§  “No Entry “ Sign

§  Trolley for sandbags - $50 for plywood with wheels – Barrie will follow this through.

·      MALENY SHOW REPORT (30 May – 1 June)

Members who attended were: Diane and John Raby, John Groves, Julia Jessop. They worked three hour shifts. A lot of interest was shown and brochures were handed out.


John reported that it was a great success; however, it took a very heavy toll on our volunteers. It was disappointing that we did not get a donation.


Anne reported on some interesting ideas hat this group use to make money – tea towels, gift certificates, visit certificates for children, and best of all lighthouse ginger bread biscuits mad by a local baker.



It was resolved we enquire about the cost of a re-print – 1000 copies

·      DIGITAL ENGAEMENT – John Bradley

John reported that his daughter, Kate, is able to improve our digital engagement – late in the year to investigate.


It was resolved that John Groves needs to be paid for all the work he has donated. It was resolved that he work out a figure and we give him


Ø  Julia also said she would enquire about insurance to cover these and our other assets


o   Power Leads 4

o   Ladders 2 extension and 1 step ladder

o   Safety pack 1

o   Assorted hand tools

o   Weber bbq and gas bottle

o   2 handheld radios and charger

o   1 small electric compressor

o   2 folding tables

o   1 stick vacuum and charger

o   1 gazebo

o   1 Apple desktop computer

o   1 Apple iPad

o   1 Brother printer

o   small bar fridge

o   1 electric jug


Tuesday, 24th September, 2019

Anne Wensley said she would not be standing as Secretary again and John Bradley said he would be stepping down as President, so members needed to think about replacements. It was resolved that we have a brainstorm about new ideas after the AGM.

 Next meeting: Tuesday, 23rd July, 2019.


Meeting held on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 from 17.30 to 18.55

Present:  12 Members 2 Apologies
Chaired by:  John Bradley

Minutes of previous meeting
Accepted - Barrie Ward/Pamela Elks


·       Anne Wensley had earlier spoken to Mark McArdle re possible installation of a toilet block on site. In Anne’s absence, Roger Todd suggested that with only two years left on the lease with Council, it may be that this project is not viable. Ongoing discussion.


·      Works on the 1896 Lighthouse ... WHS concerns precluded SCC painters completing work, including on the balcony. General discussion around several maintenance issues, including the future requirement to replace the plywood cover on the balcony.
Moved that before proceeding further, Roger Todd will contact Tim Dwyer re options on the way forward as relates to works forming part of the 7 year maintenance plan.


Incoming Correspondence and Business Arising


·      Treasurer (Julia Jessop) provided a copy of a letter received from Sunshine Coast Council (Property Management) requesting a copy of the current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability/Risk for the tenured site. The letter also reminded FOTCL of compliance obligations. In response, Julia emailed a copy of the Insurance Certificate to Fiona Rosendell on 11 March 2019.


·      Roger Todd referred to the Australian Heritage Festival running from 18 April to 19 May 2019 and discussion followed re hosting an event during our two Open Days in that timeframe, 27 April 2019 and 11 May 2019. This would be a Photographic Competition of the Lighthouses within two categories, ‘Best Historical’ and ‘Best Contemporary’ with advertising by the National Trust as part of the Festival. It was suggested that an appropriate prize offering could take the form of a $50 voucher to be used for Lighthouse merchandise (shirts and/or books).
Moved by Roger Todd and Seconded by Barrie Ward (Carried)


·      Roger Todd advised that Statistics had been provided to Museums and Galleries Queensland, as per their earlier request. Julia is continuing to keep a spreadsheet of statistics re visitors to the Lighthouses.


·       Roger Todd had an email exchange with Joanne Rushton (Team Leader - Major Events and Commercial Use Permits) around the issue of a Temporary Entertainment Event Permit in relation to the upcoming Poetry Event. Roger clarified that Ben (the Poet concerned) was now a member of FOTCL and that subject to Committee approval, FOTCL would host the event in their name and insurance cover and in this case, no permit would be required.

·      REPORTS

- Treasurer’s Report (Julia Jessop)

Credit Balance of $20,057.77

- Maintenance Report (Barrie Ward)


·      Barrie listed some of the maintenance issues overlooked during the previous Council works and discussion followed re some of the minor works which could be carried out by Volunteers and other works requiring professional input .


·      John Bradley raised earlier Agenda item of installation of outlet points in the generator room. It was agreed that a quote be obtained from a qualified electrician re this installation and if the quote came in under $500 that work could proceed without further reference to the committee.
Moved by Barrie Ward and Seconded Donnalea Mangion(Carried)

·      Installation of a wash basin and hand towel dispenser in the toilet cubicle in the Signal Station to be carried out as soon as possible.


·       Until such time as the water pipe outside the Signal Station is fixed, it was decided to delay installation of pavers over slightly eroded areas but to maintain placement of orange cones during events.
Moved by Barrie Ward and Seconded Donnalea Mangion (Carried)



·      Treasurer (Julia Jessop) provided some dot points and a verbal overview of the ‘Square’ PayWave system and how it might work for our use. Aside from an outlay of approx $100 to $200 for a dedicated device to be used with the Square, there were no other ongoing costs. The system would pay the funds directly into the FOTCL bank account, less the company’s processing fee of 1.9 percent and all transaction reports would be provided by email. Donnalea  advised that she has used this device in her own business for some time and had experienced no issues. In seeking clarification on the process required for us to be ‘accepted/approved’ by the company as a client, Julia was advised that due to our ‘Incorporated’ status, submission of some additional paperwork will be necessary. After discussion, it was agreed that due to the 4-6 week timeframe this might take, that this process be commenced as soon as possible.
Moved by Julia Jessop and Seconded Diane Raby (Carried)


·      In Anne’s absence, Roger gave an overview of the Seminar recently attended by several Members. The gist as it applies to our venue, was to prompt thought on activities which could feasibly take place in addition to our Open Days and might help raise our profile. Ben’s upcoming Poetry Event is an example of that.


·       Diane Raby reported on the outcome of the recent FOTCL stall at the Caloundra Markets. Although not a great result in a monetary sense, there was reasonable interest in the Lighthouses and a few new volunteers have since signed up as FOTCL. Diane reminded that the Maleny Show stall (Maleny Heritage Society) would be held on Saturday, 01 June 2019. She also mentioned that there might be scope for us to have a stall at the Currimundi Markets sometime in the future, at a cost of only $15 for the stall.


·       Ben Burns provided an overview of how he saw the upcoming Poetry event being hosted by the FOTCL on Friday evenings of 10 and 17 May 2019. This event falls under the umbrella of the “Anywhere Festival” which promotes use of alternative sites for various activities. Ben advised that the programmes had been printed and thought was being given to possibly arranging some temporary lighting (fairy lights and the like) to brighten the area for this event. Chair (John Bradley) sought elaboration on volunteer requirements. It was agreed that Ben and Donnalea would liaise re logistics and follow up re volunteer requirements and availability over the two nights.



·      Glasshouse Probus Group visit on 27 March 2019


·       Poetry Evenings on 10 and 17 May 2019



·      Parking continued to be an issue on Open Days. John Bradley agreed to again follow up with Council re monitoring this situation.


Next Meeting:  28th May, 2019

President John's comments on the Meeting 6th March 2019

Morning Friends
A number of you weren't able to attend last night's meeting. Although the minutes will be posted shortly on our website, I thought I'd just flag a couple of important decisions.

  • The washbasin etc will be installed forthwith. Members were quite vocal about the process carrying on for so long.
  • We will be addressing the issue of the water pipe to the Signal Station. It will be rectified by the plumber who does the washbasin.
  • Pavers over the unsightly area near the Signal Station will be laid after the above work is addressed.
  • The electrical wiring of the generator room will be checked and output plugs installed with appropriate materials.
  • Julia Jessop will start proceedings to register us as a SQUARE user. This may take up to 6 weeks. It will facilitate payment at the Lighthouses. The purchase of the products which enhance this process will go ahead when approval is  met. Members will need a little training to use the product.
  • Members voiced support for Ben's Poetry evening and have put aside the 10th and 17th May for the event. Donnalea is managing he event as Host Co-ordinator and will liaise with Ben. Members are encouraged to let Donnalea know what areas they would like to facilitate on the evening. The program has already been posted.
  • There has been a tradition for John Groves to purchase Pizzas for the meeting. Last night only a few of us participated in the repast. The Pizzas cost $21. Somebody may be out of pocket. Perhaps it's time to consider either something else or just forget about the meal for the meeting. I'll look forward to suggestions.
  • I went down to Council and registered a request for vigorous policing of the parking on the days we're open. I will not be in attendance at the next Open Day. Here is the reference number: CRT1903803R

It was a night of robust and exciting discussion. I'm always hopeful that everybody felt valued in the discussion and was able to feel that there points were well heard by others.

I must thank Sandy Widt for standing in as Secretary and doing such a brilliant job.
John Bradley


Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Chairperson: Trevor Hamey (John Bradley absent)  Present: 9 members;   Apologies:  4 members


·      Licence and C.M. Plan

Our licence with Sunshine Coast Council expires on 30/6/2019. S.C. Licence with the State Govt Dept of Marine Services expires on 25/11/2020. Roger Todd reminded the meeting that our last licence with Council went over by 12 months, so perhaps the urgency is not so important.

Anne Wensley visited our local M.L.A., Mark McArdle to discuss the letter from SCC Peter Connell (Cultural Services) saying ”We are not in a position to approve the C.M.Plan. This needs to come from Marine Safety, Queensland” Mark agreed to write to Council to suggest that a meeting between State, Council and F.O.C.L. be set up to discuss the future. He wrote to SCC on 19/12/2018

·      Golden Beach 1896 Lighthouse Temporary Site.

