Conservation Management Plan 2016

28th Nov 2016
Coffee Shop Proposal - Letter of Intent

Why are we proposing this
A key philosophy of conservation of significant places is to use them to the extent possible without undue impact on that significance. Use brings income as well as more people enjoying this unique & significant place.
When we proposed the Conservation Management Plan early in 2015, one of the areas of investigation included:
Improving facilities to make it more appealing for volunteers, coffee machine, sale of coffee to visitors. “The Friday morning coffee”

This is in line with our objects as set out in our Incorporation

To act as a consultative body to Sunshine Coast Regional Council in the care of the Caloundra lighthouse precinct

To assist in conservation of the place and associated movable heritage based on best practice guidelines.

To encourage and facilitate use for educational and cultural tourism purposes.

To provide guidance and support for appropriate future development of the precinct.

To collect, collate and make available to the public objects and information important for the interpretation of the lighthouses.

To promote and support conservation of places of cultural heritage significance within the wider community.

With Narelle coming on board and also wishing to explore that idea, the CMP considered it as a logical conclusion and facilitated a detailed plan & drawings. (Assisted by Narelle & Roger)

The Way Forward

From a town planning point of view, Councils Licence with the State Government gives the Permitted Use as “community and tourism purposes”

When the CMP wording is complete, we will present to Council for formal ratification


See Preliminary Program/cost outline

Negotiations with Council including for a more commercial licence arrangement, provision of WiFi, amenities, landscaping etc. (Free WiFi already negotiated with SCC by Narelle & Roger. Initial work completed)

Lease agreement, modelled on Council lease wording

Setup costs:
FoCLights as Licensor brings the existing venue and is also able to influence Council to add to the precinct e.g. with a future amenities building, WiFi, etc

FoCLights may also want to invest in the building works with a view to have ownership of the fixtures. We can ask for discounts as a community group

The Licensee brings the fittings which could be removed in the event of the tenure concluding.

Should FoCL not have funds available, The Licensee will make the necessary investment.

The lease will take into consideration a reasonable rate of return for any investment in the fixtures spread over the period of the lease (3x3x3 years).

The Licensee would have separate insurance if required. ($20,000,000 public liability)

Electricity - The Licensee would pay a reasonable component of the utility costs

Rental to be determined, with an adjustment possible at intervals (three monthly)

With increased visitation, there will need to be provision for lighthouses to be open more frequently. We could consider a nominal payment for a roster position, with free coffee & cake - starting with two hours per day over a 5 day operation. Provision of a guide may also be part of the Licensee’s area of operation. Initially only having the Signal Station open for climbing & ladder in 1896 lighthouse cordoned off.

I believe that more people would generate more interest, and consequently we could attract more guides.

It is the intention of all parties to keep a totally low impact & minimalist rationale to this project.


At our last meeting it was voted unanimously to include the cafe concept in the CMP that the FoCL will adopt in the near future.

At this stage a final commitment from the Friends to take the project forward is required.

From Narelle
To The Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses

Thank you for the opportunity to present the idea of implementing a coffee & cake venue at the Lighthouses.

I bring with me a wealth of experience having owned & operated many different hospitality orientated businesses in QLD specifically S.E QLD over many years. I have the strengths & abilities to establish, staff, manage & promote this iconic Sunshine Coast landmark to elevate it to a new level.

Having sold my last business “More Food – Providores of Taste “ 4 1/2 years ago, I am now rested & ready to hit the ground running with my new projects.

I have roots in this region where I relocated to 23 years ago from Brisbane. Due to opportunities of business I had to abandon that choice & return south but now find myself all these years later with my home in Kings beach Caloundra once again.

My family have rich history in the Moreton Bay area with my Great Grandfather being the light housekeeper at Cape Moreton Lighthouse for more than 13 years at the turn of the 20th century. My Grandmother lived at the lighthouse until she was 13 with her many siblings. My Great Uncle from my father’s side of the family also featured in the bay as he captained the “Koopa” all the way from England to Brisbane around the same time. The “Koopa” was a favourite vessel & popular site running between Brisbane, Redcliffe, Bribbie Is. & Golden Beach prior to roads & bridges being established.

Hence I have a love & fascination with the bay, the Lighthouses & its people.

These are the community groups I have worked with over the past years

Qld Cheese Awards Committee


Ambiwerra Festival

Mooloolaba Seafood Festival 2007 - with sponsorship & supporting Bev & Tony Pinzone in making the festive a success.

Sunshine Coast Reconciliation Group (new member)

My philosophy towards sustainability is such that I would be very mindful of the environmental footprint this business will leave on our fragile ecology. All produce & ingredients will be sourced from within 100km of the site, many organic ingredients will be in use including coffee & milks. All take away consumables will be the most eco friendly available.

