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For open days, entry is $5 for adults, children under 16 free.
For booked tours, the price per person is the same, but if there are less than eight adults, there is a min $40 fee.

We need a working day's notice minimum, but would appreciate longer, especially for larger groups where we need to mobilise more than one guide.
We can open any time that volunteer guides are available (which is most times)
The Signal Station can handle 16 visitors at a time with two guides.
The Old Lighthouse can take three at a time with one guide (allow min 15 minutes for a tour)

Following are tours already booked or under discussion

27th March 2019
Glasshouse Probus Club
From: Dagmar Ker <>
Date: 14/2/19 4:13 pm (GMT+10:00)
Subject: Probus visit to lighthouse 27/03/2019

Hi Donna, as per our phone call the visit to the Caloundra light house is 27/03/2019. Time around 10am. I had hoped we would get about 20-30 people but realistically we will probably have less than 20. I'll know closer to the time.
Unfortunately I fell over a month ago and broke my leg. Hopefully I will be a lot more mobile by then. We have quite a number of people who may not be able to climb the steps, are we able to still get some information without the climb?
Thanking you for your help.
Kind regards.

Dagmar Ker
Outings coordinator
Glasshouse Mountains Combined Probus Club
Phone 0406076410

Friday 10th and 17th May
Poetry at the Lighthouse
Dear Roger,
It was great to speak to you today about the possibility of hosting a poetry evening at the Caloundra Lighthouses. I’ve just completed the membership form and sent it to the treasurer, as well as payment.
Your positive response is encouraging and I hope this is something that we can pull together for the benefit of all!
I thought it may be helpful to know a little more about me.
My family and I moved to the coast a year ago, from London, where we’d been living for 11 years, doing music and community work, among other things!
My wife and I do music together, which has taken us around the world really. Since moving back we’ve begun performing in aged care centres and locally. Most recently we performed at Lamkin Lane Live, as part of a new initiative of Paisley Park Project to encourage arts and culture in Caloundra. I’m a member of the Co-create committee that is developing this project.
I have been writing poetry seriously for 6 years and have run poetry nights as well as regularly performing. I was awarded a highly commended prize at the recent Horizon festival’s poetry slam at the Eumundi Tavern - which was a great buzz for me.
The event I’m hoping to host at the lighthouse would be part of the Anywhere Festival
As such, I think the next step would be to have one of the festival promoters have a conversation with you or whoever is the most relevant contact for Friends of the Lighthouse. This would be a way of having them introduce the concept of Anywhere Festival and explain their approach.
If you would be up for them contacting you, please let me know.
Here’s to a positive outcome!
Kind Regards,
Ben Burns
0450 943557

Thanks for that Ben
This sounds like an exciting prospect and we would love to be involved
I would be happy to liaise with the Anywhere Festival - my details attached
(but will personally be away from 14th May till 4th June)
Out next meeting (held every two months) will be Tuesday 25th March 2019 at the signal station so that would be a good opportunity for you to talk to the wider group
Hon Architect
Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses
5491 7654
0403 107654

cc John Bradley

Hi Roger and John,

Thanks to your enthusiasm and can do attitudes, I’ve signed on the dotted line with Anywhere Festival and am proposing to host the Poetry at the Lighthouse show on Saturday 18th May 2019 at 6.30pm. If this date is going to clash with any previous bookings you have, please let me know as soon as possible.

The Anywhere Festival are now rapidly putting together the program, and as such, I need a few things from you:

I need to have a venue agreement document signed and returned to Anywhere Festival. Who wants to put their hand up to do that!? - I have printed it off with my details filled in, and can bring it to whomever it is that has the authority to sign. Otherwise, I’ve attached a blank form with this which can be printed out and sent back to me. Let me know which way you would prefer to complete this.

Could I also ask for a copy of your Insurance Certificate of Currency from the Friends of the Lighthouse? I need to provide this to Anywhere Festival too.

I’m really looking forward to this show and seeing how it evolves between now and May!


Ben Burns

18th Feb
John B and Roger met with Ben this morning re this event for the Anywhere Festival
We discussed the logistics of the site and presentation possibilities
It should be fairly low key with maybe 30ish people, a tour, and the poetry at ground level
but Ben would use the venue in whatever way make sense for the event

The venue will be nominally free for the event but we can ask for donations, sell books etc
We will need some guides for the evening of Saturday 18th May 2019

Ben should be able to attend our March 26th meeting
He is now a member and we can train him up as a guide

I have attached our partially filled in Venue Agreement Form, our Operational Procedures and Insurance CofC
Please come back to me with any comments by the end of the week
Then Ben can fill in his half

Hi Roger,

I’ve made date changes and plan to do 2 performances…

Nycole is happy with the liability arrangement and wording the advertising appropriately.

Nycole says that 18th May is likely to be an Election Day!!!

That being the case I want to cancel the 18th and try for 2 shows. Friday 10th and 17th May.

I have been thinking about logistics and what I’d like the show to be and I’d really like to do it in the new lighthouse - thereby limiting numbers - hence putting on 2 shows (with a possibility for a 3rd show if the first 2 sell out.)

Plan would be to give everyone a tour of the old lighthouse first and then all move to the new (er) one for the poetry.

Hope this can work.
My original idea was poetry in the lighthouse - so, I’d like to make that happen, rather than have it outside.

Thanks for all your help with this. Really appreciated.



15th May
Year 2 - Caloundra Lighthouses Excursion Plan 15th May 2018
Please ensure that you take the Lighthouse Activity Sheet, Paper for sketching. A first aid kit, ice and black plastic for students to sit on at the Lighthouse will go in the car .
Please speak to all the students before leaving the school about the day`s rules, expectations and out of bounds areas, road rules and road safety when out of the school grounds.
Students will also need to take backpacks with lunch, water, clipboard pencils etc
when they go to the Lighthouse.



All classes – Mark the roll. 

Depart for the Caloundra Lighthouses


Arrive at the Lighthouse.  

2D:  tour the Lighthouses.

2C:  tour the generator shed and complete activity.

2A & 2B:  Sketch the Old Caloundra Lighthouse and have 

fruit stop /early morning tea. These activities will require patience from the students as they will not be able to run around or roll down the hill.

2D & 2C swap after about 30 minutes.  


2A & 2B swap with 2C & 2D


Classes depart for the walk back to  school .

11:45 am

Arrive at school

Ann-Maree McIlvride
Teacher | Caloundra State School
Phone | 07 5439 4200
0403 861727
Email |