A letter was written to Rick Baberoski, Heritage Portfolio and Tim Dwyer, Councillor SCC re a possible Heritage sign on this site. Rick wrote back in support and suggested it be on the Heritage Trail. The Cultural Heritage Program Officer, SCC, Angela Marczi, suggested we need letters of support from our local Councillor, Tim Dwyer and Caloundra Power Boat Clubs. Barrie Ward agreed to do this and  to phone SCC Customer Service re the safety of the site – suggest it be repaired, not replaced, as it is a historic site.


·      Treasurer’s Report (Julia Jessop)

Credit Balance of $19,243.74. Julia moved for the adoption of her report, seconded by Barrie Ward; Carried.

·      Membership Report (Diane Raby)

A discussion followed about how to recruit more volunteers. Suggestions to be discussed in more detail at the March meeting:

Ø  Volunteers Queensland – Julia to obtain details

Ø  Brochure Delivery – Diane suggested Caloundra Holiday Letting – put in packs and also Henzells

Ø  Brochures to be delivered to Old Pavilion; 2 Info centres; Library.


·      Visits Report

Ø  Rotary on 8/1/2019 – donation yet to come.

Ø  Future:  Glasshouse Probus (30) Wednesday, 27th March

·      To be discussed at next meeting – the cost of a group visit..Is it $40?

·      Maintenance Report (Roger Todd & Barrie Ward)

The Seven Year Maintenance Report on the 1896 Lighthouse is due. Roger has suggested to SCC that seeing a cherry picker will be on site, other jobs could also be done. Roger has forwarded a list of these to Council

Ø  Asbestos inspection of 17/12/2018 – no report has been received yet.

Ø  Basin, waterpipe – waiting for sign off from Marine Services (State Gov.)


·      Parking -  John Bradley spoke with the Council

·      Major Grants

Ø  Round 1-       1-4 Feb.      Close 18/3/19

Ø  Round 2 -      15th July.       Close 26/8/19

Ø  Minor grants are always open. After a discussion, it was resolved that we wouldn’t put in for a grant in Round One

·      Australian Heritage Festival  18th April – 19th May 2019

Ø  Event registration open. Roger agreed to list our 2 normal open days in that period of time to go on the Festival List.

·      Museum and Galleries Qld.

Ø  They are wanting statistics. Roger agreed to send them the list that Julia had created of our visitors.

·      Communication with Trip Advisor

Ø  As the review on this website is out of date/incorrect - $2 per entry, Julia agreed to do a review as a visitor.

·      Bulcock St Sunday Markets – Diane

Ø  Diane reported that Caloundra Chamber of Commerce had replied to an enquiry for a stall - $35.

Ø  Moved by Diane Raby, seconded by Anne Wensley that we discuss this further at next g after we have thought :    1. Regularity.  2. Gazebo 3x3.  3. Volunteers to person the stall.  4. What we will have on the stall.  5. Any other pros and cons.

Ø  John Groves agreed to talk with Graeme Bowden at Bookshop in Caloundra to ask his opinion of our idea to display local history books, but redirect buyers to him.

·      Next Open Day    26/1/19

Ø  Australia Day is our first open day for 2019

·      Christmas Lights

Ø  Moved- Sandy Widt; seconded Pamela Elks  the Christmas lights be removed after Australia Day

·      Chemicals in Stair Well

Ø  It was decided that at our next Open Day we look at the dangerous items at the base of the stairs and make a decision to enact one of the following:

v Remove shelves

v Make a lock up cupboard

v Turn sign on table around so they are less accessible.


NEXT MEETING  Tuesday 25th March 2019.


Tuesday 27th November, 2018   5.30 – 6.45pm

PRESENT         10 MEMBERS; 4 Apologies

MINUTES        Accepted: Sandy Widt/ Pamela Elks


·      Brochure Delivery Costs:  John Groves reported the charge was $400 per month. No decision was made; to discuss further at next John meeting.



·      Conservation Management Plan (C.M.P)  : Peter Connell from Sunshine Coast Council informed us by email that Council is not in a position to approve the C.M.P. This approval needs to come from the Marine Safety Qld Dept.

Business from Correspondence:

·      C.M.P.  It was resolved that President, John Bradley, write to Cr Tim Dwyer informing him of the work Council has done in the lighthouses and all the work our volunteers have done to make it a unique heritage site in Caloundra – especially seeing it is the “property” of Marine Safety Qld. In view of this, we feel S.C.C should be putting more effort into retaining this unique site.  Anne Wensley spoke of the possibility of getting the 3 parties _ S.C. Council, F.D.C.L. and Marine Safety together to map out our future; possibly to organize this through Mark McArdle, state Member for Caloundra.


·      Treasurer’s Report  - Julia Jessop

Credit Balance of $19465.88.  Julia Jessop/Sandy Widt moved the adoption of the Treasurer’s Report  -  carried.

·      Maintenance Report -  Barrie Ward.

Roger Todd was not present;  so wash basin and water pressure issues are still to be followed up by Council. Roger had agreed to follow up with Council

·      Membership Report:  Diane Raby

Hold over to next meeting.

·      Visits  Report:   Dannalea Ryan

Donnalea was not present to report on visitors.

·      Julia compiled a very useful Visitor Summary (6 months), noting categories. These included Visitors:-    Adults (491)  Children (222)

Reasons for Coming:-  Brochures/Newspaper (22); Online/Internet (94); Info Centre (15); Driving/walking past (116); Personal Recommendation (61)’ School (6); Unrecorded (260)

·      Anne Wensley suggested we use this information to make decisions about how to advertise and to think about local ABC radio.



·      Parking:   Council has booked 5 people who had been parking there all day. John Bradley is to speak to Council again about the parking issue.


·      Heritage Grant – Roger Todd:     Roger was to apply for this (cut off date Oct 18th) to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Signal Station. There has been no word from Council, so it appears we did not get the grant.

·      Stronger Communities Grant – Federal Government:   Roger was to talk with our Federal Member, M.L.A Andre Wallace. There has been no word from Roger Todd re this.

·      Community Partnership Grant:    Julia Jessop reported that Council has given us this grant.

·      Golden Beach Lighthouse temporary site (Woorim Park):  Barrie Ward discussed this site and whether an historical sign should be put on it and also, should its safety aspect be looked at by Parks and Gardens.

Anne Wensley agreed to do this by contacting Cnr Tim Dwyer’s Secretary, Sharon Dittman (Safety) and Cnr Rick Baberoski (heritage portfolio) about a sign on this site.

·      Christmas Lights: Barrie Ward.  These will be erected early on 28th November. Barrie is to be reimbursed for the cost of three new lights. Members who could assist were asked to be on site early morning.

·      Christmas Breakup – Golden Beach Tavern – 6th December.  Trevor Hamie/Barrie Ward that we give each member $30 for meals and drinks. Twenty-two members agreed to attend. We will be in the Restaurant area. Carried.

·      “Little Lighthouse” Book donations. Anne Wensley/Diane Raby that we donate 20 of these children’s books to each of the following organizations: Outback Futures and South Sea Island Group. Both these groups are working with families who are at risk. Carried.

·      Opening Times during Holidays. Last open day will be 8th December, 2018. Re-open, Saturday 26th January, 2019.

·      The unit blocks “Lighthouse” and “Outlook” were given permission, via Bill McClintock , to use the area around the lighthouses for their Christmas parties.


NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 22nd January, 2019, 5.30pm.


Tuesday, 24th July        5.30 – 6.30pm


MINUTES        Accepted on motion by J. Groves/J. Raby;   Carried


·      Generator shed sign has been attached. A photo is on our Facebook page with a thankyou to “Stickerman” for their donation.

·      Sign in forms have been updated. We will use this information for publicity and for grant applications.

·      Photo wall book has been completed. John Groves and Barrie Ward were thanked for their work.

·      Brochure. The new fomat for our brochure was accepted. Moved by Donnalea Ryan/ Pam Elks that John Groves proceed to have 5000 brochures printed by Inkspot, Maroochydore for $418;  Carried


·      Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer D. Raby presented the Treasurer’s Report.

Ø  Credit balance $16043.98

Ø  The Electricity Bill was paid

Ø   We are waiting for reimbursement from Queensland Ambulance

Ø  The entry fee has now gone up to $5 per adult and $40 minimum for tours outside opening hours

Ø  The Treasurer moved the adoption of her report; seconded by Barrie Ward:  Carried

·      Visits Report.

Ø  Members agreed that the Lighthouses Australia visit was very good.

·      Conservation management Plan Report

Ø  Roger Todd reported that there had been no response from Council yet.

·      Maintenance Report

Ø  Barrie Ward reported that the anti- graffiti paint is available to paint on the brick work of the generator shed (road side first).

Ø  A working bee for painting will take place on 2nd August.

Ø  It was resolved we ask WARREN HILL, who lives in “The Lighthouses”, Unit 20, 5 Canberra Terrace) if he would paint over the graffiti when he sees it. If Warren needs a key, it was suggested he obtain one from Trevor Hamey who lives in the same building complex.

Ø  The Secretary to send Warren Hill a thankyou card with an offer of honorary membership in appreciation.


·      Water pressure issue.  Currimundi Plumbing have agreed to do this work for us.

·      Open House Proposal. The Lighthouse will again be part of this event to be held on 20th October 2018, 10am – 4pm.

Ø  More volunteers will be needed. Roger is unable to be present as he is doing another Open House event on the same day at Moffat Beach.

·      Highrise at 6 Canberra Terrace…no more updates on this issue.

·      Wash Basins. Roger Todd will need to do a sketch of our proposal to show the Dept of Environment and Science as well as Lyndon Page, the S.C. Council.  He will also need to fill out an exemption certificate before we proceed.

Ø  It was moved Barrie Ward/Diane Raby that Roger Todd proceed to fill in the form for the wash basin installation and the completion of the water connection;  Carried.

·      Membership. John Bradley suggested we liaise with the University of the Sunshine Coast, Faculty of Business and Tourism, Dr. Vicki Schaeffer, for possible members through work experience.