Operational Concepts
It is intended that the facility be open 5 days/week 8am – 2pm Wednesday to Sunday & possibly 7 days through peak holiday periods.

I would suggest that at start up & in the initial stages the Signal Station be open to the public for tours from 10am- 2pm & that the Old Lighthouse be open only on the ground floor level with the ladder being roped off with a no entry sign. That way tourists & guests still are able to experience the feel of the old building as well as the new. Two or 3 foldable tables with chairs could be used in there for cafe customers to enjoy the ambiance. (Staffing strategies for tours as explained in Letter of intent)

The plans which Roger & myself have developed for the generator shed are quite a complete set of drawings which enable food to be prepared on site for functions as well as providing a broad & fresh day to day menu whilst still keeping it very simple & predominately a coffee & cake venue.

We have been advised by SCC Health Inspectors who came on site that if only pre packaged food is provided then there are no licences required & the fit out could be considerably pared back with no cooking facilities. This pathway inhibits the ability of the site to operate to its full potential for onsite functions such as weddings etc . In my educated opinion I don’t believe that this would be the most prosperous or rational way forward.

Operational Issues

To be negotiated:
Sealing of bricks & chains

At the end of the day the most important element of this venture is
“The Lighthouses“and the preservation of the same.

I look forward to applying my skills & knowledge to my new home, the Sunshine Coast, to add new experiences & enterprise to those who live & play here alongside bringing this site to life.


15th Sept 2016

Over the course of the development of the plan we have had the opportunity to test and develop ideas to further activate the Lighthouses Precinct to the extent which would be possible without impact on the heritage significance of the place. 

Documents produced

Site Plan and detail drawing of the proposed coffee & cake operation.
The notes on the Site Plan reflect our current thoughts and PMK has been regularly updated and he is comfortable with the low degree of heritage impact for the precinct.

BIMx modelling - the Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses page (one level up from this one) has instructions for downloading the software and the models can be downloaded there too

Preliminary Program and basis for a cost outline

Report - in progress

Narelle & Roger met with Cr Tim Dwyer.  He was most enthusiastic with the ideas and agreed that by utilising our own lease area we could avoid Council’s requirement for licensing as would occur should it be on property directly under their control.

He was happy with progressing a longer licence agreement with FoCLighthouses such that we would be in a position to offer a commercially acceptable lease.

We approached the need for dedicated parking cautiously, as we do not wish to upset our Canberra Tce neighbours, however Tim was quite explicit that the activation and functionality of the of the precinct should take precedence.

There was a quick response to our call for assistance for sealing cracking in the Generator Shed eaves, and I have met on site with the Wi Fi Smart City guys from Counci with a view for them to install transmitters and also hook up our computer.

On Thurs 15th we met with the Council health Inspector Mick Gray and Hannah.  We finished with a tour of the buildings.

We can serve coffee and sell packaged cakes prepared in a licensed kitchen without any required modifications

To cook on site we would need to do the modifications as detailed, but he said that as long as we could mop the area out and tip the water down a drain, we would not need a floor waste or be required to have coved skirting.  Windows would need to be openable for venting and exposed brick and concrete ceiling sealed with a clear sealer.  We would also need to encase the endless chain in perspex and paint the steel beam it runs along

He seemed to be happy with the “staff” toilet in the Signal Station and the promise of an amenities block in due course

There is a one off plan fee and yearly licence fee.  We could get a discount as a not for profit.

I have acquitted the grant despite the report still being a work in progress.  Invoices from myself & PMK will follow.  We had allowed a small amount for a building certifier, but I suggest we now roll that into the building certification.  We could get guidance for future access to the Signal Station roof and lantern in the future as originally intended.
Hopefully if Council comes back with any questions we would have expended all the monies by then.

Lease agreement between FoCLighthouses and Narelle
Suggest % of the profit with amount to take into consideration capital outlays by each
party ,management and operational costs for the leaser and lessor, & the inherent value of the place

Look at short term rectification of the water pressure problem and provide a 15 amp power outlet for the coffee machine.  Aim to be able to sell coffee during the music festival.

Lightkeepers cottage
Narelle has made contact with the developer of Pharos in Upper Gay Tce.  (the former Lightkeepers cottage Valhalla) with a view to have a look and assess any salvage opportunities or similar before its demolition in November (check).  I suggest that as a start we apply for a $2000 Council Minor Grant so I can make a record of the building.  The grants close on 17th October.

Roger Todd,
Sep 16, 2016, 2:17 AM