booked tours

1st June
Dear Sirs/Madam,
I am writing to enquire about booking a tour of the Caloundra Lighthouse for the Year 2 classes at Caloundra State School.
If possible we would like to come for a visit over the next six weeks on a school day.  There will be four Year 2 classes with approximately 25 students in each class who will be coming to tour the lighthouse.   Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Kind regards
Tracie Bradburn
Year 2D Teacher
Phone:  (07) 5439 4200 24th April
Thanks Tracie
I’m sure we can deal with that
We are a little short on volunteers
but what we have done in the past is to do a brief induction with the adults accompanying the group
and then distribute them around the buildings to help supervise
There would be a charge of $2 per student
If you would like to visit sometime to have a look and talk further
we are there for open days every second and fourth Saturday 9:00 till 3:00
& also on the Discovery Weekend on the 6th & 7th May 10:00 till 1:00
Hello Roger,
Thank you for the chat on Saturday about our local area, sharing your knowledge of local indigenous locales/artefacts and organising a time for the students to come for a visit to the Caloundra Lighthouse.
Just to confirm.  We would like to bring the students up to the Lighthouse on the Thursday, 1st June 2017.  There are four classes in total.  I would like to propose the following for a visit:
Two classes (2A & 2B) would arrive for 9.30 am to stay for approximately 1 hour and depart at 10.30 am.  A second group of two classes (2C & 2D) would arrive for 11.30am to stay for approximately one hour and then depart at 12.30am.
At each one hour session the two classes would be split into three groups.  One group to inspect the new signal station, one to draw a sketch of the lighthouses, one group to see the generator and lighthouse lens and house a lighthouse works and then gather information from the Lighthouse Information Board.  They would rotate through these groups  for approximately 20 minutes each.  (In total 60 mins).
I hope that this makes sense and that the date and time is suitable for a visit.  Please send me an email to confirm if this meets with your and your volunteers approval. 
Thank you and kind regards
Tracie Bradburn
Year 2D Teacher
Caloundra State School
Thanks Tracie
That all sounds good
I have sent this out to our committee for feedback

18th June
10:30am till 1:00
Cathy McLeod has booked in approx 50 visitors at $3.50pp from the Scottish Country Dancers group
who are in Caloundra for a "Weekend of Dance"
Cathy - 3288 2248 or 0403 280402
They will have morning tea at the Surf Club and come up in (say) three groups

6th Sept
Hi there Roger,
I've had a call from a lady by the name of Anne Robertson who works at Maleny info centre and they're wanting a tour on September 6th Wednesday which I've said would be fine as there's heaps of notice and there's approx 37 of them all at $5 each so can you please keep this date diarised pleased and Anne's number is 54942755
cheers Donnalea