·      Fund Raising Idea. Rick Tan, who takes 360 degree photographs and sells the digital copy for $10, has offered to attend our next open day and give half the proceeds to us. We will put this information on our Facebook Page.

·      Sunshine Coast Places Website. Roger Todd advised that the website has a new password.

·      Museum Planning Workshop. This will take place on Tuesday 31st July at Lake Kawana Community Centre. Roger Todd to attend.

·      Inspection – Building Maintenance. Lyndon Page, Sunshine Coast Council, will inspect maintenance issues that need doing on Thursday, 26th July at 1.30pm. Barrie Ward, John Bradley, John groves, John Ryan, John Raby and Roger Todd will be present at the time.

·      Security Cameras. It was resolved that Barrie Ward investigate these and purchase what he thinks is needed.

·      Sunshine Coast Council Grants. These close on 27-8-18. These are available for a public event.

Ø  Roger Todd to enquire in more detail and put in a submission before 27th august if an event seems a good idea eg. Signal Station 50 years (1968 – 2018).

Meeting closed at 6.30pm.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 25th September, 2018. A.G.M. plus General Meeting.

Hi Roger,

My family and I had a wonderful time at the last opening of the lighthouses. It was great to meet you and the other volunteers. Thanks so much for your warm hospitality and the helpful information.

I didn't realise that there were such ongoing costs for the upkeep of the lighthouses. I'd like to propose something that will hopefully bring in extra funds for the wash basin in the toilet, and outside toilets etc. I make virtual tours for businesses and have started providing 360° photography for tourists. I'd like to offer to do this at the next opening of the lighthouses and give half the proceeds to the Friends of Caloundra Lighthouses.

360 photos are great for tourists to capture the experience and views of a place like the Caloundra Lighthouses. Please have a look at this gallery of my family's time there:


The 360 photos can also be made into "tiny planets" which are great for sharing on social media. They are especially popular on Instagram, so this would bring the Lighthouses extra exposure to a wider audience. Here are a few that I've made with the photos in the gallery above:

Please let me know what you think of this idea and feel free to call or reply with any questions you may have.

​​Kind regards,
Ric Tan​

​​    ​  0412 295 776

  360° Virtual Tours, SEO
  Web Design and Development ​​


5.30 – 6.45

PRESENT: 6 members.  APOLOGIES: 2 members

Minutes were accepted on motion by R.Todd and seconded by J. Raby; carried.


·      Sign on Generator Shed; John Groves reported that “Stickerman” agreed to do the sign as a donation. We will acknowledge them on our website.

·      Electric jug – found in a cupboard.

·      Toilet leak – fixed – Currimundi Plumbing – paid.

·      Grant Applications

Roger Todd informed us that it was ok to proceed with the Community Partnership Grant. It was resolved that we include in our application numbers of volunteers, visitors land the maintenance we have accomplished.

Roger Todd reported that the Conservation Management Plan had been acquitted by Council.

·      Photo Wall Book – John Groves reported that this was up.

·      Update on Sign In Form – Roger Todd has updated this form.



·      Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer  presented her report.

Credit Balance: $16424.72

Ø  Accounts for payment: Unity Water $53.89.

Ø  Diane mentioned that our re-imbursement of our electricity bill from the Ambulance Service is now very prompt.

Ø  Treasurer moved adoption of report; seconded by John Groves; carried.

·      Visits

Ø  Baringa SS, Caloundra SS (80 students) and Caloundra View Club.

Ø  President, John Bradley, thanked all members who took part and Donnalea for organizing the visits. We were given some excellent feedback from these visits.

·      Totally Wild

Ø  A children’s TV program, “Totally Wild” on channel 9 did a segment on lighthouses. Roger Todd and his grandson, River, were on the program. All members congratulated Roger and River on an engaging segment.

·      Conservation Management Plan

Ø  Roger Todd and Anne Wensley met with Cnr Tim Dwyer on 4th May, 2018 to discuss acquittal of the CMP and Council’s support. It was resolved that a letter be written to Cnr Dwyer informing him of our progress and our future plans, and reminding him of how important his support is.

Ø  Roger Todd reported that he had agreed to giving funds from his discretionary allowance in the next two years to go towards a toilet block.


·      Working Bee

Ø  The generator shed has been water blasted.

Ø  Roger Todd suggested that the far side should be painted with brick coloured paint, so when graffitied, it could easily be repainted.

Ø  Roger Todd is to check with Dept of the Environment and Science whether this is acceptable in heritage buildings.

Ø  Water pressure is still a problem and Unity Water has informed us that the problem is between the meter and the building. It was moved by John Groves and seconded by Anne Wensley that we pay Currimundi Plunbing (Michael Anderson who repaired the toilet leak) up to $1000 to fix the water pressure problem. Carried.


·      Music Festival

ü  The lighting of the lighthouse will be the same as 2017 as this was very well received.

·      Open House

ü  20th October 2018. This was a very successful event in 2017. Roger Todd to submit.

·      Madiera Vine

ü  Roger Todd detected a large infestation of this toxic weed behind the large rock with the plaque on it. Anne Wensley phoned Council and it was removed within the next few days.

·      Brochure

ü  John Groves and Anne Wensley prepared a simpler layout for the brochure. Members were asked for suggestions for improvements/alterations. John Groves to do another mock up and then arrange for a print.

·      Appeal – High Rise – 6 Canberra Terrace

ü  Sunshine Coast Council has rejected Hutchinson’s request for a 7 storey building a 6 Canberra Terrace, exactly opposite the lighthouse.

ü  Hutchinson is appealing and SCC has requested that Michael Kennedy, heritage architect, one of SCC’s witnesses visit the signal station between 4 – 6 June. Roger Todd to organize.

ü  Michael Kennedy will be reporting on the visual amenity. This is extremely important to us and the town for the magnificent views of the Glasshouse Mountains.

·      Painting Signal Station

ü The internal painting of the signal station is finished and it has freshened up the interior a great deal.

ü  It was resolved a thankyou card be sent to Pamela Elks, member, for organizing the paint job, paying for the painting, cleaning before and after and assisting with the painting.

·      Limited parking - Signs

ü  Council has finally installed signs to give visitors to the lighthouses every second Saturday safe access – no fines.

Next Meeting – Tuesday 24th July, 2018.

To Discuss:

o   Wash basin in toilet

o   Wash basins near downstairs tap

o   Hand towel/alcohol cleaner dispenser near basins.

MINUTES FOR F.O.C.L.   TUESDAY, 27TH MARCH 2018  5.30-7.00PM

Meeting opened at 5.30pm

Present: 10;  Apologies:2

Minutes of 23rd Jan. 2018 were accepted.


·      Meter Box Key – 2 new locks. Key in generator shed.

·      Vacuum cleaner. John Bradley purchased a Hoover on special @ Godfreys $149 reduced from $250. It has a 4 year warranty.

·      Interior Painting:  Pam Elks reported that the ceiling has been painted and she has donated the white paint. Keith, the painter, will leave his equipment in the signal station until the job is finished. A record of the tasks done, including the walls being washed down, is stored in the Operations Manual (Heritage)


Ø Treasurer – D Raby

Closing balance $15524.97 Diane reported that Qld Ambulance Service is still reimbursing us for our AGL Electricity Bill.

The full Treasurer’s Report is in Secretary/Treasury file.

Diane Raby moved the adoption of her report; seconded by Pam Elks. Carried.

Ø Maintenance – Barrie Ward

John Bradley expressed sincere thanks to all the workers who have helped in the 1896 lighthouse tasks.

Barrie reported that QBuild had repaired the door to the signal station. Council paid for this.

Cameras for surveillance outside – decided to keep dummy ones.

Sign on Generator Room – resolved that John Groves and Barrie Ward investigate a metal sign through “Stickerman”

Jug – as it is faulty, it was resolved Barrie purchase a new one.

Future maintenance Tasks List

Signal Station – lamp room – rust on the metal vents

Ob. Room   

o   hand rail – patio

o   clean floor; wash outside walls

o   check cameras

o   clean bench tops

Gen.  Room  _ water blast outside walls

                        _ sign on gen. shed re open times.

1896 Lighthouse _ clean mid & top floor.

Shopping List:  rubbish bin, broom, paper towels, toilet rolls.


TOURS AND OPEN DAY REPORTS.  D Mangion reported future visits

o   1st May : Baringa SS.

o   2nd May: Glasshouse View Club

o   7th May: Currimundi SS

o   15th May: Caloundra SS


o   It was resolved that all correspondence of importance be sent to Secretary, President and Roger Todd by email.

o   Roger Todd presented a permission form for us to sign to give “Totally Wild” permission to use their footage of the lighthouse.


o   New Brochure

§  It was resolved that John Groves investigate a reprint and a rewrite (simpler) of the brochure.

§  It was resolved we pay $300p.a. to have our brochures distributed.

o   Conservation Management Plan – Roger Todd. This is finished and we are waiting for Council’s support – appointment CNR Dwyer 4th May 11am.

o   Parking Signs – John Bradley reported these are close to being installed.

o   Toilet Leak – We have fixed and paid for.

o   Proforma Sign In Form – Roger Todd to update this for next meeting.

o   Hand Washing Facilities – John Ryan to investigate possible ideas  - “BCF Camping”

o   Requisition Form – Diane Raby, treasurer, informed us that in lieu of cheques, we now sign and countersign a requisition form for payment.

o   Printer – John Raby agreed to purchase new cartridges

o   Web Site Ownership – John Bradley – A discussion followed about how to expand our digital outreach –  Google business page, Instagram, Facebook and other social media to give us more exposure. It was agreed we revisit this late in the year.

o   Sunshinecoastplaces.com.au -Our information is at present on this website. Roger Todd gave the secretary information about maintaining this site and the password….to be kept in hard copy in secretary’s hard copy file.

o   Grant Application – It was resolved we wait for the larger grants in October 2018

o   Google Digital Garage – Member for Fisher, Andrew Wallace, is conducting a free workshop on the use of digital media in business. Roger to attend and report back to next meeting.

o   Community Partnership Application – Ours finishes at the end of this financial year. We still have $3190 to spend. It was suggested that we spend this on insurance OR new brochure OR Chamber of Commerce membership (before 30 – 6 – 18)

o   Safety Guidelines – Roger reported that these are set by the building certifier.

o   Photo Wall Book – D Mangion/D Raby moved that John Groves get a quote for 8 more leaves (sheet metal work) to display more photos. Carried.

Meeting closed at 7pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday 22nd May, 2018






President John Bradley opened the meeting.


John Bradley, Pamela Elks, Diane Raby, Barrie Ward, Trevor Hamey, Bill McClintock, Roger Todd


Anne Wensley, John & Donnalea


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted

Thanks to Lea for her efforts in typing them


       Comment from chairman regarding the following


        Letter from Bradley Poole re: Licence   for Lighthouses FOCL Inc. Summary - Council cannot offer tenure to FOTCL for a term that exceeds the tenure in place from DTMR. Also, Council’s ‘Community Leasing policy’ provides for a Licence term of up to 3 years. Longer term tenure can be offered to community groups in the form of a 10 year Lease. However, Council cannot offer a Lease to FOTCL as we only have a Licence from DTMR.  As the property owner, DTMR must provide consent for any works carried out on the site (beyond maintenance and repair). In order to provide consent, DTMR (and Council) will require detailed plans of the proposal for its consideration

        Roger's acquittal of grant for CMP and B.Miller's last correspondence - Has been extended to 1st Feb

        We spoke about the Asbestos Certificate clearance which has now been issued. The final adjustment to the Flue is still to be completed. Asbestos report with Copy of Certificate to be filed

        We have live Wifi on site. It is better in front of the Signal Station than upstairs.  We can also generate WiFi from our computer with the password noted at the meeting

        Work done by Unity Water and the conclusion re: our street connection [Tim Dwyer would cover costs but should wait until CMP approved] Unity Water have told us that water pressure is due to pipe coming from the street to tap.

        Quote from Alarmequip $730.20.  Wiring is good but equipment is not.

        Open House Report from Diane Raby to be given in Treasurers Report

        Open House Report from Diane Raby to be given in Treasurers Report






·         Diane gave us a report on the Open House Day.

196 guest [52 children], $232 in Books + shirt+ print of John Groves. It would appear we got $121 in donations. Many thanks to Diane.

·         Barrie is now an extra signatory to our EFT process.

·         Bill’s adjustments to the Safety Manual is pending.

·         Bill had done some research on vacuums and the

decision made to purchase a WAECO for the more intricate jobs.

·         Barrie was given the go ahead to purchase Monitor

and Walkie Talkies and he will install the Monitor.

·         Bill and Barrie brought up the issue of managing

Open Days. Motions were passed to ensure that a minimum of (2) persons to open one building (Signal Station) + a responsible adult to supervise guest on the outside platform and (4) persons to open all buildings. Thongs to be permitted in Signal Station but not in old lighthouse. Better arrangements to remind people about washing hands should be available.

·         Pamela needs a key

·         Subscriptions reminder

·         John Groves has prepared a Basic Facts page




Previous balance    $16,447.52

Income                        1,241.60

(inc reimbursement of 502.17 for power)

Expenses                    2,016.37

Balance                   $16,174.92


$44.80 reimbursement

Moved Di       Sec Pam


·         Barrie is now an extra signatory to our EFT process.

·         Nola Miles-Clark has been removed as a signatory


·         We have received the go ahead to paint inside the

building. Roger, Pamela and the painter will convene when convenient to all parties. Thanks to Pamela for her patience. They may need to call for some help in the preparation of the surface. We must remember to keep a written record of what we have done. John B has has negotiated a General Exemption from Paddy Waterson EHP for this work. All to be as per the EHP Painting - Maintenance note

·         Barrie brought us up to speed with maintenance

issues. Consideration will be given to improving the floor in the Signal Station. Barrie will arrange for the Generator Room to power cleaned using the past method. There is a great deal of work to be carried out on the 1896 lighthouse… rust…painting …welding…. replacement of boards on platform etc. The Signal station balcony rail needs attention.  There also needs to be some corrosion treatment for various items with microcrystalline wax. Roger and Barrie will be in touch with Marty McGrath at Council to see how best to proceed.


·         John Groves has booked Council’s heritage tour for four

·         Bill’s adjustments to the Safety Manual is pending.

·         Roger will check for the missing locks on the meter box.

·         Barrie will need a hand to put up Xmas lights on 4th DEC.  Motion passed to

      reimburse Barrie

·         Xmas get together on site at lighthouses 9th Dec







President John Bradley opened the meeting.


11 Members, 2 Apologies.


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted. Moved Roger Todd, Seconded P Elks. Carried.


Grants Updates. Roger Todd reported that two grants would be available through S.C.C. Community Hub grants, when we acquit this one. Roger is to request the S.C.C. give us an extension of six months to acquit our C.M.P. – see more on C.M.P. in General Business.

Meeting with Cnr Dwyer – C.M.P.  Roger Todd, John Bradley and D. Raby met with Cnr Dwyer. Topics discussed were:

1.     (28/8) Asbestos removal from generator shed – S.C.C. agreed to do this and cover costs - $4500. T. Hamey moved, B. Ward seconded that Barrie Ward and R. Todd look at the possibility of removing the remaining flue or leaving it in its original condition – to report back to next meeting.

2.     Wi-Fi Connection. On 22/8/17, Matt O’Connor visited to assess wi-fi and repeater. J. Bradley to email Matt for updates.

3.     Parking. Cnr Dwyer advised that money from parking meters may be available to Arts and Heritage Groups. He said he would look at ways to access it. Roger Todd emailed Cnr Dwyer a suggested 1P parking sign.

4.     Water and Drainage. Cnr Tim Dwyer suggested council would cover costs for this.

5.     Building heights of high rises nearby were discussed. Roger is keeping tabs on this for us.

Interior Painting. It was moved T. Hamey, seconded Barrie Ward that we will pursue repainting the interior of the signal station in the same colour. Pamela Elks to organise. Carried.

Clean Up of Generator Shed. All rubbish was removed to the dump by the working bee team, as it was dangerous. Historical photos from John Groves have been displayed for the public to view. John Groves to be remunerated for the $36 he spent preparing the photos for display (hooks, paint, frames.)

Graffiti on the exterior walls needs to be removed by guerneying. We need to check water pressure first. John Bradley to phone Unity Water to check whether the low pressure is between the meter and us or just normal because of being on top of Caloundra’s highest hill.

Updated Key Register. The secretary updated this register. There is still one lost key.


Treasurer’s Report – D. Raby

Credit Balance $16,447.62 as of 5/9/17.

Electricity Costs from Queensland Ambulance have been reimbursed to us. S.C.C. is negotiating to pay costs connected with Surf Life Saving and Thinxtra anteae.

Auditor $1045

Fair Trading $53.50 have been paid.

The Treasurer moved the adoption of her report. P Elks Seconded. Carried.

Visitor’s Report. Treasurer D. Raby reported that in 2016/17 year were 1121 adult visitors plus school children. Roger Todd reported that on the Discovery Heritage Weekend we had 180 visitors.


Conversation Management Plan – extension and payment.

Because Peter Marquis-Kyle is unable to finish our C.M.P. Roger is asking S.C.C. for a time extension to acquit our grant. It was moved T Hamey, seconded A. Wensley that we pay Roger Todd $3000 to complete the plan which includes the $825 outstanding and that Roger do this within the next six months. Carried. (Feb. 2018)

The reason for this is we cannot access any more grants until we have acquitted this one.

Length of Tenure. It was resolved we talk with S.C.C. for a 3 year x 3 year x 3 year lease. Roger to talk again with Cnr Dwyer about this and we adopt it at the next meeting.

Tourism Workshop 22-9-17 Diane and John Raby agreed to attend and report back to our next meeting.

Vacuum Cleaner Purchase. As Leanne Rose cleans the interior and stairs for us, it was resolved we investigate hand held vacuum cleaner. John Bradley suggested Dyson brand – value $399 - $499. Bring ideas to next meeting.

Public Liability Insurance. Trevor Hamey stated it was $20 million cover .

Operation Procedure Open Day Book It was suggested that at the next open day, all members check that the attendance book is signed.

Membership Increase. As we are needing more members to help act as guides on open days, John Bradley suggested he talk to Lesley Muir about the $15 hour volunteer payment used at the Events Centre – perhaps we could something similar.

Sunshine Coast Open House On Saturday 21 October 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Lighthouse will be open for visitors coming to the Open House Program.

Manual for All Members. Bill McClintock agreed to put together a manual for all members to cover all aspects of the lighthouse.

-        Guides training

-        Historical background for guides

-        Safety guidelines etc.

Bill agreed to make it a loose leaf document so it could be inserted into a display folder.


Tuesday 14 November. 5.30 – 7.30 p.m (our normal meeting is the first Tuesday but as this is Melbourne Cup, it was decided to move it to 14 November.)







President John Bradley, welcomed members to our Annual General Meeting.


11 Members. 2 apologies – see Attendance Book.


The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting 11 October, 2016 were read and accepted. Moved T Hamey, Seconded P Elks. Carried


President’s Report.

John Bradley presented his Annual Report and thanked members and the committee for their commitment to our goals for the lighthouses.

John Bradley moved the adoption of his report, seconded Trevor Hamey. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Diane Raby presented her report.

Total Income           $11,294.65

Total Expenses        $14,659.86

Credit Balance         $16,198.35

As we are Level 2 – Over $20,000, we have to submit our reports to Department of Fair Trading. Our books have been audited by Wardle and Partners Pty Ltd. The Treasurer moved the adoption of her report, seconded Pam Elks. Carried.


John Bradley vacated the chair for election of President. Anne Wensley took the chair.

President. John Bradley. Nominated by Trevor Hamey/Pam Elks. Accepted and Carried.

Vice President. Bill McClintock. Nominated John Groves/Trevor Hamey. Accepted. Carried.

Secretary. Anne Wensley. Nominated Trevor Hamey/Diane Raby. Accepted. Carried.

Treasurer. Diane Raby. Nominated Anne Wensley/John Groves. Accepted, Carried.

Non Executive Positions.

Hon Architect and Grants. Roger Todd. Nominated T. Hamey/J Groves. Accepted and Carried.

History Research. John Groves. Nominated Barrie Ward/D Raby. Accepted and Carried.

Website. Roger Todd. Nominated J. Bradley/B. Ward. Accepted. Carried.

Membership. Roger Todd Nominated B. Ward/J. Raby. Accepted. Carried.


Guides Trainer

These two positions were left blank as John Ryan was absent and may be interested in the position. Barrie Ward agreed to maintenance position if John Ryan does not want the position.

Trevor Hamey/Anne Wensley congratulated the executive and expressed appreciation for members’ enthusiasm and commitment. Moved. Carried.


$10 individuals, $15 family p.a. All members paid their subscriptions to the Treasurer.




AGM Meeting closed at 6.05 p.m.


Dear Friends

Roger, Diane, and myself met with Tim Dwyer on Mon 21st in the Council building. Unfortunately Anne was sick and couldn't attend.

As was proposed at our last meeting it was to get clarification on a number of issues.

[a] Roger addressed the issue of the CMP not being finished and the $850 being left hanging. Tim would look into how we can wave the amount. If the problem won't go away then Diane and thought Roger may have to work on its completion. If that were the case then Roger should be rumunerated for the amount of work that has yet to be be done with a residual amount coming out of our purse to make sure Roger is not being short changed. We need to do this to move forward.

[b] The asbestos quote of $4000 is within the guidelines and Tim felt there would be no problem getting the Council  to cover that cost.

[c] Although the CMP has not yet been endorsed Tim will put the process in motion with Council. There is a possibility that funds [$25000] may be put aside for Toilets which will be a good start. We can not second guess the outcome but it was felt we should get good support.

[d] Tim told us there will be money form parking meters for heritage/arts etc available to worthy groups and we should look at ways we can access this.

[e] We talked about our length of tenure and Tim suggested we put in for an extension of our length of tenure ie. from 3 years to 6years etc. this will give us more certainty for development we may wish to pursue in the future. Anne we have to right to Tim about our length of tenure proposals. Something for AGM agenda.

[f] We need to come up with wording to ensure that on the days we are open persons parked in the area will move their vehicles. Tim wants us to do it and then submit it. Could you think of a possible sign which could be hung etc  to make space on the Saturdays we are open.

[g] Tim showed us the latest planning height proposals and Friends would be pleased to hear that the area to the west of the Lighthouses and to the east will maintain excellent viewing corridors. We are however going over the plans with a forensic eye [thank you Roger]

[h] We have to pursue the drainage and water pressure costs with Council which they should cover. Again we have to have a clear idea what we want here and then pursue it. We have Tim's assurance of support.

[i] The lighthouses will be lit up during the music festival.

Tim gave us well over an hour of his time and was as usual enthusiastic in his support.

I would appreciate it if Roger and Diane need to add or qualify my coverage of the meeting as when I come back to check my I pad which i type on during a meeting there may be issues I miss or get confused because if you looked at my typing you may consider I am no court reporter.

Hopefully you are all well and look forward to seeing some of you this Saturday.


Hi Tim

Further to our meeting this morning, for your information

Brad Poole (propertymanagement@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au) approached us with the news that Qld Ambulance
was negotiating a new lease arrangement directly with Council with regard to their equipment in the Signal Station
(and that the Lifesavers would be drawn into a similar arrangement re their gear)
I met him on site on the 21st July

The Friends had been negotiating with Thinxtra re an antenna on the Signal Station
and had reached a point where we were about to sign a contract

Brad noted that Thinxtra needed to negotiate with Council rather than The Friends
and accordingly we passed over the documentation to date

While we have no concerns re Council taking on this role,
our previous understanding was that we would handle permissions of this nature
(so we were left a little embarrassed about wasting Thinxtra's time)

Riccardo (Thinxtra) has a meeting with Brad tomorrow
Due to our previous involvement, I’ve offered Riccardo any assistance we may be able to provide

Roger Todd
Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses


On Tuesday 25 July, 2017 at 5.30 pm at the Signal Station




John Bradley was in the chair and welcomed three new members – John Menzies 5493 2192, Theo Leeuwendal 0403 837 876 and Loraine Porter 5491 3067. All agreed to be volunteers and help as guides. Anne is to phone Theo, John and Loraine to welcome them and explain any details. Leslie Muir from the Events Centre has agreed to find us volunteers.




Eight members present. No apologies.




The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. Moved Trevor Hamey, seconded John Groves.




Conservation Management Plan Aquittal.

This has not been acquitted by council as the report has not been completed. This is due to Heritage Architect, Peter Kyle, having other commitments and being unable to 100% complete the report. The F.O.C.L. committee has paid Peter 75% ($3000) of his invoice. We have $825 left to repay to council of the grant we were given. Roger Todd is to negotiate with council to return the $825. Roger Todd agreed to finish the process but not for six months as he has another job. The committee is to reassess this issue at the end of the year. Department of Environment and Heritage has to also approve.

Asbestos Removal

Cnr Tim Dwyer has agreed to pay for this for us.

WiFi Connection

As we have no access yet, John Bradley has agreed to talk with Shaun Diefenback in council about this issue.



Treasurers Report

Diane Raby, Treasurer, presented her report. Expenses $1610.50

Credit Balance $16751.75 on 24/7/17.

The Treasurer moved the adoption of her report. Seconded John Groves. Carried.



Personal Property Removal

John Bradley informed the meeting that there was a lot of personal property in the generator shed that needed to be removed. Roger Todd agreed to contact Narelle Lawler who owns some of it, to ask her what she wants done with her possessions.

It was moved Roy Ascott, seconded John Groves that a clean up be held this Thursday 27/7/17, 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. to clear the generator shed. Carried. Trevor, Roger, John G, Roy, John B, agreed to come on Thursday 27 July, 2017.


Pamela Elks has a friend who has offered to paint the interior of the Signal Station. As Pamela was not present, this matter is to be held over. Anti-graffiti paint on the exterior of the generator shed was discussed also.

Display Boards for photos and fact sheets.

John Groves agreed to look for display boards to put in the old lighthouse.

Guide Training

Roger Todd to advise – either Saturday 12 August or 26 August. Anne to phone to advise of the Saturday 9 – 3pm dates.

Key Register

Key No. 10 – John Bradley. No. 22 A. Wensley. No 20. J. Groves

Secretary to redo key register PLUS one for the Operations Manual.

Phinxpra Antenna

It was moved R. Rodd, Seconded T. Hamey that we approve of this antenna to be mounted in the lantern room. We will pass this on to council. Carried.

Electricity Account

Queensland Ambulance has agreed to pay for their share of our electricity account. Brendan Poole, Sunshine Coast Council, deals with this.




NEXT MEETING – 5 September – our A.G.M.




Our meeting as of 24th May 2017 5.30 pm was well attended and I thank you all for the support.

John Bradley, Diane Raby, John Raby, Donna-Lea  Mangion  , Roger Todd, Roy Ascott, Bill McClintlock’
                 John Ryan, Narelle Lawler, Pamela Elks, John Groves, Trevor Hamey

[apologies] Anne Wensley, Graeme Tuesley

The meeting was originally convened for the 23rd May 2017, but changed to the 24th May 2017 to accommodate Councillor Tim Dwyer.

He spoke about the important legacy of the Lighthouses and that a commercial enterprise {coffee shop} would attract more visitors and give and additional experience.
The Lighthouses will become part of the Heritage trail and as such would enjoy more passers by than currently.
The budgeting in Council Grants are very important to consider and, in particular monies from Division 2 funding sections.
Tim reminded us of how important the Lighthouses are for Heritage purposes and we establish a clear idea of what we need in any submission.
Officers are available at the council to guide us in the process and assist us.
Grants of up to $50000 could be spread over two years.
The council could help in the quoting process eg: asbestos removal etc.
We need to get our Conservation Management Plan Approved by council.

Open discussion was then invited.
Bill McClintock talked about membership and the difficulty of acquiring members.
Tim put forward the name of Leslie Muir who is working in the field of encouraging volunteers to join organisations. [We will be in contact with Leslie]
Roy Ascott spoke about how submission must meet criteria and Tim suggested that once we have detailed costing done that we submit those costings to him.
Tim outlined how commercial enterprises operate under the council guidelines with the emphatic suggestion that anyone who takes on a coffee shop at the precinct carry the risk for the commercial venture themselves, as is the status quo at other venues which are similar to the Lighthouses.
Tim left the meeting.

Discussion was held with Roger proving the membership with insight into the work he had performed on the Conservation Management Plan. The embers were shown the plan in its multidimensional form.

The quotes for work include [a] Electrical:$1700, 2nd quote $400 [b] asbestos removal $4059. Plumbing still pending. It is clear that The Friends will not be required to fund these ventures as no work can be approved at this time.

The following proposals were moved:
That we contact and meet with Leslie Muir to discuss how to increase our volunteers. [Moved Trevor Hamey, 2nd Diane Raby [unanimous]
Go to Councillor Tim Dwyer to outline what sort of initial work needs to be done to clear the way for means by which we can acquire money available. [Moved Trevor Hamey, 2nd Donna-Lea Mangion [unanimous]

We defer the Coffee Shop until we are certain of council support and site changes are approved. [Moved Roy Ascott 2nd John Ryan [unanimous]
We pursue our Plan appraisal. [Moved Roger Todd 2nd Pamela Elks [unanimous]
Roger handed out copies of visit dates and informed us they were on the internet.
The President was asked to email Councillor Tim Dwyer:
To convene a meeting with Leslie Muir
To check DA approval for site on Canberra Tce. directly behind the Lighthouses What are height restrctions?
To interface our Wifi interfaced with Council repeater.

Diane Raby presented the Treasurers Report with outstanding Invoices endorsed.
Roy Ascott moved Treasurer’s Report be accepted 2nd Trevor Hamey
Meeting Closed 6.50pm approx.

It is clear we need an action plan some part of which is already in train:

The sub-committee looking at costs to improve the site continue its work.
The sub-committee needs to broaden its portfolio to include approaches to Council about the best way to garner money for upgrading the site when our CM plan is endorsed. It is imperative that Roger not be the only body having to bear this burden.
The members carry out an audit at the site to determine a better way to present the appearance of the buildings and what is housed there. [eg: rubbish cleared….resource material better displayed]. There is no clear understanding about what is valued at the site.
The members take responsibility to recruit new supporters eg: one new member each.
Consider a roster of some sort which can provide certainty as to who might be present on Open Days
This more than likely means that we will hold a meeting of Executive and interested parties before next meeting.

John Bradley

Dear Members

Your sub-committee has been working to gather information regarding the Coffee Shop proposal.

The scheduled meeting was to be 23rd May. This has had to be rescheduled to accommodate Councillor Tim Dwyer who we wish look to for possible support.

The meeting will now be held Wednesday 24th May at 5.30 pm at the Lighthouses.

I apologise for this inconvenience. It would be wonderful if we could have a full attendance as Anne will be presenting the committee's deliberations. These will include costings of the project.

We may get, from Councillor Tim information which will give us an idea as to what support is available in the community.

I would appreciate if you could just reply with an OK! so I know everyone has got this email.


John Bradley

SPECIAL MEETING.... WED 24 MAY... 5.30 pm at Lighthouse

Cnr Tim Dwyer is able to attend on the above date to hear our proposal for a very basic coffee shop set up.The subcommittee will be presenting basic costings for the project

The  subcommittee has 2 quotes for each essential...electricity,   water  ,drainage,   asbestos removal

We have had 2 meetings and aim to present a simple run down of costs so the full committee can decide whether to proceed and  also  Cr Tim can see whether council could help   financially and in so doing  increase visitation to the lighthouses .

Anne  Wensley.......secretary and subcommittee chair

PS  ..Our general meeting is the Tues evening before   23/5...We may make that an executive meeting.Will let you know


5 APRIL 2017







N. Lawler, R. Ascot, A. Wensley, R. Todd, J. Bradley




D. Raby




Moved Pamela Elks, seconded Trevor Hamey that we ask Wardell & Partners for a business Plan – for a fee – on the premise that F.O.C.L. will do a basic fit out for a lease. Roger Todd and Diane Raby to meet with Wardell & Partners and report back. Carried.




After discussion by various members it was agreed that we did not have the finances to go ahead with this motion so it was moved Anne Wensley, seconded John Bradbury that we rescind the above motion on the basis insufficient information would not enable Wardell & Partners to proceed with a Business Plan at this point in time. Carried.

Meetings with Caloundra Chamber of Commerce


Narelle and Roger reported on a positive meeting they had with Terese Finigan – CBD Curator in the Chamber of Commerce. It was suggested that the Economic Development Officer of the Chamber would also be interested in our proposal. Narelle felt very positive about this contact.


Funding Possibilities


Roy suggested we explore many different avenues of funding/volunteer help – e.g. Rotaract.

Coffee Shop Sub-Committee

Moved Anne Wensley, seconded Narelle Lawler that a small sub-committee of 4-5 members be formed to get quotes on basic initial costs in the generator shed –

-        Electricity

-        Hot Water System

-        Water and Tap

-        Drainage

-        Sealing Brick Work

-        Asbestos cover/removal     and present the findings to the 23 May General Meeting. Carried.

Persons on Sub- Committee


1.     Pamela Elk

2.     Anne Wensley

3.     Narelle Lawler

4.     Roger Todd

5.     Diane Raby





Meeting – Wednesday 26 April 10 a.m. at Anne Wensley’s home, 2 Cormorant Court, Aroona.



28 MARCH 2017




J. Groves, A. Wensley, R. Ascott, J. Bradley, P. Elks, T. Hamey, R. Todd, Narelle Lawler, D. & J. Raby.




W. McClintock




Accepted. Read on line.




Antenna and Transmitter – Narelle

Narelle reported that we were given free advertising in January 2017, in exchange for use of our premises in the Caloundra Music Festival in October, 2016.

Anti Graffiti Paint – Roger

Roger has bought the paint $192.58 but needs to purchase spray to remove the graffiti.

Uniforms – Diane

Diane reported that cotton tshirts from Longbeach Company would cost $35.45 if we purchased 20 shirts.

Trevor Hamey moved, Roy Ascott seconded that Diane be authorised to order 20 shirts and to pay for them from F.O.C.L. funds. Members to email Diane with size required and members to pay when receive shirt. Carried.




Treasurer’s Report – Diane Raby


Credit Balance $23,011.88

Post Office Box renewal $124.00.

Diane Raby moved the adoption of her report. Seconded Narelle Lawler. Carried.

Visitor Report – Roger Todd

Discovery Heritage Weekend 6 -7 May

Scottish Country Dancers 18 June

Maintenance Report

Moved Roger Todd, seconded John Groves that evacuation signs be refurbished. Carried.

Moved Roger Todd, seconded Narelle Lawler that Roger and Narelle discuss with Riccardo Tenaglia about the Sigfox Network request. Carried.




Conservation Management Plan (CNP)

Roger Todd presented the CMP on the computer screen and answered members 27 questions previously given to him.

Moved Trevor Hamey, seconded Anne Wesley that the CMP be formally accepted and then forwarded to the Sunshine Coast Council – carried.

Peter Markas-Kyle has yet to submit his suggestions. Will arrive very shortly.



Coffee Shop proposal – in generator shed

As part of the CMP to increase visits to the lighthouses, the coffee shop proposal was discussed in much detail.

Pamela Elks moved, Trevor Hamey seconded that we ask Wardell & Partners for a Business Plan – for a fee – on the premise that the F.O.C.L. will do a basic fit out for a lease. Roger Todd, Diane Raby to meet with Wardell & Partners

 and report back. Carried.

Generator Room

John Bradley suggested we do an audit of the materials in the generator room and report back to next meeting.






NEXT MEETING 23May 2017. 5.30 p.m.






To revisit @ next meeting

Membership – co-ordinator?

-        Display – Caloundra Library



24 JANUARY, 2017

5.30 PM




John Bradley


A. Wensley, R. Todd, R. Ascott, W. McClintock, Donnalea and John Ryan, John Bradley, J. Groves, T. Hamey, P. Elks




Diane and John Raby




Read and accepted with amendments. Moved P Elks, Seconded T. Hamey. Carried.




Antenna and transmitter – N. Lawler.

As Narelle was not present, this was held over to next meeting.

Anti Grafitti Paint – R. Todd

Roger yet to do.

Uniforms – D. Raby

Yet to finalise.




Treasurer's Report (D. Raby absent)

Credit Balance $24,884.18

Accounts for Payment

Electricity Bill A.G.L.  $489.08

Reimburse D. Raby – Christmas Party - $119.70

Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership - $140.00

R. Todd – Recording of Lightkeepers Cottage - $1980.00

Treasurer's Report and Accounts for Payment accepted. Moved J. Groves, Seconded R. Ascott. Carried.

Conservation Management Plan Report – R. Todd

Conservation Management Plan has NOT yet been acquitted as Peter Markas-Kyle has not been available. Roger reported that it will be held over to the March meeting.

Maintenance Report – J. Ryan

John reported that the Christmas Lights were removed on 13 January, 2017, gaps in the old lighthouse have been resealed, the door to the outside deck of the signal station has been repainted and graffiti to be removed by sanding and later to paint the exterior with anti graffiti paint.

John reported that council now requires that there be a yearly inspection by council of both lights and that a report would follow.




Rotary Club of Caloundra. $250 donation


Thanks – Rotary Club of Caloundra for above.

Email – Public Safety Business Agency for part payment (refund) of $489.08 electricity bill.




Lightkeepers Cottage “Pharos” - house name Grant $1980 from Sunshine Coast Council.

The house was demolished before Roger could get any photos, however, after the building was knocked down, Roger collected pieces of crunched up timber (in 1896 Andrew Tripcony brought this timer up from Brisbane by boat up Pumicestone Passage.)

Roger also took a video and researched council maps/plans for more details and put the details on the website


Roger has informed the council and the  grant has been acquitted.

Membership Numbers

A discussion on this topic followed. We have no membersip co-ordinator and this needs discussion at our next meeting.

Volunteer numbers were also discussed and it was resolved we investigate a display in Caloundra Library to possibly attract more members.

Coffee Shop Proposal

As Narelle Lawler was not present, members discussed the key issues which were:

1. Financial – rental – fixed? - on sales?

2. Commercial kitchen – who pays?

3. Volunteers as lighthouse guides – paid? Or volunteer?

4. F.O.C.L. Inc groups level of involvement

Moved Trevor Hamey, seconded John Groves that Narelle Lawler be given the opportunity to make a presentation on her Coffee Shop proposal and to answer members questions – capital expenses, miscellaneous expenses and the general viability of setting up and running the business.

A vote then be taken for the F.O.C.L. Incorp group to agree or not to proceed to the next step. Carried.

Meeting Dates for 2017.

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Tuesday 26 July 2017

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Tuesday 22 November 2017




Meeting Closed at 7 p.m.

Next Meeting 28 March 2017


Next Meeting – General Business -

Membership – Uniforms – Anti Graffiti Paint


29 NOVEMBER 2016

5.30 p.m. To 6.45 p.m.


A. Wensley, John Bradley, D. & J. Raby, Pam Elks, Roy Ascott, Roger Todd, Robin Rose, John Groves, Bill McClintock, Trevor Hamey.


N. Lawler, J. & D. Ryan, B. Ward


Read and accepted. P. Elks. R. Ascott. Carried


Grant – C.M.P. - R. Todd

Roger reported this has been completed and a digital copy of 2015/2016 Financial Report has been forwarded to Sunshine Coast Council for acquittal of the Conservation Management Plan.

Antenna and Transmitter 87.6 FM – N. Lawler

As Narelle was not present this was held over. Roger reported Sunshine Coast Council was at Stage 1 with WiFi.

Anti-Graffiti Paint – R. Todd. Roger yet to do.

Uniform – D. Raby.

Diane reported that the cotton TShirts be purchased from Blessed Earth, Maleny and the logo be embroidered (Donnalea's contact).

Large Electricity Bill – D. Raby. 

Diane reported that total cost had been reimbursed by Queensland Ambulance. She also reported that the bill was $101 dearer than the last one. Was this incurred by Narelle Lawler's deep freeze in the Generator Shed. Roger to enquire and report back.

Licence with Sunshine Council – R. Todd.

Roger reported our 3 year licence was received and signed 5 July, 2016.


Treasurer's Report – D. Raby

Credit Balance $19,567.15.  $7,500 of this is earmarked for C.M.P.

Accounts for Payment.

$450.00 – R. Todd for Conservation Management Plan.

$49.27 – Unity Water

The treasurer moved adoption of her report. Sec. P. Elks, Carried

Maintenance Report. - J. Ryan.

John Ryan not present.

Lighthouse Visits Report – R. Todd

Roger reported Year 2 from Currimundi State School visited.

Membership Report. R. Todd and N. Lawler

Roger reported that emails had been sent to new member.


Incoming – Sunshine Coast Regional Council re Light Keepers Cottage Grant.

Outgoing. Nil.


Conservation Management Plan – Coffee Shop Idea.

Moved Roy Ascott, seconded Trevor Hamey that the letter of intent emailed to all members this afternoon by Roger be read by all members for consideration and discussion at a later date. The motion was carried unanimously with Roger Todd abstaining.

Amendment added D. Raby/P. Elks that members questions be emailed to the president, John Bradley at thebradleys1@optusnetcom.au to be sorted by him and given to Roger Todd and Narelle Lawler to respond to at Tuesday 31 January, 2017 meeting – Carried.

A short discussion followed.

Light Keepers Cottage – R. Todd, J. Groves. 

Sunshine Coast Council have agreed to give the group $1950 towards a survey of the cottage providing we forward a copy of our findings to council's Heritage Department for safe keeping. Moved John Groves, seconded T. Hamey that we accept the grant and carry out the appropriate work. Carried.

Open House Program – R. Todd.

Roger reported he had added the lighthouses to the Sunshine Coast Open House National Trust list for 2017.

Key Register.

Moved A. Wensley, seconded T. Hamey that key no 4 be handed over to J. Bradley, new president from Trevor Hamey. Carried.

Use of Lighthouse grounds – W. McClintock.

Moved Bill McClintock, seconded T. Hamey that residents of the neighbouring high rise “The Lighthouses” be able to use the grounds for their Christmas celebration. Carried.

Christmas Lights – R. Rose

Robin reported that he, Barrie Ward and John Raby would put the Christmas lights on the lighthouses on Friday 2 December.

Christmas Eve – Open?

It was resolved we close on Saturday 24 December, 2016.

Sunshine Coast – 50 years naming 1/8/67 – 1/8/17

Roger Todd reported the Sunshine Coast Council was giving grants for events to celebrate the naming. Roger agreed to write a submission to Sunshine Coast Council for funding where we could display historical items with storyboards in the generator shed as part of the celebration He informed us that Sunshine Coast University also planned a Conserving Objects display. It was agreed Roger follow this up.

Minutes on Sunshine Coast Places Website. 

It was resolved that hand written minutes be typed up by Leanne Rose and placed on www.sunshinecoastplaces website for members to access

Meeting closed 6.45 p.m.

Next Meeting Tuesday 31 January, 2017 at 5.30 p.m.

Note: after an email exchange we have reverted to the normal fourth Tuesday which is the 24th Jan






President Trevor Hamey welcomed members. T. Hamey, D. Ryan, P. Elks, D. Raby, J. Raby, N. Lawler, R. Rose, Roy Ascott, John Bradley, R. Todd, J. Groves, A. Wensley.




Leanne Rose, Bill McClintock, Barrie Ward




The minutes of the previous AGM were read and accepted. Moved D. Ryan, Seconded J. Raby. Carried.




President’s Report


Trevor Hamey presented his report, seconded Roger Todd. Carried.


Treasurer’s Report


Diane Raby presented her report. Seconded J. Groves. Carried. Diane reported our books had been audited by Donna Oroz-Moikota, from Wardle and Partners.




Trevor Hamey, President, vacated the chair for election of office bearers. Roy Ascott took the chair.

President 1. John Bradley. Nominated A. Wensley/R. Todd

                  2. Donnalea Ryan. Nominated J. Ryan/Pam Elks.

As both members who nominated agreed to accept it was agreed to have a secret ballot. Roy Ascott and John Groves were scrutineers and the secret ballot outcome was John Bradley for President. It was moved D. Raby, seconded R Todd that the votes be destroyed.

New President John Bradley took the chair. Roger Todd moved a vote of thanks to retiring president, T. Hamey, Seconded A. Wensley – carried.


New President, John Bradley took the chair. Roger Todd moved a vote of thanks to retiring president, T. Hamey. Seconded A. Wensley. Carried.


Vice President. Bill McClintock. Nominated T. Hamey/ A. Wensley. Carried. Accepted.


Secretary. A. Wensley. Nominated J. Groves/T. Hamey. Carried. Accepted.


Treasurer. D. Raby. Nominated N. Lawler/T. Hamey. Carried. Accepted.


Other Non Executive Members.

Hon. Architect and Grants – Roger Todd

Maintenance. John Ryan. Barrie Ward resigned this position.

Membership. Roger Todd, Narelle Lawler.

Guides Trainer. John Ryan.

Website. Roger Todd.

History Research. John Groves.


President John Bradley thanked the outgoing committee for their dedicated commitment.

Subscriptions – Annual $10

Members paid their subscriptions to the secretary.



Meeting closed at 6.15 p.m.







President, John Bradley welcomed members.


A. Wensley, T. Hamey, D and J. Raby, D. & J. Ryan, R. Ascott, P. Elks, J. Groves, R. Todd, R. Rose, N. Lawler

Apologies – W. McClintock. L. Rose


The minutes from the previous meeting 23.8.16 were read and accepted. T. Hamey. R. Todd – carried.


Grant. Roger Todd reported that the grant (CMP) has been acquitted despite work still being in progress. Invoices for work done by Roger and Peter Markas Kyle will follow. A small amount has been left to pay a building certifier.

Antenna and Transmitter 87.6 FM Caloundra Music Festival – This radio station will give us free promotion in November in exchange for use of our antenna during Caloundra Music Festival.

Anti-Graffiti Paint. Roger Todd is yet to purchase. He has checked prices and is able to purchase it for under $500.

Uniform.  Diane Raby and Donnalea Ryan will liaise and decide on the best Tshirts and types of prints and report to next meeting.

Our Large Electricity Bill. No money has been deposited in our account from Qld Ambulance for their 75% share of electricity use. Diane Raby to follow up with Qld Ambulance and inform members by email. The last invoice arrived 16 September, 2016. We forwarded this to Qld Ambulance and they have agreed to pay it and we later forward our small share to them.

3 Year Licence for Lighthouses. Roger Todd reported that Councillor Tim Dwyer stated that council would be happy to give us a longer licence agreement, however we still have not heard back for sure from council re licence and insurance payment assistance.


Treasurer's Report – here attached.

Diane Raby presented her report.

Credit balance $19,361.75

The treasurer moved the adoption of her report. Seconded  J. Groves – carried.

It was resolved that Diane Raby be re-imbursed for her expenses for the A.G.M. Barbeque ($150.00) and thanked for organising the event.

Maintenance Report. Barrie Ward has resigned from this position, so there was no report – just a copy of recurring maintenance, compliance and administration items from Barrie. A letter of thanks is to be sent to B. Ward.

Visits to Lighthouse Report. Roger Todd reported 100 Currimundi State School students visited this month, as well as 18 members of Caloundra Family Research History group. A writer from “The Lonely Planet” publication also visited.

Membership Report. Narelle Lawler and Roger Todd agreed to email new members.



1. Bill McClintock – suggestions to discuss.

2. Resignation from maintenance office position from Barrie Ward.


Conservation Management Plan (C.M.P.)

Roger Todd presented a report of progress up to date covering these areas. 1. Site Plan and detailed drawings.

2. B I M  x modelling.

3. Cost Outline

4. Meetings with Councillor Tim Dwyer – licence

                                                                 - parking

                                                                 - generator shed eaves

5. Health Inspector – Sunshine Coast Council – Mick Gray – tour

- no modifications required (coffee and packaged cakes)

- cook on site – modifications needed – minor

- toilet – use staff toilet

6. Coffee shop – need licence and plan fee

7. Acquittal of grant for C.M.P.

8. Lease agreement between F.O.C.L. and Narelle Lawler

9. Lightkeeper's cottage – possible salvage items (“Pharos” - Upper Gray Terrace).


A lengthy discussion followed about the proposed  Coffee Shop in the Generator Shed. It was moved Roy Asoctt, seconded D. Ryan that the group endorse in principle the Conservation Management Plan incorporating the coffee shop. A due diligence proposal be prepared by Roger Todd and Narelle Lawler to inform the group of the responsibilities and mechanics of the running of the coffee shop. Carried.

KEYS. Barrie Ward's key given to Robin Rose to clean the buildings. Another key be given to Narelle Lawler (no.10). Other keys held by Roger Todd, John and D. Ryan, John Raby.

Financial Report – Annual – C.M.P. Council requires our Annual Report 2015-2016 to be able to finalise the acquittal of the Conservation Management Plan. Treasurer, D. Raby, to forward a digital copy to council.

Thanks for B.B.Q. Preparation. Members expressed thanks to D. Raby, J. Raby, P. Elks, T, Hamey for organising a very enjoyable and tasty annual meeting thank you B.B.Q.

Lighthouse Keepers Cottage. It was moved R. Todd, seconded R. Rose that we apply to council for $2000 grant for a survey of the cottage in Upper Gray Terrace with the view to the salvage of some items. Because the grant announcement will be too late, it was agreed we cover the $2000 cost if the grant application is not accepted. Carried.

Donated Framed Photographs. John Groves kindly donated 3 photographs to the F.O.C.L. To display.

Open House Program – National Trust. Roger Todd has submitted us to the National Trust.

Meeting closed 8 p.m.

Caloundra Lighthouse Minutes 14 June 2016

Caloundra Lighthouse Minutes 22 March 2016

Caloundra Lighthouse Minutes 27 January 2016

5.30 pm

ATTENDANCE        John and Diane Raby, John Ryan, John Groves, Barrie Ward,
                Roger Todd, Trevor Haney, Donnalea Maugion

APOLOGIES            Anne Wensley, Robin and Leanne Rose, Bill McClintock

MINUTES   Roger Todd - Petty Cash $50 Not a “Float”
                 John Groves books bought outright
                Signal station float to be kept in signal station
                Moved Roger Todd. Seconded Barrie Ward.

MEMBERSHIP        Need an update.

                Opening Balance    $40,889.48
                 Expenses    822.82
                 Income    1884.40
                Closing Balance    $41,951.06

                SS Dicky Grant $33000 paid to Council
                Unity Water Bill - Roger Todd to email to Donnalea Maugion
                Moved Donnalea Maugion, Seconded Barrie Ward
                Barrie Ward’s Petty Cash presented

MAINTENANCE        Men’s Shed finished waterproofing. Gillettes will do R.C.D.

                Maintenance and Compliance Calendar presented
                Signal Station Door will cost $70 made by
                D Sanders Moved Barrie, Seconded Donnalea

GENERAL BUSINESS    Fringe Festival - Extra Open Day 3 October
                Application for Tenure submitted.

                Roger noted that Council’s grants were closing on 24 August and moved that we apply to do an updated  Conservation

                Management Plan for the lighthouses precinct. General discussion followed about the “way forward” for the  lighthouses

                and the need for toilets if wanted bus tours to visit. There may be possibilities to obtain a revolving light for the  signal station,

               but we currently have no public access to the lantern. It would be a good opportunity to fill in some of the gaps in the history

                of the signal station. Roger would approach  lighthouse expert and conservation architect Richard Marquis-Kyle

               to assist him with the plan.       Moved Roger. Seconded Donnalea

Looking for people to interview about the SS Dicky

               International lighthouse coming up - 21st August   
                Clontarf Mens Shed 47 people 10 am. Will  confirm.   

                250 people in last two months.
                Thanks letters to Mens Shed, Rotary, Gary Searle - being done                 by Barrie Ward   

                Meeting closed 6.32 pm
                Next meeting Tuesday 4 September
                AGM 22 September.   

Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

Minutes of General Meeting, 26th May 2015

26 MAY 2015


Roger Todd, John and Diane Raby, Trevor Haney, Barrie Ward, Donnalea Mangion, John Ryan


Anne Wensley, Bill McClintock, John Groves, Robin and Leanne Rose


24 March, 2015. Moved Donnalea Mangion, Seconded Barrie Ward


Barrie Ward has started on a recurring maintenance/compliance schedule
Roger Todd to assist
Tour date updated
$5 per head, minimum $20
Web Page - no additional progress with www.caloundralighthouses.com.au - Friends of the Lighthouse page now on


Minutes - Roger Todd to post on sunshinecoastplaces
Lease - response from Jane Goodwin 5441 8401 Caloundra Council - Trevor to call

Internet done
Little Lighthouse books selling at various outlets
Grant acquitted
Roger Todd to give Donnalea Mangion invoices from Little Lighthouse


Need a membership drive


Expenses $1141.59
Income $1556.05
Report tabled. Moved Donnalea Mangion, Seconded Barrie Ward


Painting June 29 to 17 July. Hopefully need three days. This Tuesday June 2 and Wednesday 3.
General Cleanup
Anti-climb device for signal station to roof.

Electrician - Milliamp Test every twelve months. Roger Todd to contact Gillettes. We sign book every six months.
Roger to get a sign “No entry without a guide” for old lighthouse. Barrie Ward to do sign. Moved Barrie Ward, seconded Donnalea Mangion


Community partnership grant done by Roger Todd.
Trevor Haney - Friends of the Lighthouse to buy John Groves and Anne Wamsley’s books outright if John Groves and Anne Wamsley agree. Donnalea Mangion to discuss with Anne Wamsley. Moved by Donnalea Mangion, seconded by Barrie Ward.
Trevor Haney need systems for recording of cash and sale of books.
Authorisation of expenditure, safeguarding of monies and floats.
SS Dicky grant. Grant deed tabled. Expenditure in accordance with deed. Roger Todd to do administration for $2200. Moved Barrie Ward, seconded Diane Raby.
Roger Todd did talk at Meridan College.
Long Term Aims - discussed selling coffee.
Carbon copy books for each open day to record door donations. Books signed by two people and buy two receipt books and three cash tins. Donnalea Mangion to buy. Moved Donnalea Mangion, seconded John Ryan.


Roger Todd $50
Petty Cash Floats - Signal Station $30, Generator Shed $30, Battery Room $30. Locked in cabinet in generator shed.
Cheques over $100 minuted or authorisation by two people from committee plus invoice.


28 July 2015 at 5.30 pm Meeting closed 7.30

Thanks Leanne for typing these out - you should get a special medal for having to decipher Roger's notes 

Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

Minutes of General Meeting, 27th Jan 2015

Meeting opened 5:40 pm


Trevor Hamey, Pam Elks, Barrie Ward, Bill McClintock, Roger Todd, John Groves, John Myers, Donnalea Mangion.

Special welcome for Trevor after his operation.


Robyn & Leanne

Minutes of last meeting 2nd Dec 2014

Moved Trevor, seconded Donnalea, carried

Matters arising

Donnalea spoke to Aon representative - We are not covered for serving food and beverages to the general public.  Donnalea to enquire further about contents cover.

Remaining items carried over to General Business.


Hon Andrew Powell MP advising of our successful grant under Round Three of the Everyone’s Environment grants for $44,000 for the SS Dicky Project.  Roger noted that we needed to negotiate with Council for payment of the additional GST and our costs for auditing our accounts and the grant.

Australian Tax Office re overdue tax return - Roger contacted them and confirmed it was not necessary, however we need to submit a “non lodgement advice” annually in August

Chamber of Commerce advising of overdue $240 membership dues

Roger submitted an acquittal for Round Two of the Everyone’s Environment grants for waterproofing of the Signal Station and interpretation, including a final invoice for $1,971.85

Remittance advice from Sunshine Coast Council in January for $7,500 for The Little Lighthouse childrens’ book project


Financials to end of December tabled by Donnalea, balance $2991.96

Moved Donnalea, seconded Pam, carried.


Barrie reported that the concrete slabs on three levels of the Signal Station had now been waterproofed with assistance from the Men’s Shed.

We have some material remaining but additional would be necessary to touch up slab edges in Mission Brown and to do the door to the balcony in the Signal Station.

We could take the opportunity to waterproof the Generator Shed roof (not included in grant extent of work) if we purchased additional Tremco Xylol solvent and 10 litres of Vulkem 951NF topcoat.  Men’s Shed have offered to assist with the work.  Barrie noted the roof was leaking and Roger noted that a non slip surface would facilitate any emergency ladder access to the Lighthouse and Signal Station.

Roger has contacted Tremco and the Xylol and 951NF are only available in 20 litre batches costing $104 and $499 plus GST, total $663.30.  Roger was willing to purchase surplus to waterproof a deck at home.  Roger to arrange purchase.

Moved by Trevor, seconded Donnalea, carried.

Moved by Donnalea, seconded Pam, that Barrie be authorised to spend max $200 for primer for door and Mission Brown for slab edges, brushes etc. Carried.

General Business

Roger moved that he negotiate with Chamber of Commerce for reduced membership fee max $120.  Donnalea noted last years membership was $118.  Seconded John, carried.

Trevor noted that our licence with Sunshine Coast Council expires in August.

Roger noted that expenditure of the Little Lighthouse grant would be necessary before the next meeting.  Moved Barrie, seconded Pam, carried.

Barrie noted we did not have a key for the meter box.

Donnalea noted that Cross Country Tours had arranged a visit for 40/45 people at 10:00am on the 23rd April.  Contact is Gloria.  This would be their third tour.

Roger to do a membership promotion on our Facebook page.  We agreed to offer ten fee entries, a discount for purchase of The Little Lighthouse, and a six monthly email newsletter to members.  We needed to put a “do it yourself” print out form on our web site so prospective members could pay by BSB and post or email the form to us.  Donnalea to find out log in details for caloundralighthouses.com.au.

John Groves to audit books for sale and price sheet.

Roger noted that The Little Lighthouse pricing would need to be something like:

$8 - members and bulk purchase of 20 or more

$10 - standard sale price

$12.50 - if postage & handling involved.

Next Meeting

4th March, 5:30pm at the Lighthouses

Meeting closed 6:40pm

Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 28th Oct 